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Sid Roth: Seeing Behind the Veil

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Dec 1, 2018

Seeing Behind the Veil

Seer Ana Werner has gone to Heaven many times, and she's learned how the spirit world operates. Can you imagine seeing the unseen cause of trouble? Now imagine how much victory is yours!

Today You Are Invited...

Your routine is calling. So is your personal invitation to step behind the veil and encounter the Holy Spirit. Will you answer?

From her unique experiences, seer, prophet and missionary Ana Werner shares insights she has received through prophetic encounters, visions and angelic visitations. Her first angelic encounter came at age five!

Seeing Behind the Veil (book). This in-depth look at Ana's personal history of God encounters is meant to change your perspective! Then she adds more powerful teaching on her 3-CD series, A Lifestyle of Seer Encounters. From both Scripture and prophetic words, Ana offers seasoned insights on:

Dwelling in God's Presence: living with a consistent awareness of the Holy Spirit's nearness.

Spiritual warfare: how winning spiritual battles impacts your everyday life.

Amplifying God's voice: positioning yourself to hear God's words.

Comfort, strength and courage: for your daily challenges.

Angelic activity: how to partner with the heavenly hosts to release God's plans for you.

Ana says we can choose to live exclusively in the physical realm. But good things await those who do not! You only get to do today once. Will you answer?

Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! Television Show
Sid Roth, a Jewish Believer in Jesus as the Messiah, is host of It's Supernatural! television program, which features guests who have had miraculous healings and supernatural encounters with God's power.

Additional It's Supernatural! Interviews:

What do you do when you are miraculously healed of an incurable disease and then years later it comes back with a vengeance? From this hopeless, dark place, Mary Hasz cried out to God. And He answered! Through her conversations with Holy Spirit, Mary received 21 revelations about healing. And she was healed! Now she wants to share what God told her.

Joshua Mills says the Presence of God and His Glory realm hold life, healing, increase, wholeness and deliverance. If you have a need, God wants to meet it. Just meet Him!

When Krissy Nelson encountered Holy Spirit, He simply said, "God thinks you can do anything. I want you to know that!" And Krissy learned that God delights in your impossible.


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