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Freedom21...21-Day Prayer to Break the Bonds of Human Trafficking

by Cindy Jacobs : Sep 23, 2013
: Generals International :

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Dear Elijah List Readers, there is nothing more sickening to me than the human-trafficking and sex-trade epidemic happening in the USA and around the world. I am appealing to each of you to hate this evil trade as much as so many of us do. Up until now, many of you have "only heard" about this vault, but you've not known what to do about it. PLEASE read on!

We are living in tumultuous times of modern-day slavery with Human-trafficking vastly becoming an all-time high epidemic. We've shared in previous posts that other nations are experiencing this all-time high, BUT did you know in our very own nation of the United States that human-trafficking is becoming one of the largest organized crimes AND where I live in the Northwest Region, the I-5 corridor is one of the top spots for human-trafficking? Yes, this is happening in our very own nation!

We just recently received this word a call to prayer and call for you and me to do something positive to financially support the ministry that Cindy Jacobs and her affiliated ministries are doing to break the back of the sex-trade industry and human-trafficking in our nation and around the world. The prayer initiative Cindy is leading is called Freedom21. Please read below for a detailed account of what you can do and how you can get involved.

My personal request to you is that you will seek The Lord in how you can help to FREE FOREVER women and children...from literal shackles and chains, and then read how your prayers and giving to this cause thru Cindy Jacobs' organization will accomplish just that. Imagine the smiling glow in the Lord's face as you help set the captives free!! Will you help us give a cup of cold water to the helpless??

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Cindy and Mike JacobsThree years ago I sat in a lovely home surrounded by beautiful young girls, most of who were under the age of eighteen. One caught my heart in a special way. She was funny and always had a ready grin, but there was an underlying layer of sadness deep in her chocolate-brown eyes.

I later learned that Gloria (not her real name) had a reason for the sorrow I sensed and that only God could have given her a real reason to smile. You see, this 10-year-old child was a "rescued one" she had been redeemed out of the sex trade in Mexico.

Freedom21Little Gloria's stepfather had murdered her mother before her eyes when she was only eight years old. He then raped this precious child, trafficked her to a coastal tourist destination, and then repeatedly sold her body to the highest bidder. She was a human commodity for evil men who were giving into the lowest level of depravity.

Right then I decided that I would do whatever I could to stop this wickedness. Shortly after I learned of little Gloria's story, I was talking on the phone with one of my good friends, Cheryl Sacks. She and her husband Hal deal with border issues on a regular basis in Arizona. As we were talking, the solution came to me we could mobilize twenty-one days of powerful spiritual warfare! We know this type of high-level strategy works, because when we partnered with Mexico and organized a prayer initiative to fight against the drug cartels, it bore great fruit.

After Cheryl and I consulted with Rosi Orozco our dear friend, former congresswoman in Mexico, and sponsor of the safe house where I met little Gloria a plan was forged.


Right now through September 30th we are leading and hosting a bold and massive prayer initiative. Freedom21 is 21 days of prayer and fasting for those in the United States and Mexico who have been victimized by the epidemic of sex and forced labor trafficking.

We have joined with key leaders in the fight against sex trafficking. Each are specialists and are passionate about this issue. People such as Benji Nolot, producer of the film Nefarious; Deena Graves, of Traffick911; Erica Greve, of Unlikely Heroes, and of course, our friend, Rosi Orozco.

We Can Stop This Epidemic!

Some of the research we have done indicates that human trafficking has become a $32,000,000,000 per year industry. Globally, approximately 27 million are enslaved or were at one point. At least 20,000 or more are trafficked across the southern border of the United States.

The statistics are staggering, however we know that nothing is too difficult for God! Our bilingual initiative will unite leaders and intercessors from both Mexico and the United States to join in prayer for the victims of human trafficking and to bring down trafficking rings and their leaders.

That is why we want to invite you to join with us in two important ways:

First, participate! at No matter where you are, you can be a vital part. We will coordinate everything through our website, which will make it free and easy for everyone to join in. Each day, we are featuring a prayer guide addressing the key roots of trafficking and sexual exploitation. With it, you will powerfully engage in prayer and action.

Second, donate! at We are focusing the needed resources in order to operate and to spread the word about Freedom21 through television, the web, and social media. We want to reach, inform, and encourage as many people as possible. We believe that thousands must join together and get involved, but that takes finances to make it happen. That is why we would be grateful if you can help us with a gift of $25 or more this month.

As a small way of showing our appreciation for your help, Mike and I will send you a copy of my new teaching on CD, Standing On the Shoulders of Giants. It reveals how to go higher in God by standing on the spiritual shoulders of those spiritual giants who have gone before us. It would be a wonderful resource to get it into the hands of a special friend or loved one too. Just click here to send your gift or go to:

Freedom21Time For Freedom

We want to help free more innocent victims just like little Gloria from this horrible form of modern slavery. There are many people "on the ground" working diligently to bring that freedom, but they also need our focused prayer right now.

This wickedness has gone on far too long and it's time to pile on the prayer and shut it down!



Standing in the Gap,

Cindy Jacobs
Generals International

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Cindy Jacobs is a respected prophet who travels the world, ministering not only to crowds of people but to heads of nations. Her first calling is and always will be prophetic intercession. Each year she travels, and she has spoken on nearly every inhabited continent to tens of thousands. Yet, in her heart is the memory that Jesus left the ninety-and-nine to go to the one. Generals International is an international church movement, reforming the nations of the world back to a biblical worldview. They are achieving societal transformation through intercession and the prophetic.

Cindy has authored seven books, loves to travel and speak, but one of her favorite past-times is spending time with her husband Mike and their children Daniel and Mary Madison, along with her five adorable grandchildren.

Cindy Jacobs' Itinerary:

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October 4-6, 2013
Movement 133 Annual Student Summit
Speakers: Cindy Jacobs, Lou Engle, Jaeson Ma, Faytene Grasseschi, Brian Brennt & Circuit Riders, Jonathan & Sharon Ngai (Hosts)
Mott Auditorium
Pasadena, CA
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October 13, 2013
HRock Church
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November 1-8, 2013
Seoul, Korea (Hye Ja Kim)

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