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Bob Hartley: The Pleasure of Our God: Prophetic Voices in the Family of God Who Have Answers!

by Bob Hartley
Dec 14, 2010

Julie SmithIntro by Julie A. Smith:

We truly live in the day we are ordained for. God built and fashioned us to function in the capacity to deal with the day we are in. This latest prophetic word by Bob Hartley will cause you to see that ? you are most assuredly built to withstand the issues of our day filled with HOPE. God has given Bob Hartley a message and ministry built around Hope for our present time.

The encounters Bob has with the Lord in this word are profound and will provoke you to have your very own deep encounters with Him. I feel with everything in me that 2011 will be a year to "Encounter God" in ways we've never dreamed of. In fact, I've been asking God for the last couple of months for specific encounters with Him. I've had a few, but I know there are many more to come.

One encounter I had was before His throne. For me this wasn't a high in the sky throne, and I wasn't at the bottom looking up at Him. This was an intimate, low-ceiling room, with comfy couches, chairs and pillows ? a place for us to just hang out together. He said, "This is My throne for you." I knew through this encounter that I could at any time go before Him in this intimate, comfortable place and converse with Him, seeking guidance and answers. You'll read about Bob encountering God from a porch swing, as He spoke of things to come.

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Julie A. Smith, editor
The Elijah List





Bob Hartley

The Miracle Encounter for 2011 on the Holy Ghost Hope Glory Train

Over the last few amazing months, I have been reclining on a porch swing with the Lord and He has been showing me His heartfelt desire and holy hope-filled decrees for the Family of God in 2011 and other groups of people still to come in, with such love and vibrancy to enable us to receive His hopeful embrace and perspective.

Simultaneously, my sister, who is very intuitive, encouraged me to watch the movie the "Polar Express." I am not really a movie watcher, but I watched this movie several times and the Lord has touched me through what begins with the movie and turns into my own beautiful encounter with Him. This encounter has been progressive, and was taken to a whole other level as I was taken from a view of 30 feet above the earth to five million miles in the heavens. I've had dreams of waves that would try to crash over the Body of Christ and I was only 30 feet above the ground, while the waves were 70 feet, and I and others were drowning. The Lord said, "I have measured you in hope and you have come up wanting. The way in is to adore, adore, adore!"

However, as I didn't give up and continued looking into His eyes, suddenly I was caught up into a heavenly place with others, and I found myself on the "Polar Express," but in this encounter it turned into the Holy Ghost Hope Glory Train and headed into Heaven through the most indescribable colors of God. The Lord began to speak to me as I was crying out like a little boy exhilarated, celebrating a roller coaster ride, as we headed straight up to His throne. Then I found myself on a porch swing reclining next to Him in His beauty on the balcony of Heaven. I'm looking at the earth from His heavenly perspective and I was stunned as it became a beautiful garden before me.

"How great are His signs and how mighty are His wonders! His Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and His dominion is from generation to generation."?Daniel 4:3

Jesus began to show me how the earth will begin to become a beautiful garden for us in 2011, and I started to experience something so extraordinary and necessary: His hopeful view of the Kingdom of God and the nations. He continued to unfold this important encounter for the Family of God for 2010?2020 with a fullness of love and hope that I have never experienced before. Again, He has been unfolding this word to me for several months, through signs and wonders and angels, and I was seeing from a whole different, hopeful, glorious and eternal view. I was beginning to see from His perspective, from His everlasting Kingdom and the highest court in Heaven.

What the Lord Spoke to Me on the Porch Swing in This Heavenly Place

In summary, there are four things that He shared with me in this place about His heart and plan, and I grew in such confidence as He spoke. Since then there have been many who have confirmed the prophetic signs and individuals. There are grand, glorious, fearful wonders behind each of these decrees!

1. First, He Shared His Desire for Us: He exploded with His burning desire and passion (His "man of war" zeal and ardent love) for the Family of God in life and hope for 2011 and beyond. I felt His willingness and commitment to fight and win the battle for us and His overwhelming ability to do so with ease and joy.

