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Steve Porter: "Intimate Prayers from a Love-Struck Bride"

Steve Porter
Oct 16, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

Do you like praying? AND do you like receiving prayer declarations from others that lead you into deep intimacy with God?

This is a very unique word today from Steve Porter, who KNOWS how to spend time with the Lord in heavenly places.

In this word/prayer from Steve, he leads us right into heartfelt prayers...and believe me, after praying through them, you WILL be drawn closer to the Lord than you were before.

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Note: Below are "fervent prayers of the heart". Please pray along with them, even speaking them out loud, pouring out your heart to Him.

The Lifting

Father, lift me up! Lift me above the circumstances that try to hold me down. Lift me above the attempts of the enemy to rob me of my peace and joy. Cancel out any trick he uses to place a wet covering of worry and defeat over my life. Instead, cover me with the warm blanket of Your manifest presence. Lift me up, Lord, above these temporary, contrary winds, and let me ride on the wings of Your glory. Father, may I see things from Your point of view and not from my limited, earthly view. Higher, higher, higher, Lord! Oh, to see what You see, to hear what You hear, to feel what You feel...Hold me close when I do not know what to do or where to go. Most of all, lift me into Your arms where I will find divine rest.


Awaken my passion for only You. Captivate my heart again, Oh God. Let Your waves of love splash over and drench my very being. May Your face be continually before me. When I reach out in Your direction, You quickly embrace me. I'm surrounded by Your presence. I'm speechless when I behold Your beauty. I'm overcome by Your compassion. Oh, precious Lord, You melt my heart with only one gaze from Your eyes. You are altogether lovely. I am Yours and You are mine.

I Press

Dear Lord, I desire to press on toward the mark, to pursue the high calling of knowing You personally. Father, whatever the enemy throws at me to slow down my progress, stop him in his tracks. Halt his plans to sidetrack and detour me. I press in today. I pursue You, no matter what resistance I feel. I refuse to go by my feelings. I run toward Your loving arms, holding back nothing. I pursue You with all my heart, soul and mind. I am in desperate need of You, my Jesus. I must know You. I choose to overcome any obstacle in my path, that I may have the pleasure of Your company. I press in, day by day. I take a hold of Your arm as I lean on You. No turning back, turning back.

Extravagant Love

As the world gets colder, let our hearts get hotter for You, sweet Master. Faint-hearted, lukewarm love for You will never do! We don't want a cold, dead, lifeless, shallow religion; that will make us sick. I want my heart red HOT for You. Your eyes that blaze like fire bring fervent love! I run into Your arms today and lay aside all else, that I may know You! I can feel the burn of extravagant love today. Turn it up, my JESUS!

Pearl of Great Price

Lord, You are the pearl of great price! Oh, how I seek Your face like hidden treasure. How I long for Your courts. Father, I am completely lovestruck. I cannot start my day without stopping to acknowledge Your greatness and Your deep and abiding love. I long to be in Your presence—under Your shadow—every hour of every day, hearing Your desires and moving in harmony with Your Spirit. My heart longs for You like a dry and thirsty land where there is no rain. To me, You are more valuable than rubies and more costly than gold. Let me come and spend some time with You, for that is the only place I long to be, now and always.

Hear My Prayer

I love You and worship You. I adore You and call out to You today. I cry out with all my heart, mind and strength. I call out Your name, Jesus! Jesus, come. I seek Your face and look to You. I come not wanting anything for myself, but just to spend time in Your presence. I make room for You. I invite You into my heart. I invite You into my life. Let me decrease that You may increase within me. Come, my Lord, and spend time with me. Take my heart as I offer it up to You. I just want more of You and to know You in ways I've never known You before.

Draw me into Your presence, Lord, and I will run after You! This is my humble prayer. I just want You! In the matchless name of Jesus, I pray, amen.

We Invite You to Come in and Rest in Our Secret Garden of Prayers

To the One who's altogether lovely, Jesus, we declare to You today that we love You with all our hearts. We thank You, dear Lord, that You are active in our lives, moving and doing that deeper work. Move in the heart of Your beautiful Bride, stirring us, that we may run after You. Bring us into Your inner chambers, dear Father. (Photo via Pixabay)

Lord, we so desire that You draw us. We invite You to come in and rest in our secret garden of prayers. We know that You're here, but we ask that You manifest Yourself even more.

Come and stir us—quicken us. Father, I know that I'm weak without You, so I'm leaning upon You. Draw me, that I may run after You. Take me by the hand into the depths of Your very chambers to discover Your beautiful heart.

The Table

The table is set. The door is open wide. Oh, Lord, I desire to come and dine with feast on Your presence. I see You sitting there at our table, where You are content and happy that I am there with You. You have found the one whom Your soul loves, and I have found my greatest treasure in You.

My Beloved, let us eat and drink of love, for only our sweet communion will satisfy me. From the depths of my heart, I long and yearn for more of You. I sit at Your table with delight in this holy moment. Thank You for inviting me to dine at the Master's table this very night. I will come back many times to visit You here. I pledge to You my very life and love and receive my portion of Your Spirit and holy life.

Spiritual Capacity

Oh, heavenly Father...My Daddy God...enlarge my capacity to receive more of You. I desire more of You, as only You can satisfy the deepest longings of my heart. Enlarge my portion, oh God, that I may receive more from the depths of Your chambers, that I may receive more from the depths of Your very heart. For the things of the world do not satisfy me. The wells of the world are always dry and leave me thirsty for the living water. This world has nothing to offer me. It is only You that I desire.

