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Enlighten your brain and live life as God intended

The Elijah List
Sep 12, 2019

Dear Elijah List Reader,

Compassion, forgiveness, love. These are the gifts (and the responsibilities) of a God-centered life.

It isn't always EASY to do the "right thing," particularly when you are pulled in a thousand different directions by the demands, frustrations, disappointments and stress of daily life.

Not to mention the inevitable times of terrible hurt and devastating loss.

But here is something extraordinary that can help. (This is where science meets human nature and you're going to love it!)

Centerpointe Research Institute has recently published a fascinating special report called:

The Hack Your Brain Bible.

This special report is FREE to our friends and we hope you'll take a few minutes to read it right away.

The Hack Your Brain Bible reveals six simple, powerful hacks you can do TODAY to sync your brain with your heart (and your highest self). make massive positive changes in your life and the lives of others.

This cutting-edge brain technology, which joins science with human potential, has been studied and developed for over three decades.

The result? Arguably some of the most powerful tools to enhance your brain for:

Fewer impulsive behaviors
Profound awareness
Greater compassion
More empathy
Less stress

You'll also learn how to:

Experience authentic kindness toward others
Connect with feelings of joy and gratitude
Experience freedom from emotional pain
Learn to forgive those who hurt you
Be more patient and tolerant
Overcome fears about love
Let go of resentments...

...and so much more

Almost like magic, you can now use technology to optimize your brain for super-awareness and illumination beyond what you ever thought possible.

Get your copy of the FREE Hack Your Brain Bible right here!

We're so excited to share this with you!

P.S. Compassion, forgiveness, love.
These are your birthright. Learn how to cultivate these qualities in yourself in the Hack Your Brain Bible.

Starting right here. Right now.

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