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Ella Onakoya: "The Redemption of Time! Plus a Season to Walk on Water"

Ella Onakoya
Jan 27, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

Perhaps more than any time in your life and's TIME to press in – until we touch and are enveloped by the FULL GLORY OF GOD.

No longer should we be satisfied with the glory that is in the outer courts of the former house of God.

Now, we need to press into the greatest glory in the inner court, the Holy of Holies, in the latter house of God!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


Before the new year, and in the new year, the Lord gave me dreams that I believe are relevant for the Body of Christ in this season. As I share the dreams and revelations, I will also share keys on how we are to divinely position ourselves to receive all the Lord has for us.

A Dream of Time Being Restored

There are many faithful sons and daughters of God who have been in seasons of loss, pain and brokenness. There are others who have missed their times of blessings because of wrong decisions. It is on God's heart to release mercy on behalf of those who will allow themselves to be divinely positioned for the restoration of the time they have lost.

In December 2020, I had a dream where I'd been given a Heaven-sent assignment to train and equip Believers at a training center. I had to overcome many hurdles to get to the meeting. When I got to the meeting, I looked at my time and I was about several hours too late. I thought to myself, "Oh no, the meeting has ended. I have missed it."

Suddenly, the hand of the Lord came and moved back time. Supernaturally, several hours were literally wiped out before my eyes so I could be on time. As time was reversed, the students looked relieved that I was on time to teach them. After I woke up from the dream, I discerned that the Lord is redeeming times and seasons. His heart is to restore years that had been stolen by the devourer.

Do you feel that time has passed you by? Do you feel that even though you have pressed into God's best, difficulties have caused you to miss God's timing, or to come out of sync with the timing of Heaven? Trust in Him who creates times and seasons. He dwells in eternity, and your past, present and future are in His hands.

I especially sense that many have entered this new year with a sense of time and opportunities being lost. I encourage you, as you seek the Lord at the beginning of this year, to pray for favor from Him, that 2021 will be a year of your accelerated destiny. As with certain prophetic directives, there are conditional keys that you'll need to step into it. So if you feel you have missed the timing of God's plan for your life through disobedience or apathy, repent and determine to walk in the timing of the Lord as you believe for the restoration of all you have lost. (Photo via Unsplash)

If you feel that your years have been decimated through attacks of the enemy, ask the Lord to reveal to you the source and entry points of the attacks and break their hold from your life.

Recently in my online School of Ministry, I taught about how to redeem our lost blessings through breaking demonic strongholds. One of my students believed the Lord to show her the revelation of the source of the painful setbacks she was going through. The Lord showed her an open door to her setback that took place through a demonic activity released on her from childhood. She took authority and broke the power of that demonic setback, shutting the door against similar future setbacks.

After she did so, miraculously, the setbacks she had suffered for years in specific areas stopped. It felt as if her lost years had been redeemed, and indeed they were! The Lord had given her the gift of a new beginning. Today I pray for you to receive the grace for your new beginning and restored time and destiny for your life.

A Lifestyle of Worship Will Release Divine Visitations

On January 1, 2021, I had a dream where I was at a church service. At the beginning of the service, several Christian musicians came to the pulpit to sing. The songs sounded great but merely seemed to entertain the listeners with the vocal excellence.

Suddenly, a worship leader came out of a room and sat in front of a piano and began to sing. He connected, in his spirit, to a new song that was being released from Heaven as he sang about the Lion of Judah coming to lift us up in His presence.

As he sang this song, the atmosphere of Heaven came into the room and I was immediately enveloped in the most beautiful presence of God. I lost all consciousness of my physical self, but in my spirit I felt myself being speedily lifted up from the earth realm by angelic hands into the heavenlies. I felt the purpose was for me to appear before God for a face to face encounter with Him. I could hear in my spirit the song of the worship leader. The song caused waves of God's presence to surround me as I ascended into the heavenly realms.

