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Soaring in the Prophetic - Learn to Hear Holy Spirit when He Speaks

The Elijah List : Aug 14, 2013

"Soaring in the Prophetic" -
A Brand New Bible Study Book That Is Ideal for Personal or Group Study! Available in Paperback & PDF E-Book

Soaring in the Prophetic, uniquely formatted as both a Bible study and as a commentary, is an effective equipping manual in various settings, whether for personal Bible study, group-equipping classes, small groups, or one-on-one discipling.

In Soaring in the Prophetic, Berta Robison unites over 30 years of experience in the revelatory gifts of the Spirit with sound Bible based wisdom and thought provoking questions, which are ideal for group discussions.

In Soaring in the Prophetic, you will explore:

How to prepare yourself in order to hear the Holy Spirit when He speaks.
What it means to manifest the heart of God through the revelatory gifts.
The enemies' tools used against prophetic people, how to recognize and overcome them.
Proper responses to prophetic revelation.
How to live as a prophetic people within the community of Believers.
What the gifts of the Spirit are and how to recognize your gifts.
Additionally, as an appendix, the limits of demons in a Christian's life.

"This Bible study on the prophetic is really well laid out and has the right heart and content to help both those who are just learning about prophecy and inspire those who have a history with the prophetic. Soaring in the Prophetic can be used as a tool for training or just enjoyed for personal growth. I highly recommend it for either purpose."

- Denny Cline, Senior Leader,
Jesus Pursuit Church in Albany, Oregon

Paperback Book

About the Author:

Berta Robison has been walking in the prophetic since 1981. Having numerous experiences with the voice of God, she is eager to equip others along her journey. Soaring in the Prophetic began as a small group and has been used to equip others in various settings and formats. It is designed to stir people to passionately stoke the fires of the prophetic gifts through love. Berta and her husband, George, have three children and live in Idaho. She enjoys gardening, fishing, and caring for her two Morgan horses. Most of all, Berta has a passion to know God and make Him known.

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