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Obii Pax-Harry: "GOD HAS RELEASED THE 'RECOVERY' ANOINTING TO THE BODY OF CHRIST: 28 YEARS Shall Be Recovered and Restored to Faithful Saints!"

By Obii Pax-Harry
Jun 2, 2008


Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This is a profound and I believe an accurate word of the Lord.

I often don't do much with numbers-crunching and the prophetic. But my sense is that Obii Pax-Harry, who is both a minister and a lawyer out of the U.K. is spot-on regarding this word.

Go back and examine your last 14 years and let Obii instruct you HOW TO go before the LORD and take back what the enemy stole from you--and bring it into full restoration RIGHT NOW, along with the next 14 years into the future--which can also be set in place with Favor from the Lord.

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Steve Shultz


Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The ElijahList & ElijahRain magazine


Obii Pax-Harry:
28 YEARS Shall Be Recovered and Restored to Faithful Saints!"

An Anointed Hour of Restoration

Obii Pax-HarryThere is a special anointing for recovery in this prophetic hour for restoration that has been released to the saints, but many will feel its impact as the year progresses, and according to the measure of their faith.

The time has come to gather the spoils of spiritual battles of the last few years, whilst being strengthened for fresh battles in the future. To recover means "to return to a normal state after an unpleasant or unusual experience or a period of difficulty, to get back or find what was stolen or lost; to win back a position, level or status that has been lost." To restore means "to bring back to former condition, place or position; to give back what was stolen or lost to the rightful owner."

28 Years to be Restored

The dictionary meaning of restoration falls short of God's plan for us in this season, which goes beyond bringing back former condition, place or position. God is giving double for troubles of the past (Isaiah 61:7), and for those whose faith can handle God's profound restoration plan for this hour, God's multiplication command is also releasing a double portion of the future--in a dimension many Believers are about to come to terms with. Twenty-eight years in total is to be restored to Believers.

The winds signify a season of acceleration, speed and momentum necessary to ensure past gaps are bridged and the future is pulled into our now! After a divine visitation, the widow with oil in 2 Kings 4 recovered her family's dignity and honour. Restoration came by way of the miracle of free-flowing oil which enabled her to settle her family's past debt. She also secured reward for her husband's past labor as a prophet.

In the plan of God for the future of His children lies a remarkable promise of restoration that is borne out of covenant. The Lord revealed that believers who have stood against the enemy's fiery darts in defiant faith will not need to encounter the same problems of the past in their bright new beginnings. The word of the Lord to Israel after her deliverance from Assyrian captivity is being spoken to Believers in Christ Jesus today, who must advance into their own future. The Lord promised that "affliction will not rise up a second time" (Nahum 1:9). There will be no need for Believers to go round in circles and or be bound by cycles of defeat of the past.

A Season of Reward

Unless assessments are carried out in regards to jobs done or tasks performed, payment schedules enabling a worker to be paid will not be signed off. Although this analogy refers to a natural scenario, the same dynamic exists in relation to spiritual matters. There is always a day when God looks over all of a Believer's labor of love, and a day in which He determines to reward accordingly (Hebrews 11:6, Galatians 6:9).

A services contract cannot be certified as fully executed, in most cases, unless an inspection is carried out. The result of any such inspection would then determine payment (Galatians 6:7). As the Body of Christ transitions through a period of completion and divine perfection, Heaven's accounting books are still open to certify acts and words of kindness and so forth (Daniel 7:10-11).

In line with the Biblical promise of reward, James 1:12 says a crown of life which God has promised to those who love Him awaits those who endure trials to the end. With regard to spiritual warfare that attends the Christian walk often, 2 Timothy 2:4 encourages Believers to keep focused and not to be entangled with earthly distractions so that God is pleased at the end. James 1:3-4 also teaches Believers to be patient in times of trial, because at the end of such processes one becomes mature and "complete, lacking nothing." A season of reward is upon Believers, and divine reward from a Holy God can only serve as a foundation for new beginnings.

