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Bill Lackie: "Prophetic Keys to Open Doors and Declare the Kingdom into Place"

Bill Lackie
Jan 4, 2019

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This latest article by Bill Lackie is full of prophetic revelation for the new year and beyond.

Bill Lackie serves also at (CI) Christian International in Florida, which is Bishop Bill Hamon's church.

We love CI and all that they they have great prophetic influence across the nations of the earth.

You will read about prophetic words for the US, your own personal circumstances, and also for the nations.

This is a bit longer than usual, so I will let you get right to it. I encourage you to read this a couple of times to take it all in and share it with everyone you know, as there are excellent prophetic keys which Bill Lackie gives to the Church Body to grab hold of. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Prophetic revelation is the essence of this word of the Lord. I have also added interpretation and demonstration in my list of subjects that I believe are on God's heart for the year 2019. You can use these keys to pray and establish your path. You can also use these keys to align more accurately with what is on God's heart which will bring Kingdom favor. Scripture is clear that there is a time and season for all that God does. Divine alignment with God's timetable releases power, generational impact and multiplied grace through God's agreement with what you are doing.

Various areas of clarity have come as I sought the Lord over the last 3 months for revelation for 2019. I believe this style of communication will give you a "rubber meets the road" approach to understanding God's purposes for 2019.

"Worship opens the heart and the door to your destiny."

I first communicate the revelation. Then, I communicate the interpretation of the revelation. Then, I show you how this revelation impacts and underscores your life. Next, I list areas of application that give you pointers to implement what is on God's heart. Finally, principles of perseverance and timing pull the revelation down from the heavenlies and make your understanding practical and real today.

Bless you as you embark on your adventure of hearing God and walking your destiny path.

Vision of a Large Group of Prodigals Coming Home

While seeking the Lord, I was overwhelmed with a significant vision. In the spirit, I was looking at the horizon of a broad land between many mountains, and I began to see thousands of people walking forward from every land. On their faces was joy, exuberant joy. They walked quickly as they entered the land. They were shouting as they walked, "We are free! We are free indeed. The Lord has saved us and washed away our past. We are free!"

These people were prodigals who had been lost in the trespasses of sin. The Lord is causing a mighty exodus of prodigals. It is time to prepare for the prodigals who are coming home. The prayers for these prodigals are coming to an apex. All of Heaven is rejoicing and ushering in the prodigals. Many years of travailing and deep prayer are now bearing fruit. This is the season for them to join back to what they had left prematurely. We are going to kill the calf and have a celebration.

God is Writing "Faithful"

There has been a demonic attack to displace you from your destined, appointed placement. This year, satan has planned a straight on attack to get you out of place. He will use anyone or anything that could cause you to open your heart of doubt. Remember, a person tossed to and fro in their thinking will become unstable in all of their ways.

A resurrection quickening is coming to you to finish strong. 2018 has been a year of pruning, testing and resistance. In 2019, God has planned a powerful quickening of your purpose, dream and destination. Arise and run!

For your faithfulness, specific awards are coming to you from God. Faithfulness is on the forefront of the heart of God. Many of you have passed your test. God is writing "Faithful" on your forehead. Spiritual reward is showing up with breakthrough, opportunity and favor. A gift of supernatural trust is being handed out by God to connect the Body of Christ. God is washing away the result of doubt and unbelief from 2018. He will deposit supernatural faith in your heart to move forward with your destiny.

Let God Heal Your Heart

Where you have become weary in well-doing, the Lord is dispensing grace for you to continue. Weariness is the result of your efforts to establish righteousness. Let Him touch your heart with divine strength from heavenly grace. Yes, nothing is impossible.

Open your heart and give 100%...passion and effort will bring results. The enemy's strategy is to wound you so that your heart will close. Now is the time to allow the healing of the Lord to heal your heart. The result of your healing will be passion and motivation flooding inside.

Endure, Persevere and Stabilize

Don't give up! Three keys to overcome are gifts of endurance, perseverance and stabilizing through peace. The Lord wants to quiet your heart of fear and frustration.

Red Rover, Red Rover, let Jesus come over! Ministries resistant to the Holy Spirit will invite the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The Lord has encounters planned for every ministry. These encounters will bring godly flexibility and patience. (Photo via Pixabay)

You need focus. Support others and God will take care of your promotion. This season is a season of giving. We don't give to get, however God is especially focused on your giving. Your result will be blessing. Give to His people and His house, and He will build yours.

It's a year of "choice." War against passivity. Making decisions then moving forward are needful. Passivity is the result of fear, perfection or rebellion. Make your choice and turn your test in. You will learn from your mistakes.

