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Kat Kerr: "Why You Need to Know the Times and Seasons of God"

by Kat Kerr
Dec 18, 2015

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This word by Kat Kerr is true! We MUST know the TIMES AND SEASONS in which we live.

We can't and MUST NOT spend our time and energy preparing for the last days. We've been in "The Last Days" according to Scripture, since the days of Pentecost. But we must OCCUPY until God comes! Today's ISSACHAR PROPHETS...those who know the times and seasons, are NOT calling on us to pack our bags for the rapture.

NO! These Godly prophets know that more than 2/3 of the world's population is not yet evangelized and God intends to populate Heaven with a great many of those souls who do not yet know Him.

God is speaking specific things about the days just ahead. Read on and be encouraged by the plans of the LORD for 2016 and going forward!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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The Word talks about "knowing" the times and seasons of God (see 1 Chronicles 12:32) and how important it was to have an understanding of them. Israel only had success when they operated in harmony with God to carry out His will, His way, in His time, not man's. Even though there were other nations and kingdoms that had powerful armies, highly skilled craftsmen, wise leaders, and those who could strategize powerful campaigns – none of those things could win over the supernatural edge of knowing what God had planned for specific times.

God established an entire tribe whom He gave the gift of not just knowing His times and seasons, but recognizing the signs of the times and correctly interpreting them. They also had knowledge from God on the proper course to take, or in other words, they knew exactly what ought to be done and how to do it. (Photo via Pixabay)

God is Anointing and Appointing Sons and Daughters to Know the Times and Seasons

In this Kingdom Age now on the earth, God is anointing and appointing His sons and daughters (see Romans 8) who choose with their will to surrender, lay down their lives, walk in love and share the truth, are spiritually-minded, and speak life to represent Him by manifesting and demonstrating the power and glory of God. These sons and daughters will also "know" the times and seasons of God, recognizing and properly interpreting the signs (not with head knowledge), and give counsel of what should be done and how to do it.

Whoever chooses to receive and apply God's counsel through these sons and daughters will prosper and be in peace – even world leaders, governmental authorities, and those in the marketplace will seek them out. When these sons and daughters speak, in the spirit realm, things will shift and it will cause things in the natural to move that seemed impossible to change.

They do not waste their time arguing or debating the irrelevant assumptions or prophecies of others who are not rightly discerning the signs for God's times (and therefore are giving advice that will result in confusion and fear). Even though what these others are saying may somewhat line up with what the Word says will happen, they do NOT know the times or seasons that those things will occur, and their proclamations pull the Body of Christ off track, delay or hinder destiny, bring discouragement, and allow the enemy to laugh at us.

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Right NOW is the Time to Align with the Father's Plans for Our Lives and Make a Difference in This World

Christ said to occupy (take dominion, be productive, increase) until He returns. But continually listening to (storing in your soul) words about impending destruction, doom and gloom, judgment or wrath will cause you to have no hope, no future, and no life and you will miss the amazing, powerful, joy-filled days God had planned for you to walk in His goodness and be consumed by His presence.

This time is about Him and for His will being done on earth as it is in Heaven. His understanding of time does not have to agree with our natural mind – He made time. The perilous times will come, but are not for today. The tribulation will happen, but not for generations. The rapture will take place (not as a rescue party, but as a celebration), but no man knows when and Father has assured me that it is not for NOW, so focus on what is for NOW! (Photo via Wikipedia)

Right NOW is the time to align with the Father's plans for our lives and make a difference in this world. This is the time for restoration for the Body of Christ, not destruction, to flourish and prosper, to create new things, to speak life and hope to heal, to introduce Heaven culture – where we are not just existing but existing to LIVE! The world needs hope, so God has called us to carry the light of Christ and demonstrate His love and power. Christ in you is the hope of glory!

Kat Kerr
The Revelation Zone with Kat Kerr

Website: /

Author and speaker Kat Kerr will challenge what you have believed about Heaven, the "other" dimension (spirit realm), this life, death, and even eternity. Since 1996 she has been "caught up" by the Spirit of God and taken on amazing journeys into the Third Heaven as well as to Hell. She lives and moves in the supernatural, which gives her a detailed understanding of how God, His angels, and even darkness operate today.

Kat also worked in the business world for over 20 years developing skills in Design, Photography, Marketing, and the Legal arena before being set apart to prepare for a "special" assignment. Now President of One Quest International, a for profit corporation, God downloaded into her spirit for His purpose of releasing products into the marketplace that bring Heaven to earth and generate Kingdom finances. She has continually pursued an intimate relationship with God and Jesus, and They have caught her up and shown her profound mysteries in the Word and about God's plans for this current earth. Kat lives in Florida with her husband of over 35 years.

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