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Stepping Into Wholeness
by Kris Vallotton
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Sid Roth - The Ministry of Angels

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Apr 4, 2009

Gary Oates' life was dramatically changed when he was caught up into the realm of the spirit and began seeing the ministry of angels. Following those experiences, Gary was launched into a worldwide ministry with an abundance of supernatural results. Now he teaches others how to see into the spirit realm and experience the presence of God. Tune in to hear Gary’s supernatural stories and learn how you can see in the spirit realm too.

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Important Announcement: It's Supernatural! now airs twice a week on TBN! Tune in Mondays at 8:00 am ET (5:00 am PT) and Tuesdays at 1:30 pm ET (10:30 am PT).

Sid Roth's, "It's Supernatural!" Television Show

Sid Roth, a Jewish Believer in Jesus as the Messiah, is host of It's Supernatural! television program, which features guests who have had miraculous healings and supernatural encounters with God's power.

Sid's desire is for all people to know Jesus. His God-ordained strategy is to go to the Jew first. He has found that highlighting the supernatural works of God is the best method available for reaching Jewish people with the Gospel. That is why he started It's Supernatural! television over a decade ago.

It's Supernatural! addresses subjects that most shy away from in this seeker-sensitive age. It emphasizes the supernatural, Biblical viewpoint that the secular networks do not understand. And, at the end of each program, Sid tells the viewers how they can have intimacy with God.

Additional It's Supernatural! Interviews:

Bobby Conner ministers in a high-level, prophetic anointing with documented signs, wonders, and miracles following.

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Grace Williams is a musician, songwriter/producer and ordained psalmist who ministers under an open Heaven. As her worship music is played, healing and deliverance occur.

Click here to watch online
After having three supernatural encounters with a massive angel, Keith Miller has been on an intense journey to learn about the Seven Spirits of God, which are the seven manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

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When Julie sings her spontaneous songs, the atmosphere of Heaven fills the room. People sense a new intimacy with God. Waves of God’s Spirit comfort them! Anxiety is replaced with peace! Many are healed! Lives are dramatically transformed!

Click here to watch online
John McTernan reveals the supernatural connection between America's interfering with God's prophetic plan for Israel and the awesome disasters striking our nation.

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"Heaven is Real!" declares Ron Pettey, a man whose amazing encounter with destiny and the supernatural realm occurred during emergency brain surgery in 1982. Since his near death experience that day and subsequent recovery, Ron and his wife, Glenda, devote themselves to a ministry of sharing Ron's glorious encounter with Heaven.

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David Herzog moves in signs and wonders such as instant weight loss, restoration of sight and being supernaturally transported from one location to another.

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Sid Roth also hosts a nationally syndicated radio program called Messianic Vision. In this episode, Sid interviews Wesley and Stacey Campbell about how to pray with power and see results!

Listen to and watch archives of hundreds of Sid Roth's radio and TV interviews for free at our newly redesigned website,

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"This has been a paid advertisement. We do our best at the ElijahList to ensure that each ministry that advertises with us is well-founded, Biblical, and respected by other ministries we know. However, we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for all ministries, or for each speaker."

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