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Randy and Barbara Walter: "This is the Hour of Your Calling...Ask For Wisdom!"

Randy and Barbara Walter
Mar 26, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

We are posting two words today about the subject of WISDOM. When God wants to speak a matter He often does it several times over and then some more!

There are some great wisdom keys in this article by Randy and Barbara Walter that you can surely apply to your everyday just need to "ask" as the Walters share here:

The Lord taught us, "Asking questions is wisdom for two reasons: One, you are humbling yourself to Me and opening the door for My grace. And two, when you ask you are preparing yourself to hear the answer without resisting."

Now read this word and get ready to ask for much more wisdom from the He is just as willing to give as you are to receive! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Randy rarely dreams, so when he does we pay close attention. Recently he dreamt that when he opened our rural mailbox, a mother owl and two owlets were inside. They were unusually colorful and docile. Knowing their beaks and talons were very sharp, he used a stick to gently remove them. –End of Dream

In the dream, wisdom came calling by making its nest in our mailbox. Randy realized he had to be careful how he handled the owls (wisdom). He said they were friendly, not scared or trying to protect themselves. Just as he opened the door to the mailbox with the owls, we must be open to the wisdom that comes from God.
Some of us are like the owls in the mailbox. We need to be pried loose from our last season and old habits – the way we've always done things.

Randy's dream fascinated me (Barbara) so I researched owls and eagles. Here is what I found: Eagles hunt by day and owls hunt by night. Eagles fly higher than other birds. They symbolize the prophetic – clear vision, strength, authority and power. Owls symbolize wisdom.

Our attention has been drawn to owls and eagles lately. On New Year's Day, while we were driving 100 miles to a prayer incursion, Barbara saw two bald eagles and an owl. During our daughter's Christmas party, we saw an owl outside her house, sitting on a fence not far from all the people who gathered to see it.

Wisdom and Instruction

"We need eagle eyes to see far and into God's prophetic. We need owl eyes to find wisdom. And we need dove eyes to only have eyes for Him."

James 1:5 instructs, "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him."

We all need increased wisdom for the new season we have entered. The Lord said to us:

"You have not because you ask not. It doesn't mean you fail to ask for material things; it's because you neglect to ask for wisdom and instruction. Many people don't ask because they don't expect Me to answer them."

Witty Inventions

We have often held meetings in our house, even though it seemed there was not enough room. Guests in the dining room couldn't see the speaker in the living room. It is all one room, but our wood stove is located between them. It had a nearly five-foot high wall behind it which blocked the view.

Barbara thought of every remedy. Moving the wood stove to a corner would involve great expense. Adding an addition would be even more expensive. She was exhausting herself trying to come up with a solution. One day when she asked the Lord about it, He simply said, "Space isn't the problem, the view is the problem. Cut down the wood stove wall to 3 feet." What a great idea for a small investment. (Photo via Randy and Barbara Walter)

Furniture also has to be moved every time we have a meeting. The older we get, the more difficult it becomes. The Lord told us to put the items we were moving on casters. Now Barbara can move most of them by herself. These solutions are considered witty inventions. This term occurs only once in the Bible and only in the KJV: "I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions" (Proverbs 8:12). (Photo via Randy and Barbara Walter)

There are many witty inventions around our house because we love wisdom. We (as Believers) ignore wisdom at our own peril. Barbara and I love the joy that comes with wisdom. We love being perfected by wisdom. It doesn't just answer our questions, it teaches us life principles.

In addition to wisdom, Proverbs contains many references to fools, sluggards and the scornful – those who will not open the door to wisdom, though she calls aloud outside (see Proverbs 1:20-21).

Interesting Parallels

Barbara's research on eagles and owls revealed many interesting parallels for the times we live in. There are funny and unusual names for groups of birds. For instance a group of eagles is called a "convocation" (which is also defined as a large formal meeting of people, such as church officials).

Many years ago, Barbara visited Rick Joyner's church in North Carolina and noticed a lot of Harley Davidson's parked in front. The Harley symbol is an eagle. These motorcycles belonged to the leadership. The Lord told her eagles symbolize the prophetic. Rick Joyner, his writings and church are known around the world for the prophetic.