2. Second, "You Must Look Back to Look Forward": He then spoke, "As we look forward into 2011, we must look back appropriately through My lens of who I am as the Almighty God, like Jacob did at Bethel in Genesis 28:16, where He said, 'Surely the LORD is in this place, and I did not know it.'"

Jesus continued, "I want you to see your past correctly in the light of Psalm 92, proclaiming My love and hope in the past and every day in every situation, or you will close the door to My goodness and not perceive My love and hope for the present and the future appropriately. You must see your whole life and daily activities through My utter and complete enjoyment of you and your journey on this earth. To the fallen man, the day is evil; but to you, the redeemed man, the day is good, so good! You are to take amazing territory for My Kingdom every day."

3. Third, His Overcoming Plans: He told me to close my eyes, and He said, "You can't see with your eyes open," and from that place, He defined His overcoming plans for individuals, families, business, and the earth. This included:

? 5 Great Waves: First, there would be five Great Waves of Challenge to the nations and to individuals in 2011 that are actual doors or ways in to greater life and hope in Him (see Hosea 2:14-15). Nebuchadnezzar had a dream where all was going well, but the Lord disturbed Him through this dream ? and that was the Lord's aim in showing us these waves, but He also did not want to leave us there.

? 5 Great Initiators: Second, He showed me five Great Initiators of these Waves that are people with principalities behind them (He was unmoved by any of them, however. Again, He would take that evil and turn it to good). His Kingdom has no end and His wisdom is greater than these lesser men.

"Who among the gods is like You, LORD? Who is like You ? majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?"?Exodus 15:11

? His Wise Overcoming Plan: Third, He spoke of His wise, profound, creative, genius, hopeful answers in Him, and His overcoming plans, and how to tend to this garden and make it lovely. This beautiful garden in Him that I was seeing from this 5 million-foot-high view was different nations, cities, businesses and families ? He would make them the most exquisite, beautiful gardens.

? His Hope Craftsmen: Then He showed me something I had never seen before: the Hope Craftsmen that He had been preparing like His Son, a carpenter in a back room, to come out with the most amazing Hope Advanced Tools that would enable both God to be moved to the center of life versus the perceived issue and God's solution to come forth.

4. Fourth, His Assignment: From the porch swing, God gave me and all of us an assignment. He emphasized the need for a busy people in their spirit, to come near to listen like in Ecclesiastes 5:1 and Psalm 27:4, and spend the time dialoguing with Him for 40 days ? and He would give the questions to ask. He said this dialogue was to start as soon as possible, and was to be corporate and across the earth ? the asking of similar questions about what He wanted to do and Who He wanted to be in His overcoming nature in the midst of the five Waves.

? His Invitation: After the 40 days of dialoguing with Him individually as groups, churches, and cities, He would invite us to come together across the nations to share what we had heard from the Lord and from His heart through these conversation times about Him and His hopeful solutions. Each of us would have a great invitation into His heart to bring forth these hopeful answers, and He would take us into a new room of hope that would help us work through our own doubts and fears in this dialogue with Him.

God's Goal in Sharing This Word for 2011

God had a great goal in trumpeting this word for 2011 to the Body of Christ. First, His goal was to make known His will and interpretation of life in the days to come through His hopeful lens. Second, the goal is that the Family of God would hear Jesus and His tremendous hope and peace in building and moving forward in 2011, to keep us from being like Peter in Matthew 14:30, who looked at the waves and began to sink instead of looking into His eyes.

It is needed and necessary for the Family of God to hear in the year to come from a true patriarchal prophetic voice that always has an answer in Him! Each one of us is being invited into this process individually, as God leads, to come out with an answer in Him for the challenges and be unmoved. If we would move right into adoring and magnifying Him in the midst of the challenge, we will have great success in 2011.

Jesus' Hope-Filled, Confident Desire for the Body of Christ in 2011 (It's a big deal!)