However, the worship leader seemed to peak at a certain level of glory and did not press in to an even deeper level. Though his worship was unspeakably glorious, he stopped just short of breaking through the realm of the limitless glory of worship.

I woke up before I saw Jesus face to face. Although I had stopped short of seeing the Lord, I still felt waves of His presence around me all that day. Throughout that day I kept on singing new songs in the Spirit – songs of rising on the wings of God's Spirit till I appear before God in Zion.

Interpretation of the Dream:

I feel this dream has a wider implication for the Body of Christ. The musicians who initially came out to sing were focused on their vocal performances rather than connecting with the heart of God through worship and intimacy. The worship leader who led the church into heavenly worship was coming from a room that represented the secret place. There is a need for the Church to dwell in the secret place in order to receive new sounds from Heaven that release divine encounters. The Lord is raising up a new breed of leaders like Joshua, who stayed in the tent of meeting and never departed (Exodus 33:11). He fulfilled his assignment because he stayed in the tent of meeting which represented God's presence.

The worship leader sang about the Lion of Judah coming to lift us up. The word "Judah" means praise. The interpretation of the worship leader's song is that Jesus will lead a people of praise into a place of encounter and breakthrough. However, although the worship leader led us into the heights of God's divine presence, which stayed with me even after I woke up, we could have gone further into a face to face encounter with Jesus – if he would have broken through even further in his worship.

In this season, therefore, the Lord is encouraging us to be a people of praise who will go deeper into limitless heights of worship, as there are levels of breakthrough and visitation that are conditional on how deeply we worship Him. (Photo via Pexels)

Recently, while in Norway, I was in my room during the mandatory 10 day isolation period for visitors. During that time, the Lord led me into a kairos moment of deep worship that caused new realms of glory to be released around me. As I ministered afterwards in churches in Norway, despite the restrictions of not being allowed to lay hands on people, God's realm of glory around me released many healings to sick people – even without the laying on of hands! A pastor in London also shared about a move of God that took place in Nigeria before I was born that was characterized by limitless worship, not bound by time, as congregations would worship for hours. In this move of God, cripples would walk out of their wheelchairs and many dead were raised!

Will You Walk on Water With Jesus?

In challenging times, Jesus is saying, "Walk on water with Me."

Fairly recently, I woke up from a profound and vivid dream where I remembered a quick glimpse of myself walking on water with Jesus. The encounter was so vivid I could remember the feeling of the water under my feet. After I woke I realized that Jesus is beckoning many to launch into the deep and walk on water with Him. The Lord is calling forth sons and daughters who will walk out their faith in difficult times.

It has certainly been a "walk on water" with Jesus as I've traveled during current restrictions, with rising infection in various places...but the key is to fix our gaze on Jesus and obey His prompting.

Recently, I stood in Oslo Station (in Norway) and, at the direction of the Lord, preached the Gospel on a microphone. Folks gave their lives to Jesus and many gathered to watch and appreciate the Lord. The police came and watched me speak for several minutes but did nothing as they saw how glad people were to receive the message. They drove away. Walking on water with Jesus means walking in radical faith where He commands us.

For some, walking on water with Jesus will mean trusting Him to provide for their families in times of job loss and economic turmoil. His message is loving, clear and profound. Do not fix your gaze on the storms but fix your gaze on Him in loving trust.

There is so much to say about the times we are in – in 2021 and beyond. Beloved, be encouraged to believe for the restoration of your lost years; connect to the Lord in worship like never before as you walk with Jesus on waters when He beckons you!

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Ella Onakoya
Harvest of the Nations


Ella Onakoya is the founder of Harvest of the Nations. She is an evangelist, a prophetic watchman and an author. She preaches a message of revival and awakening in various churches and conferences in the UK, Europe, America, Africa and Asia. She also teaches at equipping schools where she trains and equips the Body of Christ. She often ministers as a prophetic speaker to release God's heart and voice to churches, communities and nations. God releases salvation, miracles, prophetic encouragement and various moves of the Holy Spirit where she ministers. For further information about her ministry please visit

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