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You've Got to Learn this major "secret from God."

Steve Shultz
Nov 16, 2018

Crazy! I was SHOCKED when God showed me this SECRET - the

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Steve Shultz:
Founder of The Elijah List

     I WAS SHOCKED when God showed me THIS SECRET - the EXPLOSIVE POWER of THANKSGIVING! And I was in no way prepared to hear from God what I was about to hear!

     I was a young married man with one baby and a second one on the way within weeks. We were literally penniless. The business I had started had failed. Money was due to me but I had to say goodbye to it because an attorney claimed I was not entitled to it.

     I had attempted to start a business of returning unclaimed money from the government to people who needed it. This was something I literally COULD do well—but now I was being cheated out of my fee, for finding money for a couple I had located.

     Food stamps were our ONLY way to eat and most bills were going completely unpaid, including our house payment. And now—Thanksgiving had just passed and Christmas was upon us.

     How could I give our 3-year-old daughter even the tiniest Christmas tree? There was NO MONEY! The "wreck" of a car we were driving had been given to us by someone who took pity on us.

Then, the Revelation of
Thanksgiving I will NEVER FORGET

     I had been reading a book called, PRISON TO PRAISE, by Merlin Carothers and I must tell you, this book became "the Voice of God" in my ears, my heart, and my mind.

     What amazing TRUTH!

     God was saying through this writer that we must, "in ALL things give thanks, for THIS IS THE WILL OF GOD!"

     Carothers was insistent in this matter of praise and Thanksgiving. I'm talking about thanking God at all times for ALL THINGS... no matter what. For instance...

Thank God for red lights even when you're late for work.
Thank God for bills that cannot be paid.

Even thank God that HE SUFFERED on the Cross! Yes, God wants us to THANK GOD that His Son suffered for us because it made the way for us!

Again we are exhorted to THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING!! Not just the good stuff. But the bad stuff.

     I had never heard such teaching and yet who, with an honest heart, could deny that the Scripture tells us to do just that!

     1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NKJV)
" everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."


     Christmas was upon us. It was just three days away and unlike every other Christmas in my life, we would NOT have a tree. We would not have gifts.

     I was in the living room looking around. What was I going to do to make some sort of celebration happen?

     Praising God in all things, came to my mind once again. "I HAVE to trust God!" I thought to myself. "If this is a test from the Lord, I REFUSE to fail it!" I determined.

     Without telling my wife, I began to be happy inside. I was going to thank God no matter what it took—and I mean thank Him for EVERYTHING! I would be joyful no matter what! I started saying quietly, "Thank You God that we have NO MONEY, NO GIFTS and NO CHRISTMAS TREE! I MEAN IT—THANK YOU!

     The more I strategized to be happy, the happier I got. "Maybe I can make a pretend Christmas tree out of the lights in the garage," I thought. My eyes stopped at a hook that was screwed into the ceiling holding a lamp.

     I could take that light down and use that hook to hang our Christmas lights—in the shape of a tree, I decided. It might even look prettier than a tree if I did it right. I was so jazzed with my idea. But before I could share it with Derene, the phone rang.

     "Hello is this Steve Shultz?"

     "Yes, that's me. What can I do for you?"

     "I have a large check for you. It's for $2100." ($5500 in today's dollars).

     "Wow, how come?" I asked.

     "This is from the case you solved with the money going to those siblings!"

     Instantly, I realized that the judge must have forced them to give me my fee!

     I was without words! I quickly gave them my address and one day before Christmas, the check arrived and we went shopping. We went out and bought a HUGE Christmas tree which we immediately decorated. On Christmas morning, gifts surrounded the tree! It was an amazing Christmas!

     Such gratitude filled my heart because I KNEW that God had prepared this situation for me to happen at the EXACT moment He foresaw that I would Praise Him and thank Him for EVERYTHING. I had nothing to gain by it except the warm feeling that I was obeying the Voice of God and the Word of God!

What Happens When You Thank God for EVERYTHING? 

     EXACTLY 10 years later, that business had blossomed into a HUGE SUCCESS. My staff and I were locating missing family members all over the USA who had lost touch with each other. I was now supplying surprise reunions to most of the afternoon national talk shows such as the Geraldo Rivera show, Sally Jessy Raphael, the Maury Povich Show, Gordon Elliott and many more. Before the end of the story, we had received hundreds of thousands of phone calls from people seeking long-lost family members.

     Our very first show, the Sally Jessy Raphael Show—netted us 20,000 phone calls in ONE DAY—from people who needed our services. Then for the next 7 years, myself and my 37 employees reunited family members all over the United States—THOUSANDS of reunions could be traced back to standing there in my living room saying to myself, "I will be thankful to God, no matter what it takes, I will PRAISE HIM!"

     Finally, around 1996, the World Wide Web emerged, and the shows began to no longer need our services, so those days ended—but before they ended, I had founded the ELIJAH LIST MINISTRY that you're following right now.


     Be sure to pass this test... IN EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS, even the bad stuff. God's pleasure and His grace, mercy and favor will PURSUE YOU until you are rewarded for having a heart full of thanksgiving and praise!

May I ask you a special year-end favor?

     May I ask you for a huge favor?

     As we've now entered the final days of 2018, it's very, VERY crucial that we make our fundraising goals so that we can continue to provide quality, fresh revelation to YOU through our ELIJAH STREAMS prophetic programming.


     With that in mind, would you consider pausing right now and making your best donation to ELIJAH STREAMS for the end of 2018? Derene and I want to thank you in every heartfelt way possible for this. You are keeping people throughout the earth encouraged because of ELIJAH LIST MINISTRIES and ELIJAH STREAMS TV! God ALWAYS rewards those who support Prophets and Prophetic Ministries!

     Matthew 10:41 (NIV)
"Whoever welcomes a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet's reward..."

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     Bless you and have a happy Thanksgiving, an amazing Christmas, and a happy New Year as we enter 2019 (and the Hebrew Year 5779)!

     Derene and I love you DEARLY and we pray for you all DAILY!

Bless you in Christ,

Steve and Derene Shultz
528 Ellsworth St SW Albany, OR 97321

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