On this porch swing from the balcony of Heaven, Jesus asked me, "What is going to happen in the next 10 years?" I replied that I did not know, and He liked that response. He was proud of me, as many act like they know, and He said, "I do. Now listen." As I sat with Him and listened, I marveled at how radiant with hope He was as He shared.

He turned to me and said tenderly, "Before I share My heart with you, I want you to understand that I will be purposely ambiguous. I won't share every detail regarding 2011 because I want to create an ongoing dialogue and process with you, and if I gave you all the answers, the dialogue wouldn't happen. But I will share enough with you so that you and those who hear this word will not live in confusion but will feel the Spirit of the Holy, Hopeful, Loving God surround them."

The Hopeful Patriarchal Prophetic

Jesus said He was talking to me as one who is a Father that really cares and nurtures and stewards the lives of others with the words He gives; and He said, "I have entrusted you and others with this word to be not only a tutor but a father with the heart of the hopeful patriarchal prophetic, who long to see their sons and daughters go even farther than them and their authority and dominion in Me ? as fathers and mothers who can decree a thing and it happens." They were given hearts of flesh with such love that it will change the prophetic movement, and I saw them come like trees that were so tall with heavenly food for all the earth to eat from, like Psalm 1 and Isaiah 61.

Jesus shared, "Through this heart-to-heart dialogue and hearing of My voice, you will see Me as the most High God who rules in hope, and then you will declare it and decree it. I will move you into a greater understanding that you are an image-bearer of Me, and you will become so hungry and anchored for more and more of Me and the reality of Me as the God of peace Whose government does not end but always increases. The power of My voice and the discovery of My nature and My authority in you will begin to be realized in 2011."

Then on the porch swing, Jesus began to unfold His deep heart desires for the Family of God; it was so strong that I saw His smile of hope for the first time to that degree and in that way.

He said, "In 2011, I will plant My desire in My Hope Craftsmen to feed My people on the true and appropriate knowledge of Who I am, and I'll speak to their deepest questions about Me in this Psalm 27:4 reality of adoring Me (true face-to-face prayer where you look into My eyes) and inquiring of Me (I will show you the fruit of wisdom and the greatness of the abundance of My wisdom that makes you like 1 Kings 10). They will be the ones to help others into that third perspective of hope, not of the earth or the liar's voice, but of My heavenly, hopeful voice which takes them above the clouds of doubt and despair."

His Hopeful Promises for His People

On the porch swing with Jesus, I had doubts rise up in me because I felt like Peter in Matthew 14 out on the water with Jesus, but I still saw the waves coming. Jesus would say, "Stop! Look at Me!" I would look at Him to see if He really saw the challenges, and there was no moving of Him in His confidence ? He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. My doubts and fears couldn't talk Him out of the promises. He was victorious; it was settled in all these areas! His vantage point and Person were greater than the challenges I saw. He saw them as the doorways to hope.

I was undone by His brilliance and His lack of any kind of wavering. His face was set like flint and He was not shaken... He spoke again, "Even though there are perceived challenges coming, I have given exquisite, precious, advanced tools and golden ways of this Journey of Hope. My whole desire is that My kings and queens of hope would be cemented in the appropriate knowledge of Me. Then they can become hopeful watchmen who see a long ways out, who help build a pathway for Me into cities and spheres of life, bringing forth the knowledge of God and the promises of the land and the people that I deeply love. I will have a people of My own possession in 2011." I trembled and did not speak a word as I saw the fire come out of His eyes.

Then He continued, "I will give them this passion ? My passion, and this force of hope, so that they are totally and utterly unmoved... I will be the marvelous, hopeful God to them and I am taking them on a royal journey with Me, which is a royal pathway that leads them on the way to great exploits and hope miracles. When these waves or challenges arise, My hopeful kings and queens will come with a greater understanding and a greater love and hope, and will help to rebuild My royal cities and nations, and will lead the many to Me."

