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Prophetic Insight for Entrepreneurs [Complimentary New Book]

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Dec 6, 2018

Her 30+ Years of Experience Working with World Leaders
Billy Graham, Margaret Thatcher,
Ronald Reagan, and Mother Teresa and More...

...Condensed into one Powerfully Prophetic Book Revealing How to Find, Fund and Fulfill your God-breathed Purpose in Life:
FREE for Elijah List subscribers for a short time only!


This book is about
YOUR destiny.

Do you know the God-Purpose of your life?

And if you know what God has called you to do... does it seem overwhelming or impossible?

How do you even begin to do the daunting exploits God has given you a vision for?

And how will you finance those God-inspired dreams? (Let's face it, big dreams generally require big money.)

So what can you do, starting TODAY, to begin making your dream a reality?

In her brand new book, ON PURPOSE, New York Times bestselling author, Tamara Lowe, offers authoritative insights into these questions, from her 30+ years of experience working with the world's top achievers.

Her book is practical. Relevant. Riveting.

And laser-focused on showing you how to discover and fulfill your God-given destiny... not later. But NOW!

TAMARA LOWE has spent the past 30 years working with the world's top performers, world leaders, superstar athletes, and mega-successful entrepreneurs.

From her decades of expertise building the brands and businesses of these high-achieving men and women, she has become known as a respected authority on Christian leadership and industry influence.
Tamara blends business savvy with heavenly insights the practical and the spiritual to deliver powerful, lasting results in her clients' lives.


"We raised $150,000,000 in donations for World Vision because of Tamara's training. We are amazed by the results!"

-John Volinsky, National Director, World Vision

"From the first day I started listening to Tamara, the favor of God increased. No matter what I did, it seemed that I hit wall after wall for years. But since I started following Tamara's advice, the favor of God has overwhelmed me! Doors just keep flying open, one after another!"

-Dr. David Nico, Ph.D., Author of The Diet Diagnosis

"Tamara Lowe's advice took my life and business to the next level. I learned how to write ebooks, launch coaching programs, do webinars, and more."

-Caity Hunt, Business Owner and Entrepreneur

"Thanks to Tamara Lowe, my book hit #1 on Amazon... now FOX, CNN and the Washington Post want me as a regular guest contributor. With Tamara's advice I scaled my business from 6-figures to 7-figures in just 3 months!"

-Brian Bosche, Author and Political Commentator

Download your FREE copy of Tamara Lowe's book today!


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*FREE for a Limited Time for Elijah List Subscribers for a short time only.

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