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Here's PROOF God is Not Finished with You!

Steve Shultz
Mar 15, 2019

Steve Shultz:
Fact- Here is why
YOU are Still ALIVE!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    The short story you are about to read may well amaze you but you might also think I'm writing about me or us...

    Nothing could be further from the truth...

    This story IS ABOUT YOU!! It's about your personal life and journey, as God watches over you.

    I promise!!

    So, here's an interesting and very true story. At the age of six, in Lancaster, California, my school bus was broadsided by a large car.

    We attended a small church school so the bus was small. It was a painted-yellow VW van. To this day, I can still "hear" that horrible crash sound as we were hit broadside from the right.

    The lady who hit us was a policeman's wife with a large car. She had run a red light and plowed "dead on" into our right side. The bus flipped over violently twice and landed upside down – but it kept moving.

    As the bus was skidding to a stop on its roof, the back emergency door flew open and I could see a gas station attendant running toward us. Later he said it looked like kids were bouncing around "like popcorn" inside as the bus flipped over several times.

    I remember distinctly thinking to myself as we were skidding, "This must be what it feels like to die!" I'll never forget those thoughts. I just "knew" I would be dead by the time the accident was over.

But I didn't know about our loving God YET!

    When it stopped skidding, the bus seats were on top of all of us, and I was able to crawl out. Wow, It hurt a lot on my back but now hear this...later that SAME DAY, after an ambulance ride to the hospital with my two other siblings, I was back in school.

    Crazy as it seems, I didn't even get the day off.

    The bus driver, having been thrown from the van was in the hospital for weeks. But most of us went right back to school.

    This clearly shows you how carefully God was watching over me and His angels were protecting me.

    Now get this...

    The very NEXT year, on the EAST COAST, Derene, my wife, now also six years old was in the car in Virginia and her parents (pastors) suddenly had a head-on collision. Both parents were killed and Derene's two brothers were hurt. One of them still has a huge plate in his head.

    Yet Derene, just like me – was unscathed. Not even a scratch. Talk about protection from God for both Derene and me.

    Just 15 years later, Derene and I met and yes, only 10 weeks later, we were married. That's been 41 years ago now.

    But remember, I said this was about YOU and it is!

    God did not choose to protect Derene and me and refuse to protect you.

    NOT AT ALL!!

YOU are here because your Kingdom
work on earth is unfinished.

    Remember that Jesus said the devil came specifically to "kill, steal, and destroy!" – He has tried to KILL YOU MANY TIMES!

    There is not one person reading this who the devil has not repeatedly tried to kill! Yourself included!

    But you're still here because God has both work and relationship to develop with you.

    It's time you embraced what God has done to protect your life. It's time to thank Him and praise Him for that very fact, don't you think?

    I felt led to share this story with you today because God suddenly put it in my heart to do so. And now while I have you here, we are embarking on the next level of ministry that God has called Derene and me to.

We've learned over the years WHY God protected us...
what HE had for us to do.

    The television ministry, ELIJAH STREAMS is now on GOD TV and also the FaithUSA channel as well as our website.

    We KNOW God has called us to do this. He protected our lives so we could. But today we're asking for your help to carry out this vision.

    Millions upon millions will be watching our prophetic shows as we grow and now we're looking at buildings to move our new studio into.

    God always, ALWAYS grows things and HE is growing this television ministry so that people can hear HIS prophetic words around the earth.

    Will you partner with us today? Can you stop for a moment, and sit down and either click here, or write a check to partner with this next phase?

    Right now, it makes the most sense to donate AS A THANK OFFERING to the Lord for your very life! See if God puts that on your heart to do that.

    Derene and I have no end of gratitude for your help. And we want the masses on TV to know this amazing love of God. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help!!

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With the Love of Christ in our Hearts,

Steve and Derene Shultz
528 Ellsworth St SW Albany, OR 97321

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