I was so moved and overwhelmed by His tender, powerful, love-filled heart that so longed to be a certain and hopeful companion to me and the many others on this journey of hope. He paused for a moment and looked deep into my eyes with such love, I wasn't sure if I could bear it. Then He burst into laughter as He turned and looked out over the balcony of Heaven. He began to shout, "My burning passion is to bring hope to the hopeless!" Then He turned back to me, and asked, "Do you realize I formed everything with a word...out of life, hope and joy, dancing with My Father in the midst of darkness? I am committed to bring forth the Symphony of Hope across the nations! We named the animals, can We name you? Can We name nations? It's easy enough." (He was speaking of giving God-ordained identity.)

"In joy you are going to walk out this life with Me. It's time to soar in these times." He looked back at me and said again more intently, "It's time to soar in these times." And as if He was not yet convinced that I was convinced, He took my hand and jumped to His feet, shouting with laughter, "'s time for you and your friends (the many of us) to soar in these times!" (That is the most affectionate name I have ever been called.)

Jesus Defined Our Past, Present and Future in Hope

After this, Jesus said, "Before we can look forward, we must look back. It is time to ask Me about your past rightly." Then He began to define my past, present and future in hope. He said, "You were made to be filled and fulfilled with My presence and answers. I desire to rightly define My call of love and hope for you and the Family of God through the years. Now, let's look in the rearview mirror at the past so you are able to look ahead toward the horizon I have set for you as a family in 2011. I want you to see My goodness in the past so you will be provoked to long for Me more and you will look forward to partnering with Me in building My Kingdom."

At that point I felt His loneliness to a measure, like Adam felt before Eve was created. I felt His longing for me to not draw back or listen to lies that would keep me from partnering with Him in this next season.

1983 Vision of Cities and Nations

There on the porch swing He was bringing the spirit of wisdom about how He had raised me, and He reminded me of the past with His glorious perspective of His pursuing love and His care, and He gave me such a sense of satisfaction about the past. He began to stir deep hunger in me, and my heart was screaming out with love and hope as He spoke.

He said to me, "Do you remember in 1983 when I showed you radiant cities and nations across the earth where families, churches, organizations, governments and schools would love Me well and hope in Me?" Before, it had been a distant, faint understanding, but this time I really, really remembered and love-sickness gripped me. He said, "I showed you these Hope Craftsmen who would be sent on the journey of establishing the five pillars of hope to rebuild these radiant cities and My Kingdom through the understanding of My nature as the God of hope."

Then on the porch swing with me, Jesus said, "Do you remember when I took you on a journey and showed you the advanced tools of hope, that you would learn to swim through the tsunamis of life where you walk in trials as though you walk on butter (as Job said)? And you would help move others out of the 'despair room' and into the 'delight room'? And out of the 'misery room' and into the 'merry room'? With these tools you would live in confident, radiant hope, continually advancing in life in a sense of wonder and adventure of My goodness, no matter what the perceived circumstances would be."

"Remember, remember, remember," He said. I knew I had let my memory grow faint in this area of understanding His goodness and His authority and His hopeful answers in the present tense life and circumstances.

Deeper Waters of the Knowledge of God

Jesus continued on the porch swing, engaging me in the deepest, most magnificent place in His heart that I had experienced, and He said, "Do you remember when you were a youth leader and I showed you that you had been leading the young ones into shallow waters of the knowledge of Me? I showed you that the Body of Christ would first walk into a chamber door of intimacy with Me and a love that secured hearts for eternity. But then I showed you a second chamber door that was My heart, and I was troubled because the young ones had not been able to discover My nature as the God of Hope and All of Life that would advance them into a radiant future, not only in eternity but every day in this life as well. I long for these companions and builders of My Kingdom." Again I felt His loneliness for people to understand Him and His desire for them.

He said, "I opened up 'forgotten faces' of My nature that have been locked up for thousands of years, like My face as the God of Hope, as a Builder, a Redeemer, a Supplier, and the Wise God as in Isaiah 45:1-3." My heart filled with joy as I remembered this vision and how He had shown me that I (and others) would believe Him and would help to lead a generation into the discovery of Him in all of life with a radiant hope for the future.

