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Why God hates Halloween but loves October 31.

Steve Shultz
Oct 10, 2018


      This would have startled you in exactly the same way it shocked me.
      I'm sure of it!!

      I was in France years ago on a ministry trip. I should NEVER have gone alone because I was sick and I needed Derene (my wife) there to help.

      It was October 31, and I had completely forgotten that this was the day so many on earth celebrated Halloween.

      Laying there early in the morning, in my hotel room in Montélimar, France, I felt horrible. Feeling so sick, I wondered how I would make it through this conference.

      Unexpectedly, church bells all over the city started ringing out, and simultaneously the Holy Spirit started sweeping all over me. What a WONDERFUL feeling. Wow.

      Suddenly, I realized this was October 31, what most people refer to as Halloween! "How can this be a HOLY day when HOLY SPIRIT pours HIMSELF out on people...LIKE ME? How could this be such an amazing Spirit-filled day when so many celebrate a demonic holiday?"

      Then it hit me. This was not Halloween. God doesn't call HIS holidays by demonic names. NO!

      This was ALL SAINTS' Day named after what Martin Luther did on October 31, 1517. He nailed the 95 Theses on the church door to protest the wrong thinking and wrong doctrines of the then-Catholic Church (some now celebrate it as All Saints' Day or Reformation Day).


      Sometimes, the most "insignificant" things can be huge in God's calendar. I once asked prophet Bob Jones WHICH calendar God goes by. The American Calendar, the Hebrew/Jewish calendar, or what?

      With a gleam in his eye, Bob said, "Oh, God goes by many calendars!"

      God always reminds HIS PEOPLE to celebrate important dates. All Saints' Day, Passover, Pentecost, Memorial Day, and many more days. God LOVES to commemorate important days on which HE CHOSE TO MOVE BIG TIME!


      You would think it's the big things that count with God...on His calendar. And many things are big. Like Passover. That's HUGE.

      But every single LITTLE thing is huge with God, too. I can't even count the times God told me to ask HIM what I wanted for my birthday! That's a small thing.

      My birthday? Really? God cares about my birthday?

      One year He asked me that, and I detailed the exact amount I need to be bailed out of a financial crisis. This was a full 20 years ago, and I listed for God (as if He didn't know) the car payment, the rent, and all the bills. I told Him, "If I don't receive $5,000 by the end of the day, I will be kicked out of our house (our whole family would be), and the car will be towed, AND the utilities will be shut off."

      So, what happened? The mail came. What was in it? One SINGLE check for exactly $5,000 from a person I had never heard of. I never heard of them before, and I never heard of them since!


      I could literally go on and on and on with such stories. How about the HUNDREDS of times my three kids prayed, EVERY NIGHT, for God to let them live in a house in the country?

      It was their hearts' desire. And yet, it never came true...UNTIL IT DID!

      Twenty years ago (very close to the time our $5,000 check arrived), all of a sudden, God again opened the Windows of Heaven and "poured out" a house (if you can possibly pour out a house!), and ever since, we've lived on 20 acres of gorgeous Oregon property.

      What kind of love is this that God would care about our little prayers?


      Now, why would I mention Yosemite and giving?

      Well, Yosemite is one of the most special places on the planet to Derene and me, and THE place where we had our honeymoon 40 years ago this year.

      So, a few years ago, God allowed us to go visit Yosemite again. As it turns out, at that time, I had just received an amazing gift: $3,000.

      Wow, the things I could do with that gift would be amazing! But I had no peace about spending it. Aw, shucks. I WANTED to spend it.

      God reminded me of the concept of "first fruits" giving. What that means is, when you receive a gift of a different or new kind, GIVE IT AS A FIRST FRUITS GIFT.

      So, my wife and I did. We gave it to a ministry...and in fact, we gave it to a specific minister.

      Soon, I received a thank you note with this written note (from memory): "Steve, I had just told my husband that if we didn't get $3,000 soon, we were in deep trouble financially."

      So, what had happened? God put it into my spirit to give that exact amount to ministry...who was in need.


      Here's the guideline we go by at our house. If you have NO PEACE about spending the money God just gave you, then simply GIVE IT AWAY!

      When you give it away, God will vastly multiply it back to you. Suddenly business and ministry ideas will come flowing into your mind, and as you implement those ideas, you will begin to prosper in an amazing way!

      But for goodness' sake, don't take my word for it. As the old expression goes, "Try it, you'll like it!"

      Just try outgiving the Lord. You can't do it. You SIMPLY CAN'T DO IT.

      God always multiplies your giving back to you when you actually give with a grateful heart.


     We are broadcasting our prophetic programming, ELIJAH STREAMS, all over the earth starting with God TV and other social media venues. Our reach is only growing from here.

      God wants HIS WORD published all over the planet. Will you help?

      Will you stop for a minute and write your most generous gift? I PROMISE you that God will multiply it back to you. He always has and He always will.

      I want you to have the fun that Derene and I are having when we give.

      As it turns out, we are philanthropists and we didn't even know it. We LOVE to give. AND WE WANT YOU TO LEARN TO LOVE TO GIVE!

      There is a super simple form to help you get started. It helps us a LOT when you can make your gift a monthly gift.

Bless you as you give. NOW, expect the miracles to begin to happen.

Bless you!

Steve and Derene Shultz
Founders of Elijah List Ministries

P.S. I challenge you to TRY to out give God. If you have a great attitude, you will find it nearly impossible to out give God. He is way, way, way too generous!

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