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New York City, New York, and the Northeast: Todd Bentley and Matt Sorger Prophesy on the "THE BREAKER ANOINTING and the ANGEL OF FINANCE"

by Matt Sorger and Todd Bentley
Apr 22, 2005

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April 22, 2005

New York City, New York, and the Northeast: Todd Bentley and Matt Sorger Prophesy on the "THE BREAKER ANOINTING and the ANGEL OF FINANCE"
by Matt Sorger and Todd Bentley
APRIL 7-9, 2005

This year's Northeast Prophetic Signs and Wonders Conference hosted by Matt Sorger Ministries was a strategic gathering, releasing not only healing and miracles in the lives of many, but also a fresh prophetic revelation for the church in this hour. From the first night there was a complete open heaven. Many testified to an unusual awareness of God's presence. Several key prophetic words and teachings were delivered by Matt Sorger and Todd Bentley. The power of the Lord was truly present to heal. Several also received deep deliverance from demonic bondage.

One missionary from Bulgaria commented that she had not felt such a strong presence of the Lord since she had been up to the revival in Toronto, Canada. Many shared a similar sentiment, being captured by the spirit of revival that was poured out in the meetings. Another woman testified, "For years we have been prophesying that a ‘new thing' is coming. Well it's here! This is it! This is what we have been waiting for!" There was such a clean, fresh sense of God's presence that brought a deep change in the lives of those present at the gathering. It marked an important prophetic shift for the northeast of America. We have received an invitation from the Lord to enter into a new season of visitation and power.

There were believers gathered from all throughout the northeast and beyond including: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Texas, Missouri, Denmark and India! God truly opened up a "gateway to heaven," releasing an extreme amount of supernatural activity. Thursday night Matt sensed the anointing for healing and released a corporate healing wave over the people. Several words of knowledge were called out including a grace for the healing of tumors. Many responded receiving healing in their bodies. Hands were waving all over the room as people testified to receiving a healing touch from God.

There were several prophetic words and teachings shared by Matt and Todd throughout the weekend. We will highlight them for you in this article so that you, too, can receive the word of the Lord that came forth.


Thursday night Matt Sorger delivered a prophetic word and message on The Lost Art of Tarrying. He shared how God was speaking to him about returning to the place of visitation and waiting on the Lord. He prophesied that the prophetic timetable for Long Island, New York, and the Northeast has come full circle. God is again offering this region an invitation to enter into an outpouring of the Spirit that will bring with it not only an outpouring of miracles, but also a restoration of the full gospel. This word is also for the corporate Body of Christ in America and beyond. The revival that we are entering into is not limited to just a healing revival. But this revival will be marked with a restoration of the full gospel, including the preaching and teaching of the word of the Lord, healing the sick, casting out demons and raising the dead.

We will see a restoration of the full work of Christ on the earth, birthed out of a lifestyle of intimacy and holiness with Him. This revival will be a combination of all the past revivals of history. It will include healing, miracles, deliverance, the prophetic, joy and faith, accompanied by an extreme awareness of His manifest presence. Not only will the church be restored, but she will be commissioned in great power for the end time harvest of the nations.


Matt also prophesied that the Keys of the Kingdom are being released. These keys include revival, salvation, healing and deliverance, along with many others. God will give us what we need, when we need it. When there is a need for healing, God will give us the key for healing. When there is a need for deliverance, God will give us the key for deliverance. When there is a need for salvation, God will give us a key for salvation. They are the keys of the Full Gospel: what we need, when we need it. Matt shared the secret to receiving these keys of power.

The power of the Kingdom is available to everyone, but with a price not everyone is willing to pay. Matt taught and prophesied about the restoration of the lost art of tarrying and waiting on God. He shared how his own ministry was birthed out of waiting on God. He ministered from Mt. 13 on the Pearl of Great Price, the hidden power of the Kingdom. He taught on how to enter into the power of the Age to Come and the price of sacrificing everything of self to possess it. God is calling the church back into a place of waiting on Him. This is not a passive waiting, but an active waiting. It is a tarrying in His presence until the endowment of power comes.


With a revival of tarrying will come a breaker anointing that will usher the rest of the Body of Christ into a season of outpouring and power. Many will reap the fruit of the labors of the remnant. This principle is seen in the Book of Acts with the first initial outpouring of the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 1:4-8, 14; Acts 2), as well as in every subsequent outpouring of the Spirit in the Bible and in history. The remnant tarries before God in holy desperation until The Day of Outpouring comes ushering the church into a fresh season of visitation and power.