"Rid the Earth of Despair!"

He paused this conversation regarding our relationship and the past for a moment, and He turned me toward the earth, and it had this deep, radiant hue over it. He stated with such tenderness, like a proud father holding his newborn son, "Do you remember when I told you why I made you?" Tears began to stream down my face as He continued, "I had a true longing on the earth, and I made you to help reach and touch this true longing..."

Then Jesus said, "Do you remember when I stood at the end of your bed and said 'Rid the earth of despair,' and that the dictate of your heart would be led by this call with others?" Then He showed me that in 2010?2020 His desire is to fight the Ezekiel 36:23 fight to vindicate the greatness of His holy and hopeful name that has been profaned among the nations. I saw such a passion in His eyes for His glory to be revealed, and His question to us was: Would we cooperate with Him? Would we get on the Holy Ghost Hope Glory Train to bring the fame of His name across the earth?

The Holy Ghost Hope Glory Train

I watched from the porch swing as the Holy Ghost Hope Glory Train came into view on the horizon, and He said, "Remember, since last year I have encountered you with a Holy Ghost Hope Glory Train that I have sent out across (and above) the earth to bring forth My hopeful ones who are kings and queens of hope, who are Hope Craftsmen, trained with My tools of confidence in Me in all arenas of life.

"From that place, I enabled them to see the waves and injustices from My perspective above the earth. This caused them to believe and hope in Me double, day by day, because of the works that they saw Me do." He reminded me I was to be like Abraham, to not only be in the tent of the present view of God, but like in Genesis 15:5, to step out of the tent and see the God of all of life, not only the corner of the Church.

"The hopeful patriarchs of the past have sent you and millions of others off to different geographic locations, and I told you, 'Son, you are going to go on a journey with other marvelous comrades; I don't want you to be lonely on this Holy Ghost Hope Glory Train while bringing a Hope Reformation across the earth. It will be done with My hope and My joy, not with tears and conflict in the Body of Christ, as it has been in the past. This Hope Reformation will be a celebration.

"You will bring the message of not only 'every man a minister' or 'every man a missionary' or 'every man a priest,' but 'every man a multi-colored coat': the ability to build not only financially, but body, soul and spirit with their unique expressions of worship." Then I began to look out over the millions of people and saw the most glorious expressions of worship and the most radiant people that I had ever seen.

My heart filled with hope as we sat together and recalled all of the promises, plans and challenges in my life that He had used to conform and strengthen me to walk out my own uniqueness. Jesus said, "I am reminding you of our history so that you would have confident expectation in My goodness for 2011 and the future.

"Now let Me share with you some of My plans for 2011..." To be continued in our next article!

Bob Hartley
Deeper Waters Ministry


About Bob Hartley: Bob Hartley is the founder of Hartley Institute/Deeper Waters Ministry in Kansas City, Missouri, inspired through a dream the Lord gave to Bob more than a decade ago, where the Lord spoke that "The youth of this nation are diving into 'shallow waters' of the knowledge of God, and it is killing them!" Bob's heart is to take this generation deep into the knowledge of God through hopeful, heartfelt prayer and intimacy with the Lord, and opening up their ability to hear from His heart and partner with the God of All of Life in every arena and season of the soul.

Bob served as a pastor at Metro Christian Fellowship with Mike Bickle before entering the marketplace in 1983, with a vision to see the marketplace redeemed and cities established that value and love the person of Jesus. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Hartley Group, a "Hope Center" for the marketplace, consisting of Hartley's Executive Cleaning, Swift Chemicals & Supply, Prize Properties and H&H Management in Kansas City, Missouri. Bob is a frequent speaker to youth, churches, businesses and national leaders throughout America and the world. His quest has been to bring the Kingdom of God into every arena of life and give spiritual tools and equipping to those seeking to know and love God in the midst of their everyday lives. Currently, Bob resides in Kansas City with his wife and four children.

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