Spiritual Reward Points Serve as "SEED"

Spiritual reward points earned from past faithfulness will equally serve as "seed" which will need to be sown into fresh, new and pioneering experiences (spiritual soil) that will secure the future for many. Joseph would not receive undue honour from his brothers who betrayed him, rather he emphasized that their betrayal was the foundation for his governmental position that was to save many in the future (Genesis 50:18-21). At the end of a spiritual accounting period, Abraham was found to be obedient in that "he believed God," and as such it was "accounted" to him as righteousness (Genesis 15:6, Romans 4:3).

2008 is a year of new beginnings, but the spiritual seeds that will secure the future are similar to reward points earned by customers of supermarkets or grocery stores. Such seeds are translating into physical manifestations of "healings; deliverance from long term bondages; reconciliations, especially in family lines; and strategic divine partnerships in ministry" and so forth.

Reward or bonus points are often given by retailers to committed spenders as appreciation and recognition of past spending. Although reward points are given in honour of past spending (your past faithfulness), they confer future benefits or future right to spend. Similarly, your past faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ is about to earn you accelerated increase to the value of 28 years recovery.

Get ready to seed fresh fire, faith and fervency into new foundations of strategic friendships, partnerships, and business contacts for 2008. Through such strategic relationships will emerge divine opportunities and open doors to uncommon favor.


I was praying, seeking to understand what Believers had to do to ensure lost spiritual endowments and possessions are recovered as many prophets have declared. It seemed right to expect that years of spiritual famine will be restored to ensure smooth transition into new beginnings. Old experiences need to be finished with in order for "the new" to properly engage with our lives.

As I entreated the Lord, I received in the place of prayer what I refer to as heavenly mathematics. I must admit to being a "how" kind of person, and it is with a "how" mindset that I go into intercession, praying to receive apostolic strategies that will enable smooth harvesting of prophetic words in due seasons.

In a season and time of restoration God gives double-portion blessings. In Isaiah 61:7 God promised, "Instead of your shame you shall have double honor," and, "Therefore in their land they shall possess double; Everlasting joy shall be theirs."

The prophet Elisha foresaw a seven-year period of famine in the land and then warned the Shunammite woman with whom he already had a history of the miraculous power of God (2 Kings 8:1). He advised her to relocate to a place of her choice with her family for the duration of the famine. She dwelt in the land of the Philistines for seven years. On the seventh year mark, the Shunammite woman made a decision to reposition herself, along with her family, to their original land of birth. She trusted in the word of the Lord out of the mouth of the prophet that the famine would end after seven years.

Many believers have literally dwelt in the land of "gigantic problems" in the last seven years, but have survived spiritual Philistines (gigantic problems). The time has come to reposition into God's original intended plan for our lives so that the prophetic word of the Lord may locate us. In a time of restoration, God releases recovery anointing to secure what was lost. God then determines "how" what was lost is to be returned, not just in its original value, but its current, up-to-date value.


God is releasing supernatural abundance and miracles in the lives of Believers who are standing in faith for breakthroughs in areas of past challenges. Twenty-eight years of abundance will be restored to those who believe in this season of double-portion blessings. Imagine a child born blind twenty-eight years ago suddenly receiving healing from blindness? That kind of miracle places the blind person in a position of someone who never suffered from blindness. The restoration of sight will equate to all of twenty-eight years being restored to him or her in one miracle.

Supernatural childbirths will be another sign of the twenty-eight year recovery and restoration season. Women will enjoy supernatural, multiple births (twins, triplets and quadruplets).

Imagine a woman in her forties who has had several failed fertility treatments, after suffering natural disappointments, giving birth to a set of twins or triplets? A miracle like that will close gaps in past years created by disappointments and outright trauma, and also bring the woman back to her original position as though she had given birth over a designated number of years.

Another example of "how" God's restoration plan will impact lives can be seen through the life of a person who falls within the number of years to be recovered (28 years).

Some people born twenty-eight years ago have experienced all manner of challenges throughout the length of their lives up until this present time. But now, many such lives will suddenly experience tangible miracles of healings, deliverances from powers of darkness, and divine favor that will position their lives where they ought to have been (positions of influence, experiences and situations) but for the challenging times of the past. So, in effect, their 29th year ushers in a season of new beginnings and restoration if they would believe in the Covenant God.