We must take a hard look at our present Pentecostal movement and what we call "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit." Sure, many of us can speak in tongues, but is our shadow dangerous? Are we healing the sick, casting out demons and raising the dead? Where is the true endowment of power that comes with the Baptism of the Spirit? God is calling the Church into a season of tarrying because a new day of outpouring is upon us. Without the tarrying corporately and individually, we cannot enter into the higher level of power God is offering us.

Matt prophesied that we will begin to see spontaneous "tarrying meetings." In these meetings it won't be about who the speaker is or who is leading worship. These meetings will be marked by a holy desperation along with a waiting on God in worship. The formalities of a "structured church service and prayer meeting as we know it" will be put to the side as our only agenda will be to wait on the Lord and receive His power. It won't be about binding this principality and that power or crying out to God for Him to come. The church has been crying out for years. Now it's time to gather and wait for the Promise to come in true fullness.


It's not about receiving the Baptism of the Spirit as we know it now. Anyone by faith can enter into the Baptism of the Spirit at its present level of power simply by asking and receiving. No tarrying is needed for that. But what God is calling us to now is radically different. He's calling us to a renewed deeper baptism that will be marked by true power and authority. As we wait and our spirits engage the Lord on a deeper level, we will receive this power of the Spirit. This will be true for corporate local churches as well as individuals. From this place many new ministries of power will be birthed. If we will catch God's heart in this we will be positioned for the greatest endowment of power the church has ever seen.

During the first night of the conference, Matt saw a "portal" open in the Spirit. A portal is a place of visitation with God where there is an open heaven. It is a place of great spiritual encounter with God's presence and voice. Then Friday morning Todd Bentley continued along this theme teaching on gates, doors and portals and entering into this place of visitation with God.


Friday afternoon must be documented as one of the most unusual services we have ever been a part of. As we worshipped, God's presence overwhelmed the hundreds of people gathered. The worship leader, Kristie Levesque, was knocked to the floor while leading worship unable to stand under the weight of His glory. Matt was overcome with an anointing that was similar to that of Lonnie Frisbie back in the Jesus Movement. Lonnie was used by God in radical ways with the power of God.

As this "fierce" anointing moved upon Matt, he jumped up on the chairs and began to release a corporate wind and wave of the Spirit over the people. Simultaneously over half of the conference room fell under the power of God as a wave of extreme Glory went over them. A scroll of fire was released as God commanded us to "eat" the word of the Lord. Matt's eyes were then opened to the spirit realm. He wept as he shared how he could see the angels swirling over our heads and a chariot of fire leading the host of heaven. He began to prophesy that "there were more for us than against us!" He could see the angels being sent on assignment, even for family members not present in the meeting.

During this service Matt also taught an incredible message on Establishing the Place of Visitation and Guarding the Place of Habitation. He gave some great practical keys to entering into visitations with the Lord and how to guard and keep the habitation of God in your life.

Friday, Todd was overcome by the Spirit and began to prophesy for this region. Below is a transcription of this strategic prophetic "now" word of the Lord. It's lengthy, but I encourage you to read through it.


We thank you God that you're giving birth, that you're making room for new ministries to be birthed in this place. The new and the old together. The new and the old together. The new and the old together. You're making room. You're enlarging the place of this tent. And the tent peg is being established. Roots are being put down. Foundations are being laid. I thank you for what you're doing in this place. I thank you for the reverb, for the shocks, the aftershocks, O God, that are hitting different areas in New York, right up into New Jersey, right up into other places here in the East. O God, in the name of Jesus, you're raising up a true team of young men and women -- ministries -- eagles, eagles, eagles, eagles in this place. I see a nest and I see eagles, young eagles, new ministries in this place gathering in the midst of what God's doing. God is making room, both for the old and for the new, both for the old and for the new.

We release a breaker anointing in this place and we call forth ministries that haven't been born. Ministries that haven't been born can be born in this place; can be born in this meeting right now. Those of you who have been pregnant in Spirit are giving birth right now. Those of you that have prayed as intercessors for more than twenty years can give birth to something today. You are giving birth to something in this conference. Ministries that haven't been born, some that won't even be born for twenty years, some that won't even be born for forty years -- but you'll hear of them -- even ones in this room in twenty years will hear of ministries born in this place. And there are some already. God is bringing publicity, promotion to them in the Spirit. We release that, O God, and we call forth the eagles; not just in this place, not just on Long Island, but, God, throughout this area, in the East.

