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Todd Bentley: "Heaven's Realities Are Divine Interventions"

Todd Bentley
Jun 29, 2018

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Todd Bentley is full of radical, heavenly encounters and amazing stories. As I read through his latest made me hungry for many more encounters myself!

As I read through this, this Scripture came to mind, "And these signs shall follow them that believe..." (Mark 16:17).

Todd Bentley's ministry and walk with God are full of so many signs and wonders as you'll read about in his latest article.

I pray that this spurs you toward God's amazing love and many good deeds! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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I want to share some great supernatural stories that not only testify about Heaven's realities and how they manifested in my life, but also how they came forth in the lives of other Believers. You'll see that what manifested in the natural, in the earth, we received first in the spirit. As divine revelation, visions and dreams connected with faith, and as we partnered with God, circumstances changed in the natural realm. Finances were provided, people were healed, a young man dropped his drugs, a prisoner recommitted his life to the Lord, the prisoner's brother received deliverance from witchcraft, and the fire of God fell! Yeah!

Faith at Work through DIVINE REVELATION Brings Financial Miracles

One of my first experiences in the supernatural happened during our first month of ministry. My wife and I needed $500 for our rent. Although we didn't have a single partner or any support, I did have faith. It burst on the scene as I wrestled all the way through in the spirit, and divine revelation came! Finally, I could say with assurance, "God, I believe I've got my rent. That $500, I have it!" By faith, I knew that the provision was already in Heaven. Yet in the natural, when the countdown reached the two-day mark, my wife was stressing because the rent was almost due. But I told her, "Honey, I have it! I know I have it because I broke through in the spirit!"

"...the reality of what happens in the spiritual, heavenly realm affects what happens in this (earthly) realm."

Still the day before the rent was due, I didn't have it. But by faith, even though the money wasn't actually in my hand, I knew I had it because I had a divine knowing. And so I was bold and confident. After all, God spoke to me that I had it! So the next day the day to pay the rent, I said to God, "I know that I know that I know that I have it. You told me I have it."

Later that morning as my wife and I were sitting in church, our miracle happened. A woman who was also at church had a vision. She saw herself going to the bank and withdrawing all the money she had. Then she saw (in the vision) that she walked up to my wife and me and gave us the money. So that morning, rent day, she came to us and said, "I had a vision. I saw in the spirit and I took out this money ($500), and God told me to give this to you and your wife, that you needed it." I said, "Thank God, I have it!"

Now, guess what? The very next month we were in the same tight spot! "Is it going to be like this every month?" I wondered. Yet, I knew that the rent money would come in because I had a visitation from the Lord; He spoke to me that I had the money for the rent. So, as I was waiting on the Lord to fulfill His word, one of my friends came over to our house the night before the rent was due. "Todd, I'm sorry," he said, "I was so disobedient; the Lord has been speaking to me for the last three weeks about covering your rent." He gave us six post-dated checks, paying our rent for half a year!

Those first two miracles set the stage for our ministry and they reveal how Fresh Fire Ministries continues to thrive to this day.

Faith at Work through a DREAM Brings Healing

Before a group of our interns went to a university campus in Bellingham, Washington to do "power evangelism," one of the interns had a prophetic dream. He dreamed of a large man who had a leg injury, wearing a cast/boot. Then he saw himself praying and the man got healed. So the next day he went with a group of interns to that university, and as he walked around all day, in faith, he looked for the man he saw in his dream.

Finally he saw him; this big guy who actually was an all-state pro linebacker! So he walked up to him and said, "I had a dream last night and you were in it. In the dream I prayed for you and you got healed. Strange as it seems, I dreamed about you and here you are!" They spoke with each other for a while and when the man felt comfortable with the idea of being prayed for, the intern prayed. Right away he was healed! He took off the boot and ran around! The doctors had just told him it was going to be five to six more weeks with that boot on!

Faith at work through PRAISE AND WORSHIP Brings Heaven to Earth

A young man I know of, who lives in California, had it in his heart to change the spiritual atmosphere by bringing Heaven to earth. So he went to the mall by himself and started playing his guitar, all the while impressed with a revelation about the power of praise. God inhabits the praises of His people. As he began praising the Lord, dancing around a little bit, taking authority over the spiritual atmosphere, he actually began to open up a spiritual portal in the middle of the mall.

He was worshipping away and then decided to stop playing and sit down. It wasn't long before he noticed a young man walking toward him. As the young man came by the very spot where the worship had just taken place, he took out something, dropped it on the floor, and kept on going. It was his drugs! Now, why did that happen? It happened because there are no drugs in Heaven! Heaven was so real that when he came into contact with that reality, he was forced to drop his drugs. We're talking about a real world "on earth as it is in Heaven" realities!

Faith at Work through a TRANCE Brings Hope, Deliverance and God's Fire

One time when I was in Atlanta, Georgia about to preach, I fell into a trance. Suddenly, I was traveling down a highway moving as fast as a car, but I wasn't in a vehicle! It was so real. I could see the cars and the pavement, and the Lord told me to pay attention to the road signs because He was taking me somewhere. So I did and I saw the name of the exit, Chattanooga highway, and I took the exit. Next I was standing outside a prison still in the trance, looking at the prison.

