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Chuck Pierce: "EARTHQUAKE PROPHECY GETS TO CITY BEFORE QUAKE HAPPENS!" (Fascinating Report for you to Read)

By Chuck Pierce
May 17, 2008


Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This is a fascinating report...or is it more of a miracle story...or more of a prophetic chronicle?

My father was born in China, and was the son of American Missionaries to China. My grandparents spoke Chinese fluently. So I have roots in China, though I've never been there (yet) myself.

I also had an uncle who my grandparents adopted as a young boy in China and he is fully Chinese. He became a great surgeon over here in California (Dr. James Sung), and last year, he passed to his reward.

So it is with mixed feelings that I hear of the pain and tragedy in China and of what we used to know as Burma. Yet it is amazing to see the degree to which God is in control over the nations including China, which my grandparents loved so much.

Please pray for those who are suffering in Asia right now, and also be encouraged that God is still on the throne and nothing has taken Him by surprise.

The largest church in the world continues to be the church that is breaking out in homes in the nation of CHINA. My assumption is that many more will seek the ONE TRUE GOD in these days in Asia.

Chuck has also just released a new book, Interpreting the Times, which teaches you a new system of understanding time--the way God sees it and how to make sure you are in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing!

God's Unfolding Battle Plan is more timely for apprehending this season than reading today's newspaper! This is a "must read, highlight and take notes" kind of book to equip you for this very hour!

interpreting times
Interpreting the Times

by Chuck D. Pierce
(click here)


God's unfolding battle plan
God's Unfolding Battle Plan
by Chuck D. Pierce
(click here)




Steve Shultz


Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The ElijahList & ElijahRain magazine


(Fascinating Report for you to Read)


chuck pierceDear Friends, Intercessors and Zion Aligned:

I am not sure we understand these times of shaking. I am asking the Lord to give me better clarity. I will attempt to write an article on this to send out next week with an almost completed prayer focus. About three weeks ago in our time of baptism (we have baptized almost 100 in the last 3 weeks), when I was baptizing Lucy Lui, a Chinese student that attends here, I began to hear:

"Cry for your land, your homes, your businesses and your spheres of authority. Cry glory to the street you live on or to your residence. Shout that the ground is beginning to rise up. Say that the land is shifting!"

I then began to hear, "Earthquakes! Earthquakes! Earthquakes! The ground is shaking. Unusual earthquakes! Asia! Asia, you will now shake! You will see shifting winds that are shaking the nations of Asia. You will see nations shaking this week! Pray for Asia!" Since then, the nation of Myanmar experienced a cyclone and China had a devastating earthquake.

After the earthquake occurred in the Chengdu region of China, I found out this is where Lucy's home is! The prophetic word went to China and what follows below is a report from a woman in China (Helen) that will fascinate you. We just sent finances to our contact in China, to help with critical needs in the area of greatest destruction. Our contact is the jewelry maker of the key prophetic pieces we offer each year!


Chuck D. Pierce

A Letter from China

The rest of this article is an email from Helen, a woman from China, who has attended some of the Glory of Zion conferences.

From Helen (from China) to Linda Heidler (Glory of Zion Ministries):

"Blessings to you from China. I went to your church for some 'Firstfruits,' some 'Starting the Year Off Right,' and some September conferences for several years and was really blessed by Chuck Pierce and your husband. I just want to let you know that Chuck's earthquake prophecy is very appreciated. Would you please let Chuck know our appreciation? Thank you.

This morning I just read this article (Chuck's prophetic word over Asia), and shared this prophecy about upcoming earthquakes in Asia with my parents. And I told them Chuck Pierce prophesied the Katrina flood before it happened. Then after lunch around 2:30pm, when I was just sharing with my brother this article of prophesying an earthquake in Asia, suddenly, both me and my brother felt shaking and dizziness, and couldn't stand still. We realized it is an earthquake. We awakened our mother, and walked straight down to the ground level.

Then all cell phones didn't work, and we couldn't make any phone calls. About 20 minutes after, we were told it was an earthquake in Sichuan province at about a 7.8 degree. This is about 500 miles away from Xian, where I was. The degree we felt for the earthquake was about a 4 degree.

When I saw people wearing all kinds of clothes, some of them in sleeping clothes, I realized God may have a mission for the Christians among the midst of the natural disorder/disasters. Please pray for China, and pray for Sichuan province, that more souls will be saved at such a time like this. I pray for all of you who are reading this email, that you are sure you are SAVED by Christ Jesus, and Jesus' Blood seals you and protects you against any unseen natural events. Please especially pray and preach the Gospel of Jesus to your families and your friends. Blessings!

When I read your email, suddenly, I heard in my spirit that 'Chuck may become a modern day prophet for the king of China, the Chinese government.' I am praying that the provision and preparation for this connection path be completely opened to both Chuck and the right people in China. I pray for the Lord, God's outpouring of His emotion and love to the Chinese and the Chinese nation, and His longsuffering to the Chinese nation to be poured to Chuck Pierce, so God's emotion and understanding to the Chinese nation become Chuck Pierce's emotion and understanding. I pray wisdom and understanding from the Lord about this transitional timing of the Chinese nation, be directly downloaded upon Chuck Pierce. I pray favor upon favor, from China and the Chinese nation coming upon Chuck Pierce and your ministries right now at such a time like this. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

Also, the following is a previous session of my (Helen) email to a pastor in Houston on 4/3/08: "I saw with my own eyes, on exactly this land of China, on Monday 3/31/08, that the moment when Chairman of China, Hu Jintao took over the Olympic torch and lit the fire on the big bowl, and announced that the Olympic torch relay started, I heard in my spirit, 'The Heavenly clock turned to its next hour, right point to China.' I believe grace and favor for us, His righteous people already relocated to China, are right here awaiting us. We have His unlimited new grace, so we can enter with His new Kingdom economy, with His power and authority, and endless wealth and physical resources right here in China."

Helen (from China)

Submitted by Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries

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