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This Reduces Med Prices by 90%

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May 2, 2019


I’m Clint Winters, natural health expert, patent holder and TV commentator.
I have great news for you! Elijah List has personally asked me to break this incredible news to you and your family before anyone else.
A growing American company may hold the answer to affordable and safe pain relief.
Please keep in mind, this is email is ONLY for those suffering on a daily basis.
World renowned Scripps research has made a single discovery that will give you safe and powerful pain relief at a mere fraction of the cost of dangerous pain meds.
Their research into this incredible solution dates all the way back to 2011.

It all started as they investigated a rare flower that has been used for relief for hundreds of years overseas.
It turns out this flower held a powerful “relief” secret.
Their top researchers confirmed that it contained a naturally occurring alkaloid which has now tested as powerful as morphine, without a single side effect.
“Our pharmacological studies confirmed that while it's not an opiate, it's nearly as potent as morphine," Dr. Micalizio, Department of Chemistry, Scripps Research.
Plus, the natural extraction makes it 90% less costly than popular pain meds.
This is truly a non-toxic, drug free solution that is now changing the way aging patients deal with chronic pain.

Now, before you read another world, please understand this statement.

You have never seen or read about what you are learning today. This is not another email about CBD, this is much stronger and MUCH more effective.

No, this is not a run of the mill natural ingredient you will find repackaged and sold in health stores.
There is only one lab in the world that has the ability to mass extract this incredible compound, using a patented extraction method.

Here is exactly what it does…
It is taken sublingually which allows it to enter your bloodstream in 15 minutes or less.
Once it enters your body it naturally and gently eases your receptors until you feel relief like you have not felt in years.

It works every single time, without the risk of addiction.

Again, you are learning about this before anyone else in the world.

This “relief secret” is only known by very few around the world but it is finally being released across the United States.

But, Why is it controversial?

The non-prescription breakthrough will cost Big Pharm billions and they want it shut down immediately.
They even politically influenced corrupt members of the DEA to issue a “fake ban” due to its “opiate-like” relief effects on the human body.

This ban was ultimately terminated after just thirty days.

Here is why they are scared – this natural solution is every bit as powerful as prescription pain meds at a fraction of the cost.

View the incredible clinical facts.

So, please take a moment and imagine…

Imagine, waking up and finally spending a full day out of pain, feeling younger and more energetic than you have in years.

Imagine feeling good enough to get outdoors and experience the world as you did years ago, possibly even decades ago.

When you are out of pain, you can finally live again.

This natural alkaloid is allowing patients to exist with zero discomfort, no matter their current age.

Plus they are saving their hard earned retirement money.

Please take five minutes and understand how this amazing substance can change your life forever.

You will love the science and you will love the testimonials that keep pouring in.

Best of all, this incredible substance will cost you less daily than a cup of Starbucks coffee.

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Clint Winters

P.S This is the most clinically backed natural solution of our time.
Read the impressive US based research here.

Remember, this alkaloid is only extracted and manufactured by one lab in the world and it is located right here in the United States, employing American workers.
This is truly American innovation at its finest.
But remember, corrupt politicians and Big Pharma keep fighting to turn this into a prescription-based compound in order to profit.

Get this important information before it is gone.
Today, right now, there is nothing in the world that matches its ability to soothe the body and you need to understand how it works.

Learn how to get total relief within minutes.

90 day money back guarantee.
For a list of ingredients for this product, click here.

**Note: You will not be ordering this item from The Elijah List. Your order will be processed on the Futritious site. Please contact them directly with any order inquiries or questions about this product.

For customer service:


1 (888) 964-5327


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