Enlarge my capacity to receive more from Your deep, deep wells. You have created me for more. Father, why do I try to satisfy that inner thirst with things that can clearly not satisfy? Why don't I place the 'better waters' on my lips? I move beyond the old wells of yesterday and I place my face into the living river of life, and drink this large meal freely, oh Lord, that I may drink more of You.

Draw Me

Draw me into Your heart; pull me into the depths that I may truly know You. Let us run together hand-in-hand that we may approach the very door to Your chambers. It is in this place where the King dwells with His manifest presence and fills the secret place. For within Your chambers is the very holy of holies, and I will therefore take off my shoes and declare that the ground is holy as You are holy. I will lie at Your feet and allow my heart to release the very aroma of my adoration and worship.

Full Bloom

The fragrance of Your presence is sweet and pleasing. Your garden is in full bloom. In Your presence is where I long to be. Lord, bring me into Your very heart. Your ways are kind and Your discipline and truth reveal Your great love. Father, show me the right way, and do not allow me to go off the path. Keep me in the truth and pull me back onto the narrow way, that I may live the deeper life found only in Your presence.

No Other Name

There is no other name like Yours, for Your name is like flowing anointing oil. When I speak the syllables of Your name my heart is moved. When I say Your name, my tears freely fall. I've come to know You as my closest friend, for Your name has power! Even the demons tremble, terrified of the power of Your name. No wonder the true Bride of Christ loves You so much when they say Your name. For Your name has all power and authority, and only Your name can save, heal, restore and deliver. I just say Your name over and over again, and each time I am drawn into Your heart. Sweet Lord, my heart is always awake to hear Your tender reply.

Throw Yourself Into His Arms

I throw myself into Your arms of love, oh Lord, for You are standing there with arms open wide, waiting for me to return home to You. You are, to me, a Great Shepherd who is calling to His lost sheep. You leave the ninety-nine just to go after me. I am not alone. I am not abandoned. I am not rejected. I am Your lost little lamb, confused, heartbroken and afraid. But here You come, moving on the mountain toward me. You soothe me with Your loving affection as You place me on Your shoulders and carry me home. You are my beacon of hope; I am not left to make it on my own. I am Your child and in You I place all my hope. Thank You, oh Father, for carrying me safely home. (Photo via Piqsels)

Eye of the Dove

The doorway of Your very heart is calling me to come higher. I will not wait. I will not offer excuses, nor will I be distracted. My eyes are focused on You for You have given me singular vision—the eye of the dove to only see You. Please reach for my hand and pull me into that secret place as I yield my heart to You. Stop the enemy and his little foxes from spoiling our love. Kiss me with the kisses of Your presence while You unveil my understanding of Your holy Word. Come with a visitation just for me, for I need You and want You and compel You to come. Hidden stairs call me up into the higher realms of Your vast and beautiful heart. No doubts or fears can stop my climb into Your chambers, my King.

New Beginnings

Dear Lord, You are the God of new beginnings. It is You who give us grace to start over and pursue You again with all of our hearts. I want nothing to hinder or stop the Holy Spirit's flow in my life. I yearn for the deep things of the Spirit, allowing the Holy Spirit to move more freely in my life. I leave behind the old man and the old way of doing things, and I pursue righteousness, holiness and purity in my life. May the totality of my being be surrendered over to You. May this place of yielding and dying to self not be short lived but last all the days of my life.

I need You, Lord. I need a Holy-Spirit infusion of power and presence, that I would respect You always and stand in awe of Your holiness. Lord, I am trusting for a new beginning, another outpouring and fresh start today. Thank You, Jesus, that You are mine and I am Yours forever.

The Fullness

Lord, teach me to wait on You. Teach me how to be silent in Your presence. Cause me to listen in the stillness rather than fall into the chaotic and the busy storms of life. Cause me to pray with a believing heart that You will do as You have promised, because You are a rewarder of those who diligently seek You. Out of that 'seeking' will come a sweetness in Your presence that will bring me fullness of joy, as well as fullness of everything that I need, for there is a fire within me that grows.

This fire is fanned by the genuine desire to come away with You in the quiet, oh Lord. May I not burn with activity that will only lead to barrenness, but put out that flame of busyness, that I may learn to wait on You, to behold You, to know You, to do well in Your presence, oh God. Whatever state I am in, I pray that I am content; that my soul becomes quiet; that the whirlwind of thoughts that hold my mind hostage be calmed; that I would cease from all human effort and learn to be quiet; that I would hold before You a believing heart that would relish the time of sacred moments as I seek the Lord.


Oh Lord, I can hear Your footsteps quietly approaching me. I can smell the sweet fragrance of fresh flowers in Your garden. It is the sweet aroma of Your manifest presence. I know You are at the gate, and You are coming my way. Come closer, oh Lord, come closer. Don't hesitate. Please come. I know You've been wounded in the past by those who have bid You come but were no longer there when You walked into that sacred place. I promise I will wait. I will wait on You, for You are worth the wait. I willingly throw away my watch and lay down my phone. I am here waiting, and my heart burns with passionate love for You, the one I adore. Sweet Master, I bid You come.

(These prayers and others are in Steve's Book "Whispers from the Throne Room." 2021 revised and extended edition coming soon.)

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Steve Porter
Refuge Ministries


Steve and his wife Diane founded Refuge Ministries and a presence-driven publishing company, Deeper Life Press. Steve is a regular contributor to many prophetic publications, including the Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, and the Identity Network. His writings have been read worldwide by hundreds of thousands of people. Steve's books, maturity tracts, articles, and videos have touched countless lives around the world. The Porters reside near Rochester, NY.

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October 29-31, 2021
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November 6, 2021 at 10:30 AM
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