Loose the Shame and Find New Direction

The face of the Lord is against the shame that the enemy has produced in your life. Forgiveness and grace are before you. Receive His honor because you are His child. Your path of destiny is before you. There is a "yellow brick road" and your destiny direction will become clear this year. The revelation you have will expand and greater clarity will be added. Look up and look out. Take your step and complete your destiny path.

"Come now, and let us reason together..." (Isaiah 1:18). Bring your questions to Jesus. Uncertainties have caused an unnecessary pause in your progress. Reason with Jesus and let Him answer your questions so you can move full speed ahead. We are NOT looking for perfection but we are looking for progress.

Turn the knob and use your confidence. Your open doors in previous seasons looked more like a long hallway in which you found yourself waiting. This year the doors will clearly be seen. Use the confidence God has given you. Put your hand on the knob and joy will begin to arise. Turn the knob, which might show some resistance, but don't stop. Turn the knob and push the door open. It's your time!

It's a brand new day! Nothing in this season remains the same from previous seasons. Your walk with God is different in this season. Methods and familiarities have changed. Walk in faith and trust, and you will discover your greatest fulfillment in life. Be prepared to make a 45 degree turn. Brand new levels are before you!

Step Up Higher – a New Level

"In 2019 God has planned a powerful quickening of your purpose, dream and destination. Arise and run!"

Your new level is a season of discovery. Prepare yourself for the miraculous breakthrough that is before you. Some of the issues remain the same, but there is a new level of presentation. Opportunities will present themselves in rapid succession. With revelation and wisdom, you will discern which opportunities are for you at this point. Learn to make quick decisions for this season with confidence and as a witness in the spirit. The year 2018 had testing, proving and pruning. God wants to wake you up, and for you to become fully alert and on point. Your alertness will help you to move quickly because God is moving with acceleration.

Many in the Body of Christ have been unaware of walls of pride that exist in their lives. The grace of the Lord will shine the light on our pride. God gives grace to the humble and resists the proud (James 4:6).

Assignments that we have received will NOT go uncompleted. The Lord is moving powerfully in our life to become a finishing generation. The Lord is healing hearts to prepare the Body of Christ for deep bonding. The year 2019 is forming tight bonds and releasing unity throughout the Body of Christ.

Worship is also a needed grace that will cause you to ascend, receiving revelation, transformation and Kingdom demonstration. Much like when Jesus was born, God descended through the heavens and the angels cried out, "Glory to God in the highest, on Earth peace, good will toward men" (Luke 2:14). Worship opens the heart and the door to your destiny.

Kingdom Territory in Nations

In this season, we might be called to give away spiritual birthings and Kingdom territory that God requires in order for the full destiny and purpose of His territory to come to fullness. Put your vision on the water and let God prepare a kingly place to receive your vision, bringing your vision to the heavenly level of the King of kings.

Many of you have struggled with getting deliverance and maintaining deliverance for areas of sin, weakness or compromise in your lives. This year radical deliverance and freedom is available for you to align with true freedom. In the spirit, I saw these bondages falling off like chains breaking and falling to the ground. This time the deliverance will be permanent. Distractions have become your enemy. When you are not focused on your area of responsibility, your release, open door and freedom are comprised.

No more lone rangers, as teams will rule! Instead of isolation and independence in Kingdom ministry, God's desire is for multiplication, team support and impact. People who are more comfortable doing everything on their own will find an "end" to this mindset. Team ministry has God's blessing and your strength and safety connected.

Kingdom principles will be birthed in government. A revival of Kingdom principles is invading secular government. Upon His shoulders is laid the government of the world. Move with the flow of this revival and there will be a crumbling of politicism in our local government and government national.

I see a 911 message to all nations. As the Body of Christ, we are entering a new season of awakening. As an army, we are marching to the beat of a new drum...a finishing drum. This wave of God's Spirit will determine sheep and goat nations. Listen with new ears as this voice of awakening reaches each nation.

Visitation and Multiplication

The touch of God will bring acceleration. Each new move of God is personal, mighty and produces multiplication. As this visitation surrounds your life, you will find fruitfulness and favor moving you to a place of acceleration.

I encourage you to test and reexamine all your foundational principles. Reexamine your foundations, the Word, the will and the way. Don't assume all is good and you are established. As you examine the quality and impact of your life and message, make sure all that you teach and demonstrate is to make you more like Jesus. (Photo via Pixabay)

Move quickly with revelation, interpretation and demonstration. Moving quickly is not born out of frustration or being scattered, but is born out of timing and powerful release. Aligning with the timing of the Lord is essential for the impact of your ministry. Remove paralysis of analysis and walk in confidence.

