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What Prophetic Generals are saying will occur Pentecost 2020

May 26, 2020


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What are God's prophetic Generals saying will occur this Pentecost? They are about to release some of the most earth-shaking prophetic words from the war room of Heaven of what God has shown them in visitations that are in store for God's people greatly surpassing every plan of the enemy! You will be so excited and empowered as you hear what God's plans are for 2020 way beyond what anyone had previously imagined!

We are super excited to have generals of faith joining us for the Pentecost online live experience. Pentecost is one of those super prophetic seasons in which God speaks to His people and releases the fullness of His power and activates your destiny after pressing in for 50 days from Passover. God always shows up BIG and when His glory shows up, especially at Pentecost, huge things happen!

Most people don't realize the hidden blessing during the Feast of Pentecost that God promised to release to those who honor this feast. While most Christians look to the outpouring that occurred in Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit came in power there is much more to the blessing that God promised.

You see Passover is coming out of Egypt while Pentecost, 50 days later
is getting the spirit of Egypt/slavery and poverty out of us.

There are basically 3 major times in the year where the HUGE blessings are released when we celebrate and unlock them.

You see, Pentecost is one of three "Appointed Times" described in Exodus 23 and Leviticus 23 as special seasons when God wants to meet with His people and bless them in extraordinary ways. Along with the Feast of Passover and Feast of Tabernacles, God instructed His children to celebrate Pentecost as a perpetual feast, for all generations (Leviticus 23:40-41)

God promises in Exodus 23 and Leviticus 23 that if you honor the season between Passover culminating in Pentecost these blessings

7 blessings
  1.    An Angel will be assigned to protect and lead you to your miracle
  2.    God will be an enemy to your enemies
  3.    The Lord will prosper you
  4.    God will take sickness away from you
  5.    You will not die before your appointed time
  6.    Increase and an inheritance will be yours
  7.    What the enemy has stolen will be returned to you

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This is the last major feast this year until the fall feasts of Tabernacles. You really want to get in on this open Heaven portal to carry you through the long hot summer with favor and blessings fulfilling your destiny on a new level.

What makes this Pentecost greater than any other apart from Acts 2 is that this is the first Pentecost of this decade of Harvest in 2020. If this Passover was almost identical to the first Passover with a lockdown as the plagues pass, imagine what God has in store this Pentecost as this could rival the last great Acts 2 Pentecost!

As the world comes out of a full shutdown as occurred on the 1st Passover which is supposed to lead to the Promise of the Great Outpouring after coming out of lockdown as the Israeli's did in Egypt into Glory, Sign and Wonders, and great provision coming out. Our Promised Land, land of greater Glory, Great power and miracles is supposed to occur at Pentecost!

Do you need a miracle, clarity of destiny or just want to be filled up to overflowing with the Glory of God?

Well, what if I told you that you can position yourself to receive a Super Charge from God. There are "seasonal portals" where God promises to visit us in an extraordinary way if we just show up to the appointment.

This Pentecost knowns as Shavuot in Hebrew is the first of the decade of Awakening, join us and press in to receive what God has in store for us.

Join us daily 6pm MST/ 9pm EST
10am MST/1pm EST for replays

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Feel free to share this email with your friends and family. We don't want anyone to miss this powerful event.

At the Passover Glory Festival, you can expect to:

Pick up the spirit of Awakening
Experience the Glory on new levels
Discover your New Beginnings
Enter into your new season of destiny and awakening
Pass-over into your own Promised Land
Move into greater access and flow in the Glory of God
Experience healing, miracles, signs and wonders
Hear God more clearly for your life

"When you show up to God's feast you get empowered to move forward into your destiny."

This 4-day event will be a time for impartation of Awakening fire converging on the Southwest region of the United States with miracles, healings, signs and wonders, to awaken and ignite fresh prayer for a national revival and unveil prophetic revelation for the amazing days ahead!

SPEAKERS- Pentecost 2020

David Herzog

Stephanie Herzog

Sid Roth

Chuck Pierce

Lou Engle

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Hank Kunneman

Apostle Maldonado

Rick Ridings

Mario Bramnick

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