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Sandie Freed: "Co-Laboring with the Angels"

By Sandie Freed
Jul 8, 2006

July 8, 2006

Sandie Freed: "Co-Laboring with
the Angels"

freedsPraying for the Open Heaven

For the last several months, I have dreamed about angels. We have been praying for an open Heaven. I believe it is very important to understand that angelic activity will increase as we continue to pray for Heaven to touch earth. Isn't it exciting to witness a fulfillment of prayer and to experience Heaven invading the earth? We must continue to do our part by activating our faith, and by being full-time co-laborers with Christ.

I have never been one that felt I was to actually "command" the angels. I always believed that as I pray the Father's perfect will, He will release the angels to do as He asks. Not desiring a theological debate, I cannot find any Scriptures that says we order the angels around. At any rate, we can all be in agreement with what the Word says, "He gives the angels charge over us!" (Psalms 91)

Angelic Dreams Are Important!

In one of my most recent dreams, Gabriel appeared to me. The Father sent him to deliver a message to my husband and I. The message involved specific instructions concerning our First Friday Fire meetings we host in Texas. In the dream, I was instructed to have the shofar blown. As this was done, the Lord said Gabriel would heed the sound, then angels would gather, and be released on our behalf. Also, Gabriel would release God's glory because he was the angel which stood in the presence of the Lord. After I awoke from the dream, I became so excited!

Though many of you may not feel a dream about an angel is important, we must remember it is through dreams that God often speaks to us. In fact, God saved His Son through a dream! Please remember Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. He was told in a DREAM about the birth of Jesus, and also received warnings concerning Jesus' safety. In the dreams, Joseph was instructed where to move Jesus to different places of protection, because King Herod issued a death warrant to murder Jesus.

I have made the mistake of not feeling that dreams of angels were as important as actually "seeing" them with the natural eye. I actually complained to the Lord that I only "dreamed" of angels, and I wanted to actually "see" angels! Then one day, the Lord rebuked me and said "Well, if a dream with an angel was important enough to save My only Son, a dream with an angel is also good enough for you!"

Wow! Talk about falling on your knees and repenting! So, now, whenever I have a dream about angels, I take it very seriously! As far as God is concerned, dreaming of angels is just as important as a vision, or actually seeing them.

Heaven Coming to Earth

As a result of the instruction given in my dream, we blow the shofar before starting every one of our services. Next, we ask the Lord to release an impartation of divine revelation, and then we lift our hands to receive a greater dimension of glory.

I am telling you this because I feel it is very important to learn to co-labor with the angels. Not everyone will receive the instructions I was given by the angel, so please do not pattern yourselves after my or anyone else's supernatural experiences. My dream gave specific direction that we, in our meetings, were to blow the shofar, and then angels would heed the sound.

We have to do our part here on the earth to experience the Heavenly release of angels. This is what I also refer to as "Heaven coming to earth." We are in a season where we are pulling on Heaven, believing for Heaven to come to earth. Therefore, I believe that as we do this, angels will be released in a much greater dimension, and we must learn to co-labor with them. We are not just to be complacent during this season; we have an active part to play. While angelic activity increases, we must increase in our faith and intercession, as we labor with them on the earth!

Jacob's Dream Released Heaven on Earth

In Genesis 28, the Scripture tells us about Jacob who came to a "certain" place, made stones for a pillow, and lay down to sleep. In a dream, a ladder appeared and was set upon the earth. The top of the ladder reached Heaven, and the bottom was on the earth. There were angels of God that ascended and descended on the ladder, going up and down, touching Heaven and touching earth. The Lord stood above the ladder and made a prophetic declaration to Jacob, that He was going to bless Jacob's seed. Actually, a covenant promise was made by God to Jacob during this dream.

It is very important to realize how important our dreams are! God may be releasing covenant promises to us while we sleep!

When Jacob awoke, he said "Surely, the Lord is in this place, and I knew it not" (Genesis 28:16). Then, in verse 17, Jacob recognizes that he had experienced not only the house of God, but also the "gate of Heaven." A gate of revelation from Heaven had opened for Jacob to enter. He had witnessed angels, covenant promises, and prophetic destiny during his dream.

Jacob did not realize that when he decided to stop over and spend the night at a "certain place" (verse 11), God would actually meet him there. God was ready to meet Jacob, bless him, and speak destiny over him. God used the angelic activity as a sign of Heaven connecting to earth; Heaven's gates had opened to Jacob to receive an impartation of revelation.

What God said concerning Jacob's future involved angelic action. I believe the dream is even a sign for us today. Angels are actively involved in not only our future, but also in fulfillment of our covenant promises.