Alignment with God's plan and purpose will open doors. Alignment is a key principle to bring breakthrough in 2019. You can agree with His truth in your mind and not align your actions which affect your time, money, physical effort and planning. The key to alignment is to walk in the light as He is in the light, lest darkness overtake you.

Can't You Talk Louder, God?

Power for the Hour

God's strength is perfect in your weakness! Start your new dance with Jesus. If you are following His lead, then this process will inspire, infill and empower you to overcome and walk in vigor. The powerful reality is that our weakness is not strengthened, but He replaces our weakness with His strength. Receive it now! This year, your destination will be revealed. Navigating your destiny is a daily process, and as you allow Him to reveal more and more of your destination, you will walk in destiny which brings peace and satisfaction. Ask and you will receive...once you receive, keep your focus!

This year, faith will be deposited in your heart supernaturally. Like a good father, our heavenly Father knows all about our destination and gives to us what we need before we know we need it. Receive, breathe in, and allow your faith to arise as He fills you with more. He wants to propel you forward with faith to match each and every spiritual process.

We will see a new thrust of evangelism for end-time harvest. The Lord will impart passion and compassion to your heart causing your love for the lost to grow. You will see more opportunities to witness to others as you go through your day-to-day activities. Ask and you will receive.

Wars and Rumors of Wars and an Increase of Last Day Martyrs

"When this happens a great rejoicing will fill the earth and every nation. A unified Korea will be a worldwide blessing."

I saw martyrs crying out. Many more people than you are aware of have been martyred for the purpose of Christ. During this season, the martyrs are crying out from Heaven for their spilled blood to be avenged. At the same time, nations will be rising against nation with rumors of wars. There will be an acceleration of hatred from non-Christian leaders against Christian leaders. This conflict will grow and the evil of non-Christian nations will arise with a spirit of war. Where negotiations have worked in the past, a spirit of war is being released and war will break out in the nations. Pray for God's mercy and against this evil.

No weapon formed against President and Mrs. Trump will prosper. Threats, in great number, have been hurled at the president of the United States. I see a very large angel in place to protect him and his wife. The Lord says, "This is My man and the apple of My eye. I am using him and his wife to raise a new standard within the United States. Through them, I am purging the doctrine of evil that has permeated the United States. Pray continually for their safety and the hyper-vigilance needed to protect them. The hearts of a group of people in the United States are angry because he has confronted their evil."

This year we will also receive strategies for overcoming, and generals in the Body of Christ will be revealed. A changing of the guard is before us in the year 2019. In this changing of the guard, generals will begin to arise in the Body of Christ coming alongside the current generals. Pray for these generals. It doesn't matter how large an influence they have, but that they are called with an eternal placement in the Body of Christ.

I see warfare prayer being multiplied and prayer closets increasing. More prayer will arise in the Body of Christ as in all the previous years. The revelation of prayer and the need for prayer to establish Kingdom purposes is being released. A concert of intercession will go before God in His throne room, shaping the destiny of the Church.

New Methods, Connections, Territories and Strategies

The future will birth the NEW methods, connections, territories and strategies which are all changing. In some situations there will be additions placed alongside the old strategies, creating a merging of strategies. Nonetheless the old is going to pass away as we know it and NEW strategies are being put in place.

I see businesses in America will have the best year in 2019. In 2018 there has been some growth, but in 2019 the growth will go off the charts for many businesses. A shifting of the wealth of the world will be given to the Kingdom. I also saw medical discoveries for 3 major diseases in 2019. Doctors and medical professionals will be astounded with radical turnarounds from dangerous diseases. Cures and recovery of the sick will reach a new high.

Let It Rain!

God also showed me a strengthening of marriages in 2019. A heaviness has been on many marriages all the way through the end of 2018. Many couples have been challenged with the idea of divorce. But I believe God's salvation for all of this lies within your mate. A wave of forgiveness will spread through the United States within marriages and President Trump and Melania will be an example of a strong leadership couple in love. (Photo via Unsplash)

The eye of the Lord is on "Generation Z," specifically children from years of age 6 through 22. The eyes of the Lord have gone to and fro throughout the land seeking hearts that are fully turned to Him. He has focused on Generation Z and there has been a unified cry from the hearts of Generation Z. Spiritual strength and boldness are upon this generation. They will move forward in leadership and creative strategies of how to lead the Kingdom of God.

I see waves of healing flowing throughout the Body of Christ and the secular world. I see the Body of Christ rejoicing and thanking the Lord for deliverance from infirmity. Like the 1950s, where the mighty healing evangelist came to focus, 2019 will birth saints in the Body of Christ with this same gifting. Glory to God!

