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Never Before - Vicky's Special Includes Free USA Shipping

The Elijah List
Jun 28, 2019

"Vicky's Special"
Our 3 Best Selling Books are
ONLY $35.00
with FREE USA Shipping!

Who's Vicky, you ask? Vicky is our amazing Elijah Shopper service rep! She's been with us a total of about 7 years... she originally started with us in 2005, and was an unfortunate casualty of some staff cuts in 2008.

But, in the summer of 2015, Vicky received a prophetic word that said "You will get a job that you will love", and less than a week later, I called her to tell her we had a job opening, and she has been back here at The Elijah List ever since then, taking care of every customer that calls her!

Vicky's a single mom, with 2 married daughters and 3 super-cute grandkids. She's always smiling and cheerful... we love having her around here every day! Here's a photo of her, so you can put a face to the voice if you ever call our Elijah Shopper order desk.

So... back to the special offer. Vicky came to me recently and said, "We should offer our customers a special with our 3 best-selling books". So that's exactly what we are doing!

For the entire month of June (which also happens to be Vicky's birthday month), you'll get the 3 paperback books below for only $35 (regular price separately is $39.97), PLUS Free Shipping to all USA addresses (regular shipping applies to all addresses outside the USA). Just click the "Buy This Special" link below to take advantage of "Vicky's Special".

You can even order by phone... and you'll get to speak with Vicky directly. Our order number is (866) 354-5245 (toll free USA), or (541) 926-3250 from anywhere else in our world. Vicky is at her desk from 8:00am to 4:00pm, US Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. You may also email her at

Be Blessed,

Dennis Wilhelm
Director of Operations
The Elijah List

Transported by the Lion of Judah
— by Anne Elmer

This book will cause most who read it to be motivated, some for the first time, to understand God's heart for His Church from HIS PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE.

The Apostle Paul was caught-up and shown things so spectacular, he wasn't even allowed to tell some of them. Phillip was transported in the Spirit from the baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch to another city. John the Revelator was told to "come up here," so that God could show him things to come.

And still today, hundreds, if not thousands, of God's people are continuing to have "caught up" experiences where God shows them marvelous revelation for the Church. Anne Elmer never saw it coming. But before she knew it, the Lord was transporting her all over the earth, in multiple experiences, to see God's people from many different groups, and in many countries, but no longer from her perspective.

Buy This Special

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Veil: An Invitation to
the Unseen Realm
by Blake K. Healy

"I have seen angels, demons, and other spiritual things for as long as I can remember. I see them with my eyes, not so differently from how I would see you if you were standing in front of me. For a long time I didn't know or understand that what I had was a gift. It was as often a source of peace and wonder as it was a source of fear and confusion. Even after I learned that the things I saw were the result of a God-given gift, I still struggled with how to use the things He showed me. I would see angels during every worship service I attended, but what was I supposed to do to partner with what they were doing? I would see demons perpetuating addiction and bitterness in people around me, but did seeing it mean that I was supposed to do something about it?

This is the story of how I learned to use the gift I was born with, how I learned to overcome the fear of the bad things I saw, how I learned to push past the confusion of seeing things I did not understand, and how I discovered that every single thing that I saw pointed back to the absolute and perfect love that God has for His children."

—Blake K. Healy

Buy This Special

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Parables in the Night Seasons:
Understanding Your Dreams
by Joy Parrott

   A fresh insight to the area of dreams and interpretations is presented in this book. One of the ways God has been speaking to His people is in the overlooked area of dreams. God has always talked to His people in parables, and that is what dreams are...parables played out in the night season as we sleep.

You will learn how you can know if your dreams are from God and some techniques to help you understand the interpretation of your dreams.

Buy This Special

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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