Can't You Talk Louder, God?

Although my physical body was in the church, the next thing I knew I made a decision to go into the prison. Boom! I was in. I began to walk down a cell block to a particular prison cell and there I met a young man locked up in that cell. We had a conversation about why he was in prison, and with renewed hope he gave his life back to Jesus. Wow!

When the trance was over, I asked God two questions. "God, what do You want me to do with that experience? Is something going to change in this realm (one earth)? Immediately the answer came. By divine revelation, I knew from the Lord that there was a woman in the meeting who needed to hear about what I had seen during the trance. So, as I described where the prison was, as well as what the young man looked like and what we had discussed, a woman jumped up and said, "My best friend was supposed to be in this meeting tonight; she was coming, but she had an emergency. That's her son in that prison!"

So I said, "Get me a cell phone. Let's call her right now!" What happened next is incredible. Just as we called her friend right at that very moment, her friend's other son was trying to kill his father! The mother was panicking on the phone! She blurted out, "Right now my son...he's involved in witchcraft and he's trying to kill his father." Quickly I said, "Let's pray! I take authority over witchcraft; I render it powerless in the name of Jesus!" BAM! Right then, something happened. I don't know if he fell on the floor, but instantly the violence stopped and deliverance took place!

"You'll see that what manifested in the natural, in the earth, we received first in the spirit."

The woman arrived at the meeting two hours later. Coming up onto the platform she said, "My son was involved in witchcraft; he was just trying to kill his father. When you called and you prayed with me, the assignment stopped! My son got free! My other son, 22 years old, is in prison."

Another time I was one of the guest speakers in a conference in Seattle, Washington and while I was listening to one of the other speakers, suddenly it was like I was in a trance. About three feet in front of me a blue pillar of light appeared, and I began putting my hand into it. I could feel something sort of "electrical." So I asked a couple of people sitting beside me if they could see it, but they couldn't. Seeing that pillar going up like a tornado into Heaven, I began asking the Lord, "What do You want me to do with this?" He said, "Get in it." But I wondered if I would disturb the meeting, and while I remained seated, God repeated, "Get in it." So I jumped off my chair and jumped into the pillar of blue light. Instantly, I was in Heaven.

Back at the meeting when the experience was over, God said, "Go back to your hotel room. I'm going to visit you in power for one hour." So I told this to a few of the other guys, and after I asked if anyone wanted to come with me; they decided to come.

As soon as we got inside the hotel room, I was impressed with the thought that it was important to remember what time it was, so I said, "Everybody, take note of the time." Then in unison we all said, "It's quarter to eleven." Now the "atmosphere" had been normal, but as soon as we said, "Quarter to eleven," instantly, bam, the glory fell and then fire. I was lying on my bed. Everyone was suddenly having a supernatural encounter shaking.

Two people were in the same vision and another guy was in a different one. I was screaming, "The fire, the fire, I'm burning up! The fire!" Right then an angel appeared. His appearance reminded me of the angel spoken of in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 10:1,"Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from Heaven...and his feet (legs) were like columns of fire " Amplified Bible, emphasis mine). He stood over my bed; two pillars of burning fire!

Then just as quickly as it all began, it was over. All of a sudden, the atmosphere was ordinary again and everyone was as normal as you and I. We looked at the clock and it was quarter to twelve, to the exact minute. The power of God fell for one hour. We were all awed by the experience. But what happened next really shocked us! About twelve hours later, not only did that particular hotel room catch fire, but so did some other rooms! Totally burned to a crisp! Why? Because the reality of what happens in the spiritual, heavenly realm affects what happens in this (earthly) realm. We're talking about Heaven's realities and making Heaven real! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Todd Bentley
Fresh Fire USA


Todd Bentley: Healing evangelist, revivalist, and author, Todd Bentley is the founder of Fresh Fire USA. As a teenager, Todd, an alcoholic and drug addict, had a dramatic, life-changing encounter with the saving, delivering power of God. Today, Todd and his Fresh Fire team travel the world to lead the lost into the miraculous, delivered and set free, and launched into the reality of intimate relationship with Jesus. The passion of Todd's life and ministry to the nations is souls and to see others experience the transferable, tangible anointing of the Holy Spirit.

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Can't You Talk Louder, God?
Todd Bentley's Itinerary:

Note: Events are subject to change at the ministry's discretion. We suggest you always check first with the event contact listed here and/or directly visit their website for latest updates on each event.

June 29-30, 2018
Canadian Toronto Glory
Abundant Life Assembly
145 Dixon Rd., Toronto, Etobicoke M9P 2L7

July 10-August 19, 2018
The 40 Day Jesus School
A 40 Day Summer Intensive
Fresh Fire Center
8180 Regent Pkwy., Fort Mill, SC 29715

July 17-22, 2018
International Healing Convention
Miracle Worker School and Healing Convention
Fresh Fire Training Center
8180 Regent Pkwy., Fort Mill SC 29715
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