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Iain Lovatt
Apr 12, 1999

BY IAIN LOVATT (Published by permission)

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 From: "Iain Lovatt"

For the last month we have seen over 50 people receive silver/platinum and/or gold fillings, as well as silver/gold caps and in 3 instances I know of, entire gold molars or teeth where there were not any before. For us it all began after a woman in our church watched Catch the Fire one night where John Arnott had just returned from S. Africa where he saw these miracles. He prayed on TV for people watching to receive healing to their mouths. She laid hands on herself and prayed. She went through some serious doubting after the prayer, but when she looked in the mirror she had 3 silver fillings where there were old blackened amalgam fillings before. The next Sat. night at The Well, our youth service, we prayed for people's teeth and mouths, and we saw 5 youth come forward with up to 8 silver fillings per mouth, and one girl with a gold filling.

Our faith was huge the next Sunday morning. During ministry time we had people look in each others mouths first, before we prayed, asked them to lay hands on themselves, prayed, and had people check after. We saw over 38 people come forward saying they had received some creative miracle in their mouth. Our lead pastor, Jesse Padgett, asked for these people to go get verification from their dentists.

Throughout the week we kept getting calls from people in our church saying it was still happening. One man received one silver filling at a stop light on Monday and when he noticed it, he prayed for the rest of his mouth and received 8 more before his eyes. These testimonies keep flooding in. And now we have people with dental records and verification from their dentists saying that the "work" done in their mouths could not be humanly done, or they did not do the work, or their tooth was black and ugly and now its gold! A couple of people also phoned in after seeing their dentist saying that they forgot they had gold fillings put in 10 years ago. They just got caught up in the excitement. They are definitely the minority.

With the gold dust thing, we had over 20 people receive gold dust a week ago Saturday during ministry time at our LOVEBOMB @ Easter conference. They came running forward with their hands covered in sparkles of gold and silver. This has only occurred once to my knowledge.

We have had many people ask why is God doing these things? Why teeth? Why gold dust? We truly believe that God is manifesting His presence and doing these creative miracles to simply bless us, His people and encourage our faith for the bigger stuff - blind eyes and deaf ears to open, for limbs to grow, for many, many lost souls to come into His kingdom. As you can imagine there are many prophetic reasons being given for these miracles and some may be accurate. We just think it's pretty awesome that God has visited us in this way. Our corporate faith has increased greatly as we've witnessed this over the last month, and it has become an evangelistic connecting point for people in our church with the community. To God be the glory.

Iain Lovatt Langley VCF

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