The recovery anointing released in this season is to reposition Believers spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically to recover 28 years of defeat, loss and oppression. This will occur through tangible miracles with capacity to restore Believers to their original status had those trails, tribulations, and testing never occurred. The court of the Ancient of Days is in session and the books "opened" to years 2000-2007 (Daniel 7:10).

Seven years (7 years) of intense personal and corporate spiritual warfare of colossal magnitudes similar to that endured by both Job and Joseph are over. Another season of warfare has begun for many Believers, but then at the same time experiences of the past seven years are being accounted for, and also being rewarded accordingly (Galatians 6:7-9).

The Time for DOUBLE HONOR Has Come

The due season or set time for double honour and restoration has come (Psalm 102:13). God is giving double honour reward for your travails of the past seven years, thereby earning you double portion restoration. The sum total of the years a Believer can gain back translates to fourteen years (14 years) of the past (2000-2007 x 2 = 1993-2007). To this effect, Believers are to track their experiences of the last fourteen years in order to ascertain what has been lost or stolen by the enemy.

Shortly after the Lord revealed this mathematical formula, which should guide our levels of expectation in this season of reward, recovery and restoration, my son--diagnosed with atypical autism fourteen years ago--walked in the fulfillment of the prophetic word I bring to you. He sneaked out of our home, walked at least three miles to our local shopping centre, and spent at least two hours in various shops before returning home safely. He responded to police questioning clearly and intelligently to the amazement of all, and his progress since then continues to bring joy to all.

Unless past losses are accurately assessed, and conscious effort made to go before the Lord like the Shunammite woman did with the prophetic word she received from Elisha, many Believers may miss the twenty-eight-year recovery anointing.

In my son's case, he did what a 17-year-old would have done had there not been issues of disability, making our household first partakers of a profound apostolic strategy for recovery and restoration. The past holds vital keys to the future for individuals, nations and continents.


Past delays (1993-2007) also caused future delays (2007-2021). Imagine being stuck in traffic for hours on your way to a life-changing meeting? The delay suffered may cost a crucial breakthrough. Every past delay is to be restored by double-portion blessings beginning 2008. The Lord spoke to my heart revealing that double-portion blessings for the past fourteen years will be appropriated by Believers whose faith can handle the word of the Lord (Years 1993-2007 x 2 = Year 2021).

When delays of the past fourteen years are accounted for in line with Isaiah 61:7, the sum total of losses through trials, tribulations and so forth in those years will qualify Believers to recover fourteen years of the future also (1993-2007 x 2 = 2021). Therefore, the total number of years to be rewarded and restored equates to twenty-eight years (28 years). This is the way that the future will be pulled into present day experiences through tangible, creative miracles and transformations.

In Heaven's calculations, many Believers who wage the good warfare with this prophetic sight will experience change in their personal circumstances that will leave them feeling like they never experienced spiritual oppression at all.

Most nations of the world have declared "Vision 2020" programs by way of achievable objectives, but the word of the Lord promises that covenant children of God shall be the head and not the tail. Being the head places Believers in year 2021, a year ahead of natural governments.


Thus, for instance, prophetic words should be speaking into the present day up to at least the year 2021 with insights that enable hearers to prepare and access tangible breakthroughs that close gaps between the past years and future years. The story of the Shunammite woman from 2 Kings 8:1-6 sheds light on the revelation I am seeking to communicate.

In that narrative, Gehazi was not relating a miracle from the previous seven years of the Shunammite woman's life, because we know she was in exile from a national famine (verse 2). He was obviously speaking to the king of a miracle, a resurrection of the woman's son, that fit into the seven years prior to the seven years of famine (2 Kings 4:8-37). Gehazi was speaking of a time when the woman had enough food for her family and Elisha; and enough money to build Elisha an upper room.

The heavenly mathematics amounts to seven years of plenty + seven years of famine in the land of the Philistines; i.e. 14 years x double portion (2) = 28 years worth of restoration.

