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Rick Joyner, Bob Jones
Oct 29, 1998

Thru: "[Rivermail]" Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998
From: "Trudy Higginson"
Taken from the site: Subject: MOBILE, (


MOBILE, AL Rick Joyner was at a luncheon on Friday in Mobile and he along with Bob Jones spoke on the nature of what is happening in the renewal.

The anointing in the room could be felt as people entered. One particular issue Joyner and Jones spoke on was the presidency of Bill Clinton. Joyner warned the people of God not to fall into the trap of criticizing the President. Everything is being revealed right now. We should be in a time of prayer for the president. We need to pray for him at this moment. Joyner went on to say much would be revealed in the house of God and the things that are being revealed about the president would also happen to men of God who have covered up things and tried not to be honest.

Bob Jones also gave a prophetic word over President Bill Clinton. "I had a dream where I saw the color of three flags. The blue flag dealt with his policies on abortion. The red flag dealt with the use of fetal tissue by doctors which the President would endorse; and the pale flag would represent his acceptance of the homosexual community. He said his presidency would be marked by war and it would actually turn into a hell on earth for him before he finished it." Jones was very quick to say he also saw the vision of a pure white flag and that the President would be purified.

Editor Jerrell Miller of The Remnant was in the audience and shared a prophetic dream he had about the president. "I was standing outside the Oval Office and I went in and led the President to Christ. The other night I was coming home from Dallas, Texas, and thought I was on the interstate that led to Shreveport, Louisiana, but it was the wrong road--I was on the way to Arkansas. As I crossed the Arkansas line to try to head down to Shreveport, the first exit off the interstate was Hope, Arkansas. It said, "Hope, Arkansas, Birth Place of Bill Clinton. Isnít it strange this president who was raised without a father was born in a city named Hope?"

Joyner was recently in a motorcycle accident. Traveling along a mountain road he had an encounter with a jeep full of young people and to avoid hitting them he was thrown from the bike, injuring his knee. He sat the entire time on a stool and preached and answered questions.

Joyner described many things that were happening in the believer s lives. He said many are on the verge of a miracle. It was like flying his air plane. At five thousand feet there are blue skies and you can see long distances. As you come down to land you enter the lower atmosphere where the vision is only three miles in front of you because of a haze. "That s the way most Christians are, if they would just reach a little higher they could reach the place where the vision would be unlimited."

Bob Jones was led to pray for the sick and as each person came forward the word of God came forth describing their illnesses. Joyner spoke over Jones as he prayed and gave prophecy. He said many of the things the prophet Jones was giving out was also for many in the audience who were listening.

Joyner said many things would begin to happen that would affect the church. He also said many were being tested in the church right now

because scripture says judgment begins in the house of the Lord. I m associated with people who can hear God s voice, but some of those people become smaller in number when they are asked to be obedient. The church will go through the judgments of God first so we can be ready for those who will go through the judgment in the world afterward. The church is making itself ready to receive the world when they need God the most.

"I had a dream where I was in the radar room of a battleship; the radar screen had a blip on it and it was coming directly at us. It didnít matter which way we turned we could not get away from it. Finally I braced myself as it was going to hit the ship and then at the time it was going to hit, I didnít feel a thing. All during this time Jesus was standing right by my side. You see, no matter what happens to the world, when things are happening and you have Jesus by your side, you won t feel things like the world feels them when they happen.

MOBILE, AL Rick Joyner and Bob Jones made some amazing observations about Mobile and revival in that city. Comments were once again shared by the two men on the crisis of the presidency of the United States.

On January 1, 1993, Bob Jones said he had an amazing word from the Lord that said a major revival would begin in a place to where the Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio River waters run. That place is Mobile, Alabama. Rick Joyner along with Bob Jones were in that city to speak over the city. An amazing prediction by the two men said Mobile would experience a storm that would be greater than a category 5 storm and after that happened, it would open the gates for revival in that southern city.

The prophecy about the water that runs to this area concerns the Tombigbee Water System which was built by the Army Corp of Engineers for commerce and barge traffic. The system incorporates the waters of the Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio Rivers and uses these waters as a transportation of commerce to Mobile. This system was a project launched by congress and took more than half a century to complete.

"Just as President Clinton s dirty laundry is being hung before the American people, so will the men of God who have chosen to criticize the president and not pray for him," said Joyner. Joyner went on to say that Jesus told people to pay taxes and pray for the leadership in control. "The Caesar who was in Rome at the time Jesus made these statements was worse than the leadership we have and even Jesus commanded those who heard him at the time to pray for him."

