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What is Happening in the Spiritual Realm?

The Elijah List
Feb 4, 2019

How to Sense, Discern, and Battle in the Spiritual Realm

For many Believers, operating in the gifts of the Spirit has become a normal way of life. But there is one often-overlooked, often-misunderstood gift crucial to the well-being of the Church: the gift of discerning spirits. This is the powerful ability of supernatural perception—to hear and see into the spiritual realm. Yet many people who have it wonder if they are crazy.

Jennifer Eivaz, a trusted prophetic voice, has been there, and she offers hope, healing and practical help. Pulling back the veil, she:

    •  Lays a Biblical foundation for how this gift works
    •  Helps you discern what you are seeing and hearing
    •  Reveals what is happening in the spiritual realm
    •  Provides insight into the demonic, the angelic, and spiritual
    •  And more...

The enemy is on the move. More than ever, the Church needs people who operate in this powerful gift to expose hidden threats and help lead Believers to victory

Hear and See into the Spiritual Realm

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Seeing the Supernatrual:
How to Sense, Discern and Battle in the
Spiritual Realm

Paperback Book



* * * * * * * * * * * * *


"The most easy-to-understand-and-apply book available on the gift of discernment!"
—Steve Shultz, founder, The Elijah List

"This book will bring you great strength, insight and much encouragement."
—Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA; author, God is Good and The Essential Guide to Healing

"Jennifer Eivaz dispels the mystery surrounding this gift and releases powerful and practical wisdom that will benefit individuals hungry to hear from God and see His Kingdom established in the earth."
—Jane Hamon, author, Dreams and Visions

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

About the Author:

Jennifer Eivaz graduated from Oral Roberts University in 1995 and spent the next several years working in management positions overseeing marketing and public relations for various organizations. She presently serves as an associate minister with Harvest Christian Center in Turlock, CA and is focused on raising up a vibrant and effective prayer community that is tempered with love and hears the voice of God accurately.

She is married to HCC's Senior Pastor, Ron Eivaz, and they have two children. Jennifer loves the move of the Holy Spirit and is a prophetic voice to her church and to others. Her teaching style is authentic and aimed at the heart, having been built on her personal testimony of God's incredible goodness and miraculous display in her life and in the life of her church.

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