The Shunammite woman was put back into a position and status she would have been in had there not been any famine at all. She also received a double portion of the years the devil stole from her through famine with benefits accruing and amounting to 7 years of famine + proceeds accrued as though she were present for the duration of 7 years of famine = 14 years x 2 = 28 years worth of landed property.

The value of her property would have gone up as a result of inflation thereby giving her market value far beyond the year she was to receive restoration.

Watch the property market in this season and prophesy into property deals to secure the future.

Whenever the past is recovered, the future is restored or secured. Fourteen years (14 years) of past losses, when regained, places a person another fourteen years (14 years) ahead of present time, amounting to twenty-eight years recovered.

God will always give back what the devil tried to prevent or stop. The Spirit of God revealed that this is the way, and by this calculation, Heaven is bringing acceleration to the past, speed to the present, and momentum to the future.

In a time such as this, the process of recovery regains the past whilst restoration brings the future into your now, thereby making you a person who never really suffered loss. Thus 2008 is indeed a year of new beginnings that serves as a doorway for future reward also. Similar to Job, God has released by command a season to restore to Believers "twice as much" as they had before (Job 42:10).

Earthly Governments and Spiritual Governments Will Converge in the Days Ahead

In a time of restoration, God positions the hearts of governmental leaders, who are often strategically used to effect change in law and procedure, to the benefit of Christians. Nehemiah, the king's cupbearer, received royal assistance for restoration of the broken down walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 1).

King Cyrus assisted the returning Jewish exiles who were to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem (Ezra 1). King Ahasuerus assisted Esther at a time of restoration of the Jews (Esther 5). Zerubbabel the governor played a key role in rebuilding the temple of God (Zechariah 4). In the story of the Shunammite woman, the king suddenly got interested in the miraculous power of God expressed through the ministry of Prophet Elisha.

In a time of restoration, God specifically directs the hearts of government officials. The king said to Gehazi, Elisha's armour bearer, "Tell me, please, all the great things Elisha has done" (2 King 8:4). In a time of restoration, spiritual and natural gaps are closed through God's supernatural ordering of the steps of the good man or woman, such as was the case with the Shunammite woman (Psalm 37:23-24). The Shunammite woman was at the right place (king's court) at the right time (she was the topic of conversation).

These are days when Believers will need to pray daily about their movements (Psalm 119:105). The woman who was to be restored was no longer just a storyline, she stood right before the king and Gehazi enabling "sinews, flesh, skin and breath" to be put on what would have been a simple story (Ezekiel 37:6). The woman was able to corroborate Gehazi's story by her physical presence. The king had no choice but to appoint an officer to oversee her restoration. He made a decree: "Restore all that was hers, and all the proceeds of the field from the day that she left the land until now" (2 Kings 8:6).

God is Still Working with Winds in This Season

God is still working with natural winds as a sign of a season of acceleration, speed and momentum in an hour of restoration, to close gaps created by past sufferings. God is hastening His word to perform it in the lives of His children (Jeremiah 1:12). Many more revival fires and flames will burn across the nations. Those whose hearts are open to the new moves of God will be greatly impacted. God owns the winds; "After these things I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth..." (Revelation 7:1).

God works with the winds also. God judged Egypt by the east wind (Exodus 10:12-14), and also took away the judgment of locusts over Egypt by "a very strong west wind" (Exodus 10:18-20). God quiets the earth by the "south wind" (Job 37:20-22). The Bible reveals that God works with "His rough wind in the day of the east wind" (Isaiah 27:8). Winds that come with fury are also not unusual as we see from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Bible teaches that, "The wind whirls about continually, and comes again on its circuit" (Ecclesiastes 1:6). A boisterous wind is mentioned in Matthew 14:29-31. May you receive double honour in this season for restoration.

Obii Pax-Harry
Arise! Missions



About Obii Pax-Harry:

Obii Pax-Harry is an apostolic leader and international conference speaker recognized for her cutting-edge prophetic ministry. She is an ordained minister and pastor, an executive member of the Christian Broadcasting Council of Great Britain and a trained and qualified lawyer. Obii is married and has three children.


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