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May 25, 2003

The scripture clearly tells us that, as God’s children, we are to be a people of signs and wonders: “Here am I and the children whom the Lord has given me. We are for signs and wonders in Israel” (Isaiah 8:18). The Amplified bible states it even more strongly: “We are signs and wonders in Israel”. Just as Isaiah’s natural children had names of prophetic significance to Israel (they were signs and wonders), so God has a name of prophetic significance for each of us. The Lord has a prophetic name for you and your name has significance in the spirit realm. This name assigns your nature.

In an early biblical example we see Adam in the garden naming the animals according to their nature. As an intimate friend, God gave Adam the authority to name the animals whatever he wanted. Whatever he called the animals is what they would be called forever.”

So Adam began his task: “That’s a dog. That’s a sheep. You’re a goat and that’s a kitty cat. I’m going to call you a cat and you’re going to be a lion.” Each name reflected and released each creature’s nature. Those natures still stand today. He declared that the lion is the king of the jungle and for all these thousands of years the lion is still the king of the jungle because that’s what his name was way back in the garden. And so when the name came, that’s when his nature came. Their names came with authority and nature.


Now we have a prophetic name and it’s like the white stones in the book of revelation upon which a name was written that nobody knew. Now I believe the Lord gives each of us a white stone and on that stone is written our prophetic name. He wants to release the nature that’s assigned to your prophetic name. That’s why it’s so important to step into the prophetic because you need to find out what your name is so you can fully step into your nature.

The Lord names you in the spirit. It may not even be your name in the natural - like Melanie or Tyler - but the name he has for you in the spirit releases a dimension of signs and wonders. When the Lord calls out your prophetic name through a prophetic voice, it actually releases you into your nature and into the dimension of signs and wonders.

As you continue to read this, I believe the Holy Spirit will begin to release your prophetic nature. Now, we must realize that we don’t just do signs and wonders; we are a sign and a wonder.

We’re talking about a prophetic life, a prophetic message. We can see by looking at Isaiah 8 what happens to the church if we don’t have signs and wonders. In verse 19 God’s people turn to mediums and wizards and they begin to seek the dead. People are crying out for revelation: “Give me illumination. I want an experience of the supernatural. I’m not seeing the signs and wonders in the church today, so I’ll call up the psychic hotline.” Its what’s happening in the church today. When we don’t have signs and wonders, the world goes off and looks for it in another place. They look for it in the new age and the occult and the false expressions of genuine revelation. God wants us to have it in the church today so the world can know there’s revelation and understanding in the church. They should be saying, “I’m not even a Christian, but they knew something about my uncle and they knew something about the sickness in my body and they knew something about my younger brother and that tells me there’s a God.” Then you don’t even need to preach the gospel for now they know there’s a living God in heaven.


When we were in South Korea, speaking to about 2000 people in a conference. I said, “God, I’m going to teach to all these people how to hear God’s voice and they’re going to all prophesy one by one so they can learn. We’re going to do this huge prophetic activation party. I’m going to teach on the ways you speak and how to discern your voice. Everyone’s going to prophesy over everybody; we’re going to have a prophetic party. It’s going to be a great time!”

That’s what I’ve been brought up in being around Pat Cocking years ago. She once said to me, “Todd I want you to come up here right now and you’re going to prophesy over everyone whose last names start from A to D. Todd, you’ve got ten minutes to prophesy over everybody.” I’m having coffee. I’m not even awake yet. I’m just following Pat around some place in B.C., just hanging out. I’m not even moving all that much in the ministry. I’m hearing God some and having visitations. So she gives me the microphone and says, “If you have the gift of prophecy according to the book of Romans, then prophesy in proportion to your faith. Do you have faith you can prophesy over every one?” I said, “Yup!” Sure enough, I could prophesy over everyone. Paul said in Romans 14:31, that we can all learn. So there’s a place to practice and spread your wings.

When we did this in Korea I asked who wants to prophesy and every yells, “Me, me!” Later I asked, “Who can hear the voice of God? Who gave a prophecy?” Everyone says, “We did, we did!” So I said, “If it works in here, it works out there. So who’s ready to take it to the market with me?”

People weren’t quite as excited about that.

I said, “We’re going to the mall tomorrow and we’re going to hang up a sign in the food court that says ‘Free Spiritual Readings’. We’ll set up eight prophetic tables (two people per table trained in the prophetic) and we’re going to tell people their destinies. Then we’ll go throughout the entire mall to bring people in.” About 500 people put their hands up and agreed to meet me in the mall the next day. So hundreds of people converged on a mall in downtown Seoul, Korea and I go into the food court and there they all are. Yeah, hundreds of people ready to evangelize! We prophesied over 200 unbelievers and after we were done telling them things about destiny I asked, “Who wants to give your life to Jesus?” Two hours later 176 people were saved. Saved!


This is the dimension of living in the supernatural that is becoming every day Christianity. We win the world with power encounters! Not just miracles, signs and wonders but moving in the realm of revelation. That’s why some of you reading this need to pray about being part of what we’re going to do in Las Vegas this summer.

There’s a cluster of ministries coming together - seven days to transform an entire city! We’ll hold a school on the extreme prophetic. And then we’ll launch radical outreaches - into the prisons, maybe even into nightclubs, casