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URGENT - He held a Dangerous Meat Cleaver Knife Only INCHES from my Heart!

Steve Shultz
May 3, 2019

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Steve Shultz:
URGENT - He held a Dangerous Meat Cleaver Knife Only INCHES from my Heart!

     You may think I'm either making this up or I'm exaggerating this story.

     Every word is true!!

     But first — at only 21 years old, I had NO IDEA that God would call me into this most important prophetic ministry. At the time, I didn't even know God speaks today! That makes this story all the more fascinating, because GOD KNEW!

     Now, let me assure you that according to Psalm 139, EVERY WORD of this story, this crisis event, was pre-written in HIS BOOK! EVERY WORD!

     And beyond that, God knew... He KNEW I was destined in 23 years — to begin Elijah List Ministries.

But I didn't know that. Call me CLUELESS!

     I was in college and because I had to pay some of my way, I worked almost full time at a drive-thru dairy. Milk, by the half gallon, was only 65 cents then! It was 1974. (As of today, it's right at $4.00. WOW!)

     I worked the late night shift. Cars came through at a steady pace and mostly, the order was, "Two half gallons of milk please."

     Every night was the same as the last. No problems. No fear. No worries. Even boring...

     Until —

     Two suspicious young men walked up (normally it's a drive-thru only). They looked nervous to say the least. They picked out some candy close to the register. One of my "simple" transactions.

     Suddenly, they both pulled out huge knives and thrust them inches from my chest. One was at least eight inches long. The other was a classic meat cleaver!

     To say this was surreal would be a great understatement. One of them yelled at me...


     He yelled it two or three more times. With the tip of my finger, I reached as far as I could so I would be at a distance from the drawer. I punched the button "cash tendered" which caused the drawer to open. Then as I backed up, he emptied the drawer. The problem was, there was a drive-thru on the other side as well, and as I backed up, I was moving closer to it. Maybe this sounds silly, but I had to get out of there. So, I started backing up into the parking lot.

     "OPEN THIS ONE TOO!" he shouted again.

     I opened the second drawer for him, and then I kept backing up until I was about 30 yards AWAY out into the asphalt (remember this is an outdoor drive-thru). I wasn't going to get anywhere near those knives!

     After emptying the second drawer, they both ran off into the darkness.

     Little did I notice that a small car came through and saw the whole thing. The guy in this car then followed them. I mean, he followed them to the very house they entered, less than a mile away! Crazy, right?

     Soon the police came and loaded me up into their car. We proceeded to the very house that the guy in his car had seen them enter. I was STUNNED!

     Shining their bright light against the garage, there stood the two men, now in handcuffs!

     "Are these the men who robbed you?" the policeman asked me.

     "Yes they are!" I told them.

     Only a few weeks later, I was in court for the preliminary hearing. I was put on the stand, the one and only time I'd ever experienced sitting in that "box."

     In filed a whole group of prisoners, all dressed in prison-orange.

     The defense attorney tried to make me look like a fool, like an idiot who didn't have a clue.

     Wait, I'm the good guy! Why is this attorney treating ME like a criminal?

     "How could you know who robbed you?" he demanded. "It was dark and you backed way up! There is no way you can identify them! There are 12 men in orange sitting just to your right. Point out the two men who robbed you!"

Here's where it got fascinating, EVEN TO ME...


     This was a boldness I can only compare to a "from Heaven, over-the-top, UNPRECEDENTED, SHOCKING boldness which caused me to be so certain, so absolute, it STARTLED ME. I would tell you that this is the first time ever that I felt the Holy Spirit's anointing.

     "The FRONT ROW about three feet from me, third from the right. That's HIM. And the back row, second from the left, THAT IS THE OTHER ONE."

     I found an unreal ANGER, I had never experienced before, all over me!"

     The defense attorney had no words. He didn't see it coming. Attorneys are supposed to only ask witnesses questions they already know the answer to... OOPS! It was as if he gulped, swallowed and said to himself, "Oh darn it!" (Except he would have used harsher words.)

     The bottom line? After I was dismissed from the stand — my own attorney came to me privately and said, "Those two guys just plead guilty! That's at LEAST five years in prison for them."

     I was dumfounded. Never before had I experienced this. I was undone. Two men were heading to prison because I identified them!

     God had spoken through my mouth and I KNEW IT. From that day to this one, I knew without so much as a question that God was with me. Not only that, He assured me He would never, EVER leave me! God had things for me to do and He was not going to allow so much as a false accusation to even come near me. I will never, NEVER, EVER forget that feeling. I was on God's side and HE was on mine!

     It was simply amazing to experience, and NOW I KNOW WHY! People needed to hear many encouraging words through this ministry and though it was years away from happening, God was without "second thoughts." He had chosen me. The Bible says, "MANY ARE CALLED, BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN." That day, I FELT CHOSEN!

     God HE NEEDS...His people encouraged with prophetic revelation.

     So why am I telling you this amazing story? It's because I'm asking YOU TODAY to URGENTLY help me encourage the MILLIONS, not only the thousands. And this costs money. Will you help Derene and me today?

     April giving was way down. (Probably because of taxes!)

     Derene and I are asking you if you will stop, for only a few moments, and ask God if HE would show you and tell you the amount that you can donate, financially, to help us keep this going. EVERY PENNY goes into the ministry. Some of you can give only $5.00. Others can give $5,000 or even more. Please ask God what you should give TO ENCOURAGE GOD'S PEOPLE.

     Will you please help us TODAY, even RIGHT NOW?

People are waiting to hear what
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Thank you in advance from both Derene and me.

We love you and we say, "Thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN!"


Steve and Derene Shultz
528 Ellsworth St SW Albany, OR 97321

PS. DID I SAY THANK YOU? I thank you again and again at this most urgent time! This is the link again.

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