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Is it any wonder owls are a symbol for wisdom? A group of owls is called a "parliament" (also defined as the people responsible for making the laws in some forms of government) – a good reminder to pray for our nation's leaders.

Asking Questions "is" Wisdom

The Lord taught us, "Asking questions is wisdom for two reasons: One, you are humbling yourself to Me and opening the door for My grace. And two, when you ask you are preparing yourself to hear the answer without resisting."

We have learned that if we aren't getting answers to our questions, we need to see the problem or issue from a different perspective. So we come at it from another angle, sort of like when an owl turns its head – which it can do for 270 degrees. It can also turn its head almost upside down. That's a lot of ways to look at something.


Barbara also researched doves, and the Lord told us, "Eagle eyes are fierce. Owl eyes are watchful. Dove eyes are comforting. Isn't that what My Bride needs to look like?"

Eagles, owls and doves mate for life with their partners. While owls have both eyes on the front of their faces and possess binocular vision, dove's eyes are on the sides of their heads and they can only focus on one object at a time. Doves are considered one of the most intelligent birds. For centuries they were reliable messengers used to carry vital messages, especially in wartime. They can fly for 16 hours without resting.

Doves are a good example of not being weary in well doing. They can adapt to almost any environment. Both males and females produce "crop milk" for their young. The Bride is made up of both male and female.

"You have not because you ask not. It doesn't mean you fail to ask for material things; it's because you neglect to ask for wisdom and instruction."

Doves are a symbol for love, peace, harmony and the Holy Spirit. A group of doves is called a "flight," "dule" or "dole" (also defined as one's allotted share, portion or destiny).We need eagle eyes to see far and into God's prophetic. We need owl eyes to find wisdom. And we need dove eyes to only have eyes for Him.

Doves make loving pets. They have eyes only for their master. In Song of Solomon 1:15, the Bridegroom (Jesus) says to His Bride (the Church), "Behold, you are fair, My love! Behold, you are fair! You have dove's eyes." We have eyes for Jesus and He has eyes for us (see Song of Solomon 5:12).

A Congregation

Our living room is on the second floor of our house and we see many birds from our perch. At 7am one morning, thousands of starlings suddenly appeared like a black cloud and landed in the trees behind our house. Only staying for a few minutes, they swarmed off, swooping up and around and landing again. They did this several times. They were flighty, each one just going along with the crowd.

Starlings are called either a "congregation," a "chattering," a "clattering" or a "murmuring." Something to think about: In the wilderness, the Hebrews murmured against Moses, and ultimately against God, and they paid dearly for it. Murmuring will keep you from your promised prosperity, as it did them. The Lord told us:

"Obedience opens the windows of Heaven to pour power down on your situations, because you don't have to understand to be obedient. But if you complain or grow impatient and question God, you find yourself with only your own power, unable to secure a victory because murmuring against God closes the windows of His provision."

We need the eyes of eagles, owls and doves. Then we can see ourselves as Jesus does. He asked us:

"Do you see yourself as a warrior or a worker? Do you know the difference? Warriors are leaders. While it is good that workers are servants, they wait to be told what to do. As the Bride, you are warriors, even though you have been reluctant to embrace it. Your authority comes from Me. The Bride wears the scars of battle like medals. She knows she has authority to dispatch the enemy. She is not confident in her own strength but in My power. She is faithful to go, no matter how she feels. (Photo via flickr)

"Be encouraged. You've been pre-ordained and this is the hour of your calling. Don't see your effectiveness through your limitations. See your grizzles as advantages which give you the upper-hand. Make yourself ready, My Bride, for the hour of our consummation is coming." (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Randy and Barbara Walter
Shiloh Ministries | Salisbury Revival Prayer Network


Randy and Barbara Walter conduct Shiloh Ministries on Maryland's Eastern Shore, emphasizing intercession and the prophetic, and facilitating seminars and workshops. They have interceded on-site and led prayer journeys at hundreds of locations through their Chesapeake Revival Prayer Network. The Lord has assigned them to pray for awakening, outpouring and cultural transformation. For 25 years, Randy edited a regional Christian newspaper called The Manna. Randy and Barbara have ministered together throughout their 34 years of marriage. They have published their sixth book, Where Do You Hurt? Where Do You Hide?

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