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Russ Walden: "God Said Steve Shultz is the Gordon Lindsay of the Prophetic!"

The Elijah List
Jun 28, 2019

Russ Walden: "God Said Steve Shultz
is the Gordon Lindsay
of the Prophetic!"


     This is Russ and Kitty Walden. Have you ever thought about the scope of Elijah List and the ministry of Steve and Derene Shultz? Steve started Elijah List long before social media was a thing, and for all these years, he has been an advocate for the prophetic movement. Without Elijah List the prophetic as we know it would only be an obscure marginalized movement known to just a few. It is no exaggeration that there is not a prophet in the western world that doesn't owe a debt of gratitude for Steve and Derene's successful effort to promote and make known the relevance of this movement around the world.

     Years ago, God showed me that Steve is a modern day Gordon Lindsay. Who is Gordon Lindsay? He was a publisher and editor who encountered William Branham in the 1950's healing revivals. He was so moved by the miracles he witnessed that he dedicated his life to promoting Branham and men like A.A. Allen, Oral Roberts, Jack Coe, and T.L. Osborne. Gordon Lindsay invented the ministry magazine that right down to today is a powerful means of getting the testimony of many men and women of God out to the world. What Gordon did through the printed page, Steve is doing digitally. Don't you find value in that?

     My wife Kitty and I are always in search of good ground to sow into. We have and will continue to sow sacrificially to Elijah List and Elijah Streams. We followed Elijah List for years before entering into ministry, and it was life and breath to us spiritual in immeasurable ways. After our prophetic ministry launched, Elijah List has been a powerful influence in opening doors for Father's Heart Ministry. Has Elijah List blessed you? Then now is the time to give into the anointing that rests on Steve and Derene's life. When you give into the anointing, the same anointing will set the preamble for what happens next in your life. When you give to Elijah List and Elijah Streams, you are giving into the glory that has flowed through this ministry for decades. There will be a reciprocal grace that will come upon you for blessing and breakthrough.

     Act today and give your best gift. How much should you give? Listen to the Holy Spirit, and the first amount that comes to you will be the right one. Don't second guess what the Spirit leads. As you sow bountifully, there will be a release into your life that you have been waiting a long time to see. Are you a prophet? Has Elijah List benefited your ministry? Remember how important it is to give away from yourself. Sit down and give a sacrificial seed. Do it now. Your response time to God is a metric for God's response to you. On the other side of obedience, there is always a reward.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†We bless you today. We speak God's benediction over your life. As you obey the Holy Spirit, you are stepping into a level of favor beyond the norm for your past experience ‚Äď because you gave into the anointing of Steve and Derene in behalf of Elijah List and Elijah Streams.


Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden

P.S. God said Steve Shultz is the Gordon Lindsay of the Prophetic. Will you help me support this valuable ministry? Just hit the link below to donate (or you can send a check to the address below.)

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