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"Bob Jones' Prophecy - More Than an Awakening"

Danny Steyne
Feb 5, 2020

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzThis is a most prolific, now word from Danny Steyne and how we can position ourselves in this Kairos time.

Yes, many of you have heard about the prophecy from Bob Jones regarding Kansas City and the Super Bowl...we are posting several amazing words through God's prophetic voices about this...and here's another from Danny.

There is going to be so much happening that we get to walk into in this new decade and year of 2020! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


On February 25, 2019 I awoke to hear the Lord say, "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you" (Joshua 3:5). He then spoke again and said, "You are no longer going to be stepping into 'Prophetic Bubbles.' This time now is 'Prophetic Resolution.'" It is determined, it is the intent, and it is the resolve of what the Father has spoken. This time is the objective, the plan, the purpose, the design and the aspiration of the Lord!

It's Time!

A year later, here we are after a Super Bowl win by the Kansas City Chiefs, fulfilling a prophetic word by Bob Jones. As many people are already aware, there is a word by Bob Jones circulating on social media which says: "When the Chiefs win the Super Bowl you will know that revival is about to come. God is raising up His apostolic chiefs." I also believe this is a sign of Bob's word that a billion youth are coming in to inaugurate a sweeping revival that will never end.

Where Have You Laid Him?

A few weeks ago, the Lord spoke these words: "Where have you laid Him?" I quickly looked up the passage in John 11:34 (Lazarus' resuscitation) and a very similar one in John 20:15 (Jesus' resurrection). The first references Lazarus and what would amount to his "resuscitation"; the second reflects the resurrection of Jesus. They are remarkably similar but so vastly different. The one would die again in mortal flesh (Lazarus); the second would be raised forevermore in an incorruptible body (Jesus).

The Lord spoke to me that most of us have longed for resuscitation when God wants so much for us. The resuscitation brings back a fleeting glimpse of life, just as every revival, awakening and move of God has done. We cry out simply for the glimpse, and He has given it to us repeatedly. After all, we are simply asleep, as Jesus said, so He comes to wake us. And the Church wakes up and repeats the routines, and we call it Kingdom. But when Jesus was raised from the dead, so much more happened.

The looming question is this: "Where did you lay Him? The One who didn't simply shed blood, but also shed His earth-trapped suit with all its thinking and limitations, awaiting a final day. Where did you lay Him? You know, 'the Body of Christ'...Him?"

The early Church, as 'the Body of Christ' moved and walked and spoke as the risen Lord. We are going to see resurrection life! When we are filled we flow with Him, but until then, we live like Lazarus, in bodies that will constantly need to be revived.

The ultimate resolution of prophecy is what Bob Jones would say was the most important vision God has: "The restoration of all things" (Acts 3:21); the recovery of the intent of the Father; the pulling together of all things separated...the resurrection of what had been dead.

And we are in it. We are in that moment and season and epoch – not only of seeing the release of profound miracles, instant healings and prophetic accuracy, but seeing the Church be what the Father always wanted it to be: One. Undivided. Infused with power and joy and love. A people (singular) in His name, walking His walk. The actual, visible, eternal Body of Christ!

Resolution is fulfillment with no unanswered questions. Jesus is not laying somewhere! His power has not been left to history or memory. His ways are not antique cultural programs attached to edifices that have used His name without His power.

His glory, that reality that actually enhances the beauty of God, is coming and it's here! Get ready to see the Body of Christ. Get ready to see the Church that Jesus built!

Danny Steyne
Mountain Of Worship
Email: Click here

Danny Steyne is about the Mountain...the Mountain of the Lord, recoined by Jesus as the Kingdom of God. He doesn't live for his ministry but for the ministry of Jesus throughout the earth. His purpose is to release this message and the impact of it wherever he goes. Danny has been in ministry as both pastor and father to many. Through forty years of ministry there have been many miracles, healings, and signs and wonders, but his heart's intention is to bring people into an intimacy with Jesus and into passionate and effective love for the lost and the found. He travels throughout the world carrying this message of love, joy, freedom, and hope. He is married to his best friend, Karen, and they lead together in New England as they watch the Mountain of the Lord emerge around them. They are parents to many children, both naturally and spiritually around the world.


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