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Brand-new book by Curt Landry - Powerful

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May 1, 2019

It is time to know who you are,
and it's absolutely time to know
what you are called to do.

In a powerful new revelation by Curt Landry, discover how you can reclaim the inheritance that has been robbed from you.

Shalom, Elijah List Readers,

Have you ever had a dream crushed by doubt? Believers are not immune to struggling with doubt. The spirit of doubt can cause you to question who you are and what you have been called to do. Doubt kills your dreams.

The key to a life of power and purpose is understanding who you truly are—that is who the Lord says you are—and aligning yourself with the proclamations and promises that are within the covenant relationship.

Through my discovery, I never imagined that God could use ancient Scriptures to speak to modern people—me and my family—in a way that gave such specific instruction... Biblical principles and instruction that led to greater peace, deeper faith, and the gift of multiplication. This led to a life of understanding my true purpose and identity.
I know you will discover how your spiritual roots in Judaism can empower YOU to walk in the revelation of who you were born to be, too. This discovery is about reclaiming what is been imparted to you, but first you must understand how it's been stolen.

It is time that Believers grasp the power that is theirs. The power that comes from connecting with their true identity. The Lord is revealing the mysteries of the Church, as well as your place within the Body of Christ that will further His Kingdom and guide you to your purpose.

I don't claim to know it all but let me tell you this... through this journey and discovery of the Jewish roots of my faith I went from understanding I was born-again to walking in the fullness of my salvation.

For Christie and I, our lives have been transformed as we walk in greater understanding and revelation of the Father's heart toward us.

And our children too—I don't see Paul and Megann facing the same generational battles we faced. There is a difference in our lives, as well as theirs, because we were able to reclaim what was once stolen from us.
As the Church, we are to be One New Man, created from both Jewish and Gentile followers of Jesus. This isn't just my journey—it is our journey.

It's our heritage.

It's our discovery to reconnect with our roots that equip us to walk in power and authority on earth and live out our purpose.

The Lord wants to unveil the mysteries of your true heritage, so you can...

Grow in knowledge and revelation of your covenant relationship with your Father
Identify lies from the enemy that have robbed you of your blessing and heritage
Align with your identity in Christ
Experience true shalom as you begin to understand your purpose

Discover Biblical principles that guide you to a place of expecting abundance, not accepting lack

I invite you to start your journey of restoration today. The steps you take today will release an increase of blessings for tomorrow, as well as leave a spiritual legacy to those who come after you.

The Father bids you home. It's time to respond to His invitation...

Discover the spiritual roots of your faith today!
Get Your Copy of this Book to understanding the
Jewish roots and how your blessings are blocked!

Curt Landry
Founder, Curt Landry Ministries


Curt Landry is the founder and CEO of Curt Landry Ministries, an apostle and founder of House of David Ministries: One New Man Embassy, and the acting CEO of My Olive Tree. Curt and Christie Landry travel extensively, operating in the gifts of healing, signs and wonders, and teaching about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and the One New Man. Curt is also active in raising support for Israel throughout the Evangelical community as he desires to be a bridge of unity and restoration between Israel and the Church. His latest book, Reclaiming Our Forgotten Heritage, is a bestseller and has been translated and sold in languages across the globe.
"Curt Landry's [revelation] serves as a timely and groundbreaking take on the roots of the Christian Church and its place in the entirety of God's Kingdom. As Landry uncovers and unwraps the discovery of his own Jewish heritage and history, he also seeks to do the same for the Body of Christ."

Perry Stone
Founder, Voice of Evangelism
International School of the Word
"Reveals sacred secrets hidden in the Scriptures to be discovered only to those who are hungry to know God and His mysterious ways. This book contains thought-provoking concepts that will excite you, challenge you, convict you, and call you higher."

Dr. Patricia King
Founder of Patricia King Ministries
"All of us who gain a sense of security and peace in our lives go through the process of finding an identity that leads us to purpose... Curt Landry unveils for us secrets to this process and the power that results from it..."

Robert Henderson
President of Global Reformers
"I don't know of a modern book that better displays One New Man. This book will be used by the Spirit of God to tear down the wall between Jew and Gentile. This is a must read!"

Dr. Chuck Pierce
President of Global Spheres and Glory of Zion International Ministries
"Is it possible to take the New Testament and denude the Jewish culture and get a full revelation? Of course not. But many Christians go their whole lives without all the pieces of the puzzle. My friend Curt Landry shows how the identity theft took place and fills in the missing pieces. Fall in love with Jesus all over again."

Sid Roth
Host, It's Supernatural!

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