Bob Jones spoke about the events which will happen to cause Mobile to experience revival. He said, "The intercessors are so wounded and hurt. God will begin to restore those intercessors in Mobile. It will be after the great hurricane when God will begin to restore these people. God will next call elders forward. Wounded from the past these elders will lay aside their hurts and become living sacrifices to be able to bring forth life again. He will then call forward the generals in this area, and after that the prophets of God will be brought to the front. Many of the older pastors will be the generals in this move of God."

Joyner made a profound statement that many will be promoted to be in the position of leadership. He said many of these people have been obedient for years and have followed God and they will move now into leadership roles in the new move of the church."

Joyner spoke about the leadership role of Joshua as he served Moses for 38 years a subordinate and then was promoted to take the children of Israel into the promised land. He said while Joshua was obedient to serve Moses, he was not impressed by his position but wanted to do the will of God and stand in his presence. It was more important for Joshua to be in the will of God than to hold a leadership position under a great man of God like Moses. He was promoted on time and called for from a subordinate position to do a great work for God.

Joyner said the Jordan River represents death and even flowed into the Dead Sea. Joshua led the people across its banks when they were overflowing and it looked impossible to do so. Joshua was chosen for this moment to lead the people. "When Joshua crossed the Jordan, the scripture said the waters were rolled back all the way to Adam." This means time was turned back to the first sin of Adam which caused death. "I believe we will see death rolled back in our time."

"How do we take our cities? Mighty men will go forward first, then the priests will follow and then the people of God will follow. It s a time of break through," said Joyner. "God is going to put people in place who have never been in leadership before but have been obedient to do what God has called them to. Any group that tries to do their own thing without doing it with others is a cancer in the body of Christ."

Joyner gave the example of Saul as a result of leadership trying to ally with the devil for a godly purpose. He spoke about how God had told him to destroy the Amalekites and Saul chose to keep the King of that group alive and keep the spoil. In the Bible the Amalekites represent the devil and when God told him to destroy them, he was disobedient. It was this type of disobedience that caused God to withdraw the leadership role of Israel from Saul. From that time on, Saul did things without the anointing of God. Saul began to attack the Godly, David was part of that attack. Finally Saul was removed by God. It was the Philistines who finally put the sword through Saul because of disobedience. The Philistines represented the flesh in the Bible. Saul was doing more in the flesh than he was doing under the anointing. The point Joyner was making was, many men in the land have been told what to do but would not follow God because of the fear of people. God would raise up new leadership to take place of the Sauls of this world. David was loyal to Saul because he was the anointed of God, even though Saul tried to kill David. Even after Saul s death he held the once anointed King in honor. Because of David s obedience toward God he was promoted. Joyner said many are in the position of being appointed.

Joyner spoke about General Blackjack Pershing. Persing was 38 years old and was a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He should have been higher in rank but it didnít bother Pershing. His obedience caused President Teddy Roosevelt to notice him and remember him from the time he was in Cuba during the Spanish American War. It was his obedience and confidence that caused his promotion from the rank of Captain to General by the president. Joyner said he was put in place to do a great work after being obedient in the lower ranks. He was the General who was appointed to take the American Expeditionary Force to battle in World War I. Pershing refused to put his troops into the trenches of France. The war had bogged down and several million men had been lost in the trench warfare at the time. Pershing was called in by French and British Prime Ministers and was told to relieve the French and the British in the trenches. Pershing knew who he was and did not respond to the pressure, he did allow for some replacement but told the two prime ministers that when he called for his men, he wanted them ready for his purpose only.. Pershing later launched a counter offensive that pushed four layers deep into the German lines. So much ground was gained by Pershing that it caused the German s to sue for peace. It only took 47 days to accomplish what the British and French had tried to do over a period of several years. Where the British and French had lost millions, Pershing only suffered a loss of122,000 during the offensive. He was brought forward at the right time to do a great work for his country.

Joyner said the church is a lot like the French and the English in the trenches. They are holding their own but are not advancing. He said God was going to promote some obedient servants to go forward in an offensive move against the Kingdom of darkness. Joyner said the British and the French were necessary to hold the line against evil, and church leadership who have held the line during years past have set the stage for the great offensive by this new leadership. It was absolutely important they were in place or evil would have overcome the good. God is going to promote some 38 year old lieutenants in the body of Christ.

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