Here in the East Coast, O God, there is an emerging army of young men and women. You're giving a name to them, O God, a Joel's Army that you're raising up in this place. Here in the East, O God, ministries that we don't know that are being born. Yes, they are ministries already, but they're about to become publicly known, in Jesus' name. That's the kind of anointing that's in this meeting. That's the kind of anointing that's in this place. That's the kind of anointing that's in this conference. The things that are in your heart, dreams and visions that are in your heart, and you've prayed -- leaders -- different ones that are in this place -- pastors -- different ones that are in this place -- and dreams -- things that you've had in your heart, they're about to be born. I'm saying, come forth, O visions; come forth, O dreams; come forth, O visions; come forth, O dreams. God, let the eagles be released, let the eagles rise. Let the eaglets be born. Let the eagles see. Let the eagles that have been tethered down, let them be released. Let them be released. Let the Son of Righteousness rise with healing in His wings.


God, I prophesy an apostolic ministry in this place. I prophesy an apostolic ministry in this region. I say there's room; yes, for the old, but let's give room for the new. We break it open in the Spirit for the new thing, for the new thing, for the new thing.

See, Matt and his ministry have been in God's heart for years, but it's just been born. Even in the last three years or so, it's been born. And more and more it's becoming public. It's becoming known. But he's the first of many in this area, the first of many in this region -- sons and daughters that haven't been born yet -- generals.


You see, with the passing of the Pope, with the passing of other ministries in the last twelve months or so, and others that are going to pass in the next twelve months, makes room for a whole new breed to step up in promotion. I want you to get ready for that. So, that's the anointing. And, maybe there are hidden gems, hidden treasures of wisdom and revelation in this meeting right now. You've been a hidden piece. A hidden piece in prayer, a hidden piece in business, a hidden piece in healing -- but God's going to throw you out and catch you to the nations. 'Cause there's a wind blowing and it's going to pick up the wings. Yeah, some of you are going to fly again. It's been five years, it's been ten years, you're going to fly again. God's restoring you. He's healing wounded warriors. Some of you need that word -- that you're saying, "I want to fly again, I need healing, I laid it all down, I was taken out." Whatever it was that you went through in your circumstances, God wants to raise you up again. He wants to give vision to you again. He wants to visit you again.


For ten minutes I've been in visions of God. It was so profound that at one point I saw an angelic being come into the room. I'll tell you about that in a minute. And then there was placed in my hands, right across my arms, right across my lap, there was placed a sword. And this sword is wrapped in a purple garment. It's a gift from the King of Royalty. It is the sword of the Lord and it was placed in my hand. It's about a foot wide and it was about five feet in length. It is so heavy that my arms are literally straining to hold this. It's as if I have fifty pounds in my arms. I feel weight. In fact, every muscle in my arms were tense as if I was lifting weights. My bicep, everything is tense. And in my arm is this sword; I'm supposed to give it to somebody tonight. God is wanting to place this on people tonight. There may be several people that receive the sword of the Lord; and yes, it's power for preaching. It's a revelatory preaching gift in which God's word will be like fire in your mouth. In which when you preach, there'll be power in the word to destroy strongholds and (bring) healing. It's an anointing like Charles Finney possessed; in that when he preached, it brought a Spirit of Revival in the preaching; in which John Edwards, Evan Roberts possessed. And there was such a mantle of God's Spirit that when they preached, there was literal revival. It was as if their tongues kindled fire. It was as if their words caused men to fall down dead in their seats, with the convicting power of the Holy Spirit.

Do you remember as you've read about what happened in revivals of old, as you look at history and how God spoke? And you read stories of how whole cities, nations and regions were shaken under the power that was in the spoken word. And there was such conviction that men and women dropped as if they were dead in their seats.


And there was one revival in which I'm prophesying tonight because it became very clear to me in the Spirit that what God did in upstate New York with Charles Finney, there was a revival that those same seeds of destiny reside on Long Island. And those same seeds of destiny reside within New York City -- the very seeds in which God scattered in the days of Charles Finney's revival in upstate New York. And that very power that resided upon that man, that great revivalist who even preached in these areas, there is an anointing that again God is breathing upon; I saw it again on Long Island.


