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He Completely Changed My Life!

Steve Shultz
Apr 16, 2019

He Completely
Changed My Life!

It's TRUE! He completely changed my life. Little did I know my agent would SHOCK and STARTLE me with what I would call the PERFECT property. But now...I need your personal help to make it all come true!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Dear Elijah List Ministry Partner!

    Derene and I are excited to come to you today to give you "inside information" that has not been public, until this email to you.

    Some of you are new to us while others of you have followed us for the full 22 years of the ministry. Now, finally, FINALLY the Lord has presented us with this much needed building.

    Now by "us," what I mean isour staff but beyond that, I MEAN THE LORD HAS PRESENTED TO US and OUR PARTNERS, INCLUDING YOUwith this building.

    The offices we are in are no longer large enough and our lease runs out this coming December. So we are truly working to beat the clock and to have our building in place by the time December rolls in.

If ever we needed your help, if ever there was a day for you – THIS IS THAT DAY!

        The seller has accepted our offer to buy the building, and it was several hundred thousand dollars less than he was originally asking for the building.

    This building, (we are SO EXCITED ABOUT IT) has 14 nicely done offices (the building is only one year old) plus it not only has a huge room big enough for our TV STUDIO to be moved into but beyond that, the entire warehouse that is attached (and part of the sale) is included. A massive studio can also be built inside the warehouse.

One of the new offices
New warehouse

    Our television ministry is really growing but this is not happening in a vacuum. It's happening because YOU have been so helpful in supporting us.

    For this reason, Derene and I are PERSONALLY coming to you today with an urgent request to truly help us get this building. We need every single possible gift and monthly giving is hugely crucial to us. Can you donate a given amount monthly???

    Below, Derene and I have included photos of both our current studio plus photos where the new studio will go. It will be in the largest room below that you see, but it may eventually even be built out in the warehouse. Since we are buying this building with your help, we have the ability of growing the studio as we also grow.

Current Elijah Streams TV Studio
New Elijah Streams TV Studio

    Our amazing special guests have included many well-known prophetic voices. Here are just a few of them:

    Adam Thompson, Kathie Walters, Jake Hamilton, Lance Wallnau, James Goll, Bill Johnson, Marilyn Hickey, Dutch Sheets, Katie Souza, Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow, Demonate Edmonds, Charlie Shamp, Jesse and Amy Shamp, Jennifer Eivaz, Dale and LuAnne Mast, Abby and Justin Stumvoll, Chad Taylor, Ben Lim, Miranda and Jerame Nelson and many MANY MORE!

    Will you do Derene and me a personal favor and stop what you are doing and write your best check?

    Some of you can only give $5. That's ok. Please give SOMETHING. Others can give $25,000 and some of you much much more!! Please give based on your ability to do so and please know that as you donate to this building, you are "receiving a prophet in the name of the prophet" which is another way of saying, "You are receiving and honoring our prophets when you support this building and God sees every donation and blesses you for it!!"

    And trust me, God blesses you – and mebig time when we intentionally support prophets. It's a big deal to Him. That is the reason He promises you a prophet's reward for receiving a prophet!

    We are giving you both a link to donate by credit card (Monthly donations are super important, so Derene and I thank you in advance.) We are also giving you our mailing address, as some, especially those who have a larger donation in mind, often like to mail the checks.

    Finally, and this is beyond important... if you are part of a foundation who donates to causes like this or you know someone who runs such a foundation, would you quickly email us at: and tell us how we need to apply for a grant?

    Ok having said all that, Happy Spring of 2019. You have only just begun to experience the love and blessings coming to you from the Throne of God. You and us are only just beginning to experience the love and grace of God in this season.

Click here to donate by Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, or e-Check

is a 501c-3 organization
To donate by Check (US Dollar Only), make your check payable to:

Or Call:
(541) 967-3665

All our love to all our supporters, especially you today!

Steve and Derene Shultz

528 Ellsworth St SW Albany, OR 97321

PS. All gifts are tax deductible. Will you stop and remember the Lord today in your giving?

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