John 1:51, speaks about Jesus being Jacob's ladder. Because we pray as Jesus did, "...thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth...." there is much angelic activity involved in Heaven touching earth (see John 1:51, Matthew 6:10).

Whenever we come into full alignment with the will of the Father, and we desire for His Kingdom to be established on earth, the angels get involved with us, and actually begin to co-labor with our prayers!

Be Alert to Dreams and Visions

We must be alert in this season to recognize how God is moving and ministering! He is speaking to us through dreams and visions. He is also sending angels to us. Jacob recognized how God was speaking and ministering, and so must we. Though God is moving differently at times, we must exercise our spiritual discernment to recognize His voice. Jacob cooperated with the dream by making the stone pillows into a pillar! The experience became monumental to him, and he built a memorial unto the Lord because of what had occurred.

What we are experiencing today, in this season of our lives, needs to be monumental. God is moving in dynamic dimensions, and we must heed to what He is saying and doing as Heaven continues to invade us. We all have a special part to play. The Lord is going to divinely position us to co-labor with His divine will.

Angels are Involved in Our Harvest

In these last days, the angels will be involved in reaping the harvest. If we study the Word of God, then we will notice that a harvest is not simply limited to souls. A harvest involves our blessings. Harvesting is an act of reaping.

We are spiritually entering into a great harvest season when we are going to reap our promises. We have been promised the spoils of war, the blessings, spiritual inheritances, and also reaping of seeds that have been sown. Also, part of our harvest is in healing and other miracles--many of us have been promised breakthroughs where health is concerned.

The angels will be actively involved in our harvesting season. They will be involved in releasing miracles, financial breakthroughs, and the harvesting of all the covenant blessings. Just as they were actively involved with Jacob and his covenant promises, they will also be involved in ours. The way we are to co-labor with them, is to believe for Heaven to come to earth as we move in faith, believing for the miraculous.

He Gives His Angels Charge Over Us

I recently had another dream concerning angelic activity that really encouraged me. In my dream, God was thrusting the believers (that's us!) into a new realm which would require each of us operating in our own anointing. At the same time, He also released a host of angels to empower us to do the work of the ministry.

In the dream, every believer was being sent on specific assignments to accomplish His divine purpose. To fully empower each of us, the Lord released a host of angels to not only protect us, but also to help thrust us into victory. Just as Psalms 91 states the angels will bear us up so that we will "...not dash our foot against a stone." We have the Lord's promise that He gives His angels "charge" over us.

Do you ever feel God is requiring too much from you? Well, I have often felt that way. But I now realize that we are not alone while we are fulfilling our Godly assignments.

Psalms 91:10-12 "There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone."

When God gives His angels "charge" over us, this means that He commissions them to protect us and keep us in ALL our ways. So, whenever we are involved in spiritual warfare, they are actively involved. Likewise, whenever we are involved in fulfilling His will on earth, they are also involved! Isn't it exciting to know the angelic hosts are co-laboring with us to fulfill God's purpose on this earth?

Some Will Actually "See" the Angelic Activity!

My husband was recently a guest minister in Phoenix. He closed his eyes, asked the Holy Spirit to come and minister to the congregation, then opened his eyes. To his amazement, two huge angels stood at the back of the church with their arms extended over the congregation, as if to protect them! He asked what to do, and the Lord said, "Just minister the Word." So, he did his part by preaching the Word, and the angels did their part by being there.

After preaching the Word, great miracles occurred! Tumors disappeared, eardrums were created, and backs were healed. It was a miraculous service. After the closing prayer, the angels disappeared. They were finished with their assignment, and my husband was finished with his. How awesome to co-labor with the angelic hosts!

Remember, we are not to worship angels; the Scripture is very specific concerning this. However, we are to heed their presence and work with the assignments given by the Father. As I stated, Joseph heeded the direction given by the angels (co-labored with them) in his dream.

As we pray for God's will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, expect to witness more and more angelic activity. Also, expect to have more dreams and visions concerning angels. Remember to wake up, write down each dream, and wait for interpretation. In my book, Dream On, I have explained how important dreams and visions are, and have also provided guidelines on interpretation. It is very important to know how to properly discern and respond to our dreams, so that we can all co-labor with God and His divine purpose.


Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray that You teach me how to co-labor with You and Your divine will. As You release Your angelic host to the earth, empower me to be cooperative by applying faith to my promises. Move me from faith to faith, strength to strength, and glory to glory. Your Word says that You will release angels to guard and protect me. Thank You for Your love and protection. Empower me to co-labor with You and to co-labor with the angelic host, as they are sent to minister to the earth and to fulfill Your purposes. As You lead me into new, "certain," places, empower me to know that You are in the midst of my situations, and that You desire to release my harvest! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Sandie Freed
Zion Ministries

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