Lord, just release that sword tonight. I feel it releasing now. The sword of the Lord is coming into this place. I want you to ask for it. On one side is your conviction and judgment; on one side, the sword could cut you down. On the other side is a sword that brings conviction to men and women as the truth of the gospel is proclaimed. It's a two-edged sword. It's a sharp sword. It could destroy you. It could judge you. It could slay you, or it can (cut) against wickedness, against sickness, against disease. It could bring the truth of the gospel in power and in conviction to destroy strongholds. It's a two-edged sword. Be careful how you handle and receive the sword. Let it judge you: "Holiness in my life, Lord. Righteousness in my life, Lord. Truth in my life, Lord. Integrity in my life, Lord." And let me use it because I want to preach the word. And I want to do it in power and conviction. I want to do it uncompromising. I want to do it in truth. The word in your mouth is only as powerful as the word that's in your heart. The word in your mouth is only as powerful as the word that you live by.

God is placing this sword upon men and women. It's a preacher's anointing. It's a revival mantle. It's got power and conviction and authority in it. Some of you are going to go forth to kings and presidents and leaders with that word. It's not just a preaching word. It's a prophetic word as God anoints and raises up voices.

Who's going to be a voice? There may be one or two, but God's anointing someone in this room with real fire, with real fire, with real prophetic fire. Not just to prophesy about people's future and destiny, but to proclaim a word like John the Baptist, and stand before kings and leaders and presidents and say, "This is the word of the Lord." A Spirit of Elijah!


I'm seeing in the Spirit that even right to the doors of the church God's sword will come and He will cut away and reveal what they really are. There is a part of judgment coming in this area. And it's God's sword cutting away everything that is false. God will expose men in sin. He will cut away what they've been hiding. They say, "They don't see me, nobody knows." God's about to cut away that curtain and everyone's going to see you as you really are. He'll cut away what we're hiding behind. It's time for holiness. If we would say, "God judge me," we wouldn't have to face judgment.

God, raise up an army of men and women that are pure in heart and can wield this sword. They can, and can preach the word in true power because they live by the sword. They live by the word. They don't just have a message, they are the message.


And in the Spirit I saw golden rain. And then I saw the hand of the Lord scatter. And I thought of the parable of the sower. The sower went out to sow. . . the preacher. The seed is the message. And I saw the Lord scattering seeds all over Long Island, just reaching in the basket and throwing out seed, from one end of Long Island to the other end. And I said, "God, you're scattering seeds." He said, "Because the ground is ready." Before you can sow the seed, you need to break up the fallow ground. The ground needs to be prepared before the seed could come. I said, "Lord, what is it?" And, He said, "It's the seed of revival."

And immediately I saw Charles Finney and a great revival in upstate New York. And the Lord said, "Todd, there'll be a revival in this place, in this region, in which thousands will come. And the meetings won't be over after four days. They'll say, ‘let's keep going. We can't stop. Let's not shut it down. Let's keep the doors open.'"


And they'll be coming. They'll be coming by the thousands, even from around the world because God will be doing something in this place. And it'll go on for an extended period of time. And, even that won't be the revival. Even that won't be the fullness. But God was scattering the seeds, the seeds of revival. And then the golden rain came and gave life.

See, the spring rain -- it's new life, it's new growth. It's the rain that comes, not for sowing, but for harvest. The latter rain is the planting seed. The spring rain is the harvest seed.


And I saw this ocean and there was a glacier in this ocean, a large glacier. I thought I was in Alaska. And then I saw this boat with a sharp point in its bow -- this massive boat. I didn't know what it was at first because I just saw the bow. But it came and it broke open the ice. It made a way where there was no way. The boat just pushed through and it broke open the ice. And then I noticed on the side of the boat was the word, BREAKER. I said it's the breaker anointing. And then I noticed it wasn't a boat, it was a battleship. And the guns were firing. And I could hear in my Spirit "fight the good fight." There was this war in my Spirit. And the boat was coming into this region -- it's Long Island. The breaker anointing is coming in and it's breaking open -- and do you know what the ice is? It's the hearts of men and women that have been cold. The hearts of men and women that haven't really been warmed to the gospel -- the receptivity, the climate. And there was a battle in it -- fight, fight -- and the guns were blazing.

