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Body Repair Method That Tried To Be Blocked For Years

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Apr 16, 2019

LOS ANGELES -- 2018's most talked-about innovation came when Dr. Rand McClain, the Los Angeles based "Doctor to the Stars," released his new technique for what some are calling the "Body Restore formula."

And the reason everyone's talking about it is because his method is based on technology that was actually partially banned by a U.S. Establishment in 2001. However, Dr. McClain and his partners have found a way that allows them to go and take their discovery straight to the American people.

Dr. McClain wowed industry colleagues with his method, which he revealed he's already offering to his celebrity and pro-athlete clients with incredible results.

In the video presentation which may be taken down as early as this week he details how some very big name athletes are achieving increased strength, healthier bodies, and even more energy.

But what's really turning heads is that the method involves one simple thing: A drink.

McClain feels the technique works best for people over 40, particularly those who may be experiencing excessive fatigue, weaker bodies, and even "foggy" thinking.

And when Dr. McClain dropped the final bombshell — video footage of the results he experienced after using the method on himself — it became clear that the discovery is nothing short of groundbreaking, of course your individual results will vary, as with any new method.

While surgery is the benchmark and Dr. McClain charges $20,000 and up, he feels he can offer Americans a new method which provides outstanding results right in their own home.

But the latest development in this story came when the video version of the presentation was made available to the public online.

As of this writing, the video has over 3 Million views and is quickly becoming a social media phenomenon.

This is the video that many might not want people to see, But if the link is working, that means the video is still viewable...for now.

Watch the shocking presentation:

Watch The Video>>

Dr. McClain calls out both the medical industry and certain agencies. One viewer commented: "Why did I not know this before? Rand is telling it like it is...we need more doctors like this!"

See their presentation here >>

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