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Vanguard's 13 Most Powerful Funds

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Aug 13, 2017


13 Most Powerful Funds

Want to make investing easier and more profitable?
Ignore 157 of Vanguard’s funds and you can
make 179% more than the average Vanguard investor

Hold just a few of Vanguard’s remaining 13 funds in the proper mix and you’ll double your Vanguard profits. Which few? Mixed how? It’s all in a new report and best of all...

A FREE copy is already reserved in your name. And it’s YOURS FREE! Without any strings, either. There’s absolutely nothing to buy now, or ever. Yet, it could be the most valuable report you’ve ever seen.


Fellow Mutual Fund Investor,

I love Vanguard but their advice is lacking.

And with more than 170 funds to choose from, most every Vanguard investor needs advice on which funds are best for them to own. Trouble is...

Vanguard tells you to buy funds no one should own, while hiding some of their strongest funds from you.

Sounds incredible, I know. But it’s true. I’ll show you proof in a moment. First, though, I should introduce myself.

I’m Dan Wiener, head of the world’s largest independent research operation dedicated to helping Vanguard investors succeed.

My wealthiest subscribers are some of the most demanding people you’ll ever meet — they actually want to get much wealthier. And like you, they abhor risk. Yet, I exceed their demands for safety and performance — using Vanguard’s most powerful funds.

These 13 are for everyone... investors building wealth... investors seeking income... investors who want both growth and income. That’s how powerful these 13 are!

Hold just a few of these 13 funds in the proper mix and double your Vanguard profits.

Which few? Well, that depends on your investment style and your financial goals, as your free report, Vanguard’s 13 Most Powerful Funds, makes clear.

Why not just follow Vanguard’s advice? Because Vanguard’s advice comes up short, that’s why. No matter what your primary goal might be, the advice Vanguard gives you is downright lame. Here are a few examples...

If you want a fund that will achieve “ANY GOAL”... Vanguard pushes investors into STAR LifeStrategy Funds as the all-in-one solution for “any goal”... because it’s “an easy way to save for whatever goal is important to you.” 

Vanguard fails to tell you each one of these funds of funds is so watered down in mediocrity that none of their STAR LifeStrategy Funds have a chance to lift you from the ranks of “ordinary.” Ever!

If your goal is “SAVING FOR RETIREMENT”... Vanguard tells you that Target Retirement Funds are the way to go... just pick your expected retirement date and you’re set, or so they imply. Easy, right? Well, picking your retirement date isn’t so easy these days, but that’s another story. The point here is:

Vanguard fails to tell you these supposedly simple Target funds are designed for folks who wish to remain ignorant of better options. As Vanguard puts it, Target Retirement Funds are for “initial investors, not experienced or sophisticated investors.” 

I wish I could put my new report in front of every Vanguard investor. But I can’t. I can, however, with your permission, send you a FREE copy of Vanguard’s 13 Most Powerful Funds.

In fact, I’ve already reserved a free copy in your name. Give me the green light to release it to you free and Vanguard’s 13 Most Powerful Funds is yours to keep... with no obligation to buy a thing, now or ever.

That’s why your credit card number is NOT required to get this exclusive report. The only thing you must do is respond.

It’s a documented fact: Vanguard investors following my advice make 179% greater profits than the average Vanguard investor.

Those following my advice on a regular basis are regular folks, except when it comes to investing with Vanguard. On that note, they are anything but average — they are twice as rich as regular Vanguard investors.

Make this year your most profitable year ever at Vanguard.

GO HERE to get your free copy of Vanguard’s 13 Most Powerful Funds. Cut right through Vanguard’s vast selection of funds and discover...

  • The 7 high-powered wealth builders that work together to give you 179% more profit than Vanguard's most popular funds.
  • Including the 6 ETFs I love, covering everything from midcap to international.

Get your report now. Act on the information and double your Vanguard profits in 2017.

signed: Dan Wiener
Dan Wiener
Editor, The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors

P.S. Don’t wait to respond. Act now while the opportunity to double your Vanguard profits is fresh in your mind. There’s no risk to you. There’s nothing you must buy (now or ever!). Your credit card information is NOT required. All that’s required for you to get a free copy of Vanguard’s 13 Most Powerful Funds is to tell where you want your free report sent. Easy enough? Respond now.

This publication, FFSA, and The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors
are completely independent of The Vanguard Group, Inc.

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9201 Corporate Blvd, Suite 200
Rockville, MD 20850


**This is a paid advertisement for Investor Place and is not affiliated with The Elijah List. All investments involve some amount of risk. We recommend that you research all investment opportunities and that you seek advice from investment professionals and pray for the Lord's wisdom prior to making an investment of any kind.

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