And the Lord spoke to me about Matt and his ministry. And He said, "Matt is receiving this breaker anointing in which things are beginning to break open that have never been opened. And hearts are beginning to be warmed." You know, there's a change in Alaska in the climate and glaciers are now melting. See, there have been things that have been frozen over here. And do you know what hearts need? They need to be turned to the lamp of their first love because their hearts have been cold like ice.

I see in the Spirit realm that things are warming up and ice is beginning to melt from the hearts. The ice is beginning to melt from the minds of these people and God's releasing a breaker anointing. And it's coming into Long Island. And it's getting things ready for what God's about to do. And the seeds of revival are being scattered. And the golden rain of heaven is coming down. And God is giving life.


In fact, I see God uncovering a foundation that (since) about twenty years (ago) there's been a change in the church. And I see this foundation built on top of another foundation. The old foundation is better. God wants to break down the foundation that exists of what we call the church today on Long Island and get back to something that happened in the last twenty years in which God moved in some way -- I have no idea of what the history is -- but there was something and God is breaking it down to that foundation. He's saying, "I like that one better."

And I know there's another foundation in there in which the stones say, "Finney revival." The kind of revival that I gave in the days of Finney. I'm releasing those building blocks. I'm releasing those building stones back not only into Long Island but back into New York. And God we say, "Let those stones come -- those true building stones of revival." Rebuild the foundations with the same building stones of revival, just like as in the days of Charles Finney.


Two years ago, I was in Albany, Oregon, and I saw with my eyes open, an angelic being appear in my hotel room -- just stood right there in the bathroom door. And it was bent over and I saw the back of the angel. And it looked to me like an eagle. I mean, I saw the feathers, the skin. And imbedded into this angel's back and right into the wings of this angel -- his body was covered -- I thought it was a living creature, like the seraphim that cover themselves with their wings, the six wings. They say, "Holy," and they cover themselves. This angel covered himself. I thought for a moment that it was a seraphim or a cherubim, like Ezekiel or John saw. I thought, my God, the living creatures are visiting me in my hotel room. I'm seeing what John saw, I'm seeing what Ezekiel saw. And it wasn't a living creature at all because it had the face of a human being, the chest of a human being, the arms of a human being.

But these wings, these eagle wings, in which it would cover its body and the entire wings, including the back of this creature-man, were embedded with jewels -- emeralds, diamonds, pearls, rubies, gold -- it was a part of its skin.

And tonight, I looked over into the corner for one moment and I saw that angel walk into the room -- the same angel!

I saw his face again tonight. He's old, but he looks about 17. That's how young his face is. And he has the body of a man and walks like a man; but at times will begin to move his wings and his entire body will be covered with these wings in the front. You won't see his body; all you'll see is wings. You won't really even see wings; you'll see treasures.

And then when you see his back when he's bent over -- it's just diamonds and rubies and pearls -- right into the back of this angel.

When I saw him walk into the room tonight, the Lord said, "This is the Angel of Finance." Mark my words. When the Angel of Finance comes, unusual financial breakthroughs start taking place around you -- in your business, money cometh -- things begin to break: land sales, houses given, investments come through. Just at his presence, promotion -- financially -- takes place. Jobs change overnight.

I said, "God, why is the angel here tonight?" He said, "Tell Matt that I'm bringing the angel into Matt's ministry." In fact, he's called the Angel of Finance because he's the one who administrates, stewards and handles money for your ministry.

I believe there's an anointing in the room tonight. If there's an anointing for healing, glory, prophecy, why isn't there an anointing for prosperity? The Bible says God gave them power to get wealth. The blessing of the Lord maketh one rich.

I just want to say this as a prophetic word: things in your life -- financial, church and ministry -- are about to change and accelerate because the Angel of Finance is here.

I'm telling you right now -- God is my witness -- when the angel came into the room my eyes changed. I almost started weeping. It was so real. I saw the angel as clear as you can see me walk into the room. I almost walked right over and touched it. That's how real it was. I had to look back three, four times because it was so real. And he wasn't doing anything, he was just there. God said, "This is my Angel of Finance and I trust him with the resource in heaven and he distributes it as ministries have need."

In fact, this angel has authority in heaven to write off ten million dollars to those that God can trust. This angel has that kind of authority to steward and handle money. Lord, release it tonight on Long Island. Kingdom resource, kingdom wealth . . . release it in this room."

by Matt Sorger and Todd Bentley
APRIL 7-9, 2005


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Rivers of Oil
Soaking in the Rain


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