New Strategies, Music and Fellowship

New strategies for successful, profitable farming is coming. Farmers, as a whole, have faced some lean months of production and sales. New strategies are being released from Heaven to increase demand of farming products, bringing financial prosperity to farmers.

Secular and Kingdom music will produce songs that will go viral and impact all peoples with Godly worship demonstration. Laughter will result from this new release...lifting heavy burdens and producing liberty.

Denominations will join hands for the exaltation of Jesus, the King of kings. Denominations will reach across their theological boundaries and connect, heart to heart and hand to hand. A blending of the Body of Christ will release an unconditional love, healing many in the Body of Christ.

"I see warfare prayer being multiplied and prayer closets are increasing. More prayer will arise in the Body of Christ as in all the previous years."

Peace from Jesus will calm anxieties. An impartation of peace will spread throughout the Body of Christ. Where some have had to take medication to help their anxieties, the Word of God will begin to heal many. The compassion of Jesus is touching many, healing their anxieties. Fear will evaporate with the wind of the Holy Spirit.

I also saw ministries to feed the hungry abounding. A major focus will fill the hearts in the United States, and programs and ministries will be birthed to meet the need and demand of people going hungry. More gardens of provision will be planted than ever before.

A Revival in Hollywood and Cyber Protection

Hollywood will prepare to bow their knee to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Hearts and bodies will be healed and loneliness will be dispelled. This revival will be known as a replica of the Azusa Street Revival.

Discoveries in computer warfare will produce the protection and prevention of stealing intellectual secrets. Inventive discoveries are happening which are causing the United States to be more Cyber secure in the area of business. This will prevent the stealing of intellectual secrets, private finances, bank transactions, and personal information which has previously resulted in identity theft.

Africa, the Koreas and the Nations Throughout the World

Africa is coming out of years of wars and poverty, and there will be a radical change in government and politics. The wealth of their recourses will find a new market, managed with character. The ravaging of their tribes and communities with disease, poverty and conflict will shift this year. Africa will begin to lead out in innovative discoveries. The think tank of African communities has the blessing of heavenly ideas. Soon they will be linked with people who can help take these discoveries and use them as blessings in other nations.

A greater unity within Africa will come this year. Prior to 2019, there have been many factions and divisions in Africa. This has increased tribalism and competition at any cost. Abusing the import and export business of Africa will be confronted. Even crime which has benefited greatly from their resources will be turned around. The Lord has heard the cries of His people there and will turn this injustice around.

The Korean nations will be rescued from the threat of North Korea and their dominant control. Intellectual gifts will be released, bringing breakthrough in many disciplines and will greatly impact the world. South Korea will shift to a "sheep nation" and Christianity will rise to a large percentage. South Korea will become a great ally of the United States, assisting in bringing freedom to North Korea. North and South Korea will reconcile and families, communities and shared gifts given to Korea by God will be healed. When this happens a great rejoicing will fill the earth and every nation. A unified Korea will be a worldwide blessing. North Korea is entering a season of turnaround. North Korea will be set free and do away with the cruel, dominant approach of ruling their people. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

I saw revival exploding throughout nations in 2019. Revival will break out in England. Burton-on-Trent will be the epicenter of this move of God, and it will spread like a wildfire to cities throughout England. It will then spread to Scotland and Ireland. Revival will break out in North Dakota and then move quickly to Canada. Let it rain!

England is going to rise up as an apostolic nation, leading impacting and changing others nations throughout the world. God has blessed them with divine order which will bring blessing. The roots of revival are coming alive and will bless the peoples of England with character, law and foundations to move forward.

Canada is going to see a change from the liberalism that has ruled their nation. Their import and export business will increase and bring in money to bless people from the West to the East. Revival will refresh and awaken the roots of Godly character established all throughout Canada. Canada will form an alliance with the United States and demonstrate their loyalty in 2019. NORAD in Canada will be called to act several times, most of which will not be publicized. However, divine protection and order has been established in Canada. God is calling on the deposit of this gift to shine. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Bill Lackie
Frontline International


Bill Lackie: The ministry of Bill Lackie has been cultivated through 45 years of position in the local Church ministry and travel. By calling, he is an apostle-prophet to the local Church Body and to the nations. Through years of counseling, preaching, teaching, and prophesying, his ministry has developed with a prophetic flow of clarity and specifics ministered through a compassionate "Father's heart." Traveling nationally and internationally, Bill has established churches, been a keynote speaker at conferences, and prophetically ministered to heads of state and political officials. He has authored books and materials releasing saints in present truth ministry. Bill currently serves on staff at Vision Church @ Christian International and he and his wife are elders in the local Church Body. He presently resides in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, with his wife, LaRue.

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