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Will The Great Harvest- Awakening start in 2019?

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Jan 10, 2019


Passover Glory Festival
April 18 Ė 21, 2019


America is on the verge of a HUGE great Awakening and Harvest! A new outpouring of God's Spirit and Glory always precedes a new Awakening and Harvest. Passover is one of those seasonal portals that is the most ripe for God to pour out a new outpouring of the rains of God for the harvest in our own lives and nation. During this seasonal portal a HUGE impartation and visitation gets released. Passover is the timing in which God speaks to His people so clearly and when His 'greater glory' shows up in amazing ways. It's a season where a huge SHIFT takes place in your life for the season ahead. It is a time when Believers, who honor these days and set aside time to be with God, position themselves to receive great promotions, acceleration, and new open doors as well as heavenly visitations which open them to huge favor and blessings.

We call these times "seasonal portals," where God promises to visit us in an extraordinary way if we just show up to the appointment.

This Passover in 2019, we donít want you to miss that appointment! We are on the cusp of the greatest move of God in human history! You need the rain of Passover before the coming Harvest!

So, we are creating an environment where you can come and be with God in a powerful glory-filled atmosphere during Passover week. We, David Herzog Ministries will be hosting the Passover Glory Festival in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona on April 18-21, 2019. And, we want you to be there as this is your time to shine!

It is important to realize that during these "Kairos" (opportune moment, appointed day, due season) times, HUGE things occur in the heavenly realms and situations are shifted into proper alignment and position. So, it is important that we get in sync on Earth with what is happening in Heaven in order to receive the downloads of new glory impartations and revelation God is wanting to pour out on us during these special times of year.

"Knowing what God is about to do and positioning yourself for it is the key to riding the wave of God's move on the earth with great blessing and favor."

Make plans now to be with us at the Passover Glory Festival in April, and position yourself to enter into this season as one aligned correctly for awakening in your life, in your calling, and in America and the nations!

Come immerse yourself in the glory with these dynamic and anointed speakers!

Daniel Kolenda is a missionary evangelist who has led more than 21-million people to Christ face-to face through massive open-air evangelistic campaigns in some of the most dangerous, difficult and remote locations on earth. He is an author, husband, father of 5 children and, as the successor to Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, he is the President of Christ for all Nations.

Joshua Mills will be joining us! He operates with miraculous signs and wonders that testify of Jesus Christ. Traveling to more than sixty nations around the world, he has been creating a realm of glory wherever he goes, with a clear message that "praise changes the atmosphere."

Rabii Jason Sobel was raised in a Jewish home in New Jersey and dedicated much of his life to finding truth. After years of seeking and studying, he encountered the Lord and found his true destiny as a Jewish follower of Jesus (Yeshua). Suddenly, all the traditions Rabbi Jason grew up with took on new depth and meaning as God connected ancient wisdom with the teachings of the Messiah. Rabbi Jason received his Rabbinic ordination from the UMJC (Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations) in 2005 and has a Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies and a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies. He is also the co-author of New York Times bestseller The Rock, The Road, and The Rabbi, which he wrote with Kathie Lee Gifford.

Dr. David Herzog has seen a major increase in the glory, power, and prophetic mantle on his life. The spirit of Awakening has infused him with a fresh mantle to see entire cities open up to the Gospel around the world with salvations, miracles and signs following in stadiums, civic centers, conferences and revivals. He often prophesies and ministers into governments, Presidents and Prime Ministers, mayors as well as those in the Hollywood/Entertainment industry and is a best-selling author.
Stephanie Herzog flows in a powerful prophetic seer gift as well as life transforming revelatory teaching in conferences, stadiums and revivals. She also flows in a powerful healing/miracle and deliverance gift as she herself was healed of Leukemia at a young age. Stephanie is also an author of her latest book, "God is your Matchmaker."

Worship with Jake Hamilton who is able to break through barriers, bring freedom, and carry you into the Heavens with his powerfully anointed worship music.

At the Passover Glory Festival, you can expect to:

Pick up the spirit of revival
Experience the Glory on new levels
Discover your New Beginnings
Enter into your new season of destiny and awakening
Pass-over into your own promised land
Move into greater access and flow in the Glory of God
Experience healing, miracles, signs and wonders
Hear God more clearly for your life

"When you show up to God's feast you get empowered to move forward into your destiny."
This 4-day event will be a time of revival fire impartation converging on the Southwest region of the United States with miracles, healings, signs and wonders, to awaken and ignite fresh prayer for a national revival and unveil prophetic revelation for the amazing days ahead!

IMPORTANT: Our February bootcamp is almost sold out, register today at


TEMPE, AZ 85282

PHONE#: (800) 528-6481


April 18 - 21, 2019


April 18 - 21, 2019

Thursday: 7pm
Friday: 10am, 2pm & 7pm
Saturday: 10am, 2pm & 7pm
Sunday: 2pm & 7pm
*9 Sessions

$30.00 - Registration Rate
($10 per session Walk-In)

Please register each person separately.
Registration is Non-Refundable.

Contact: 1-888-384-5679 for more information

PLEASE NOTE: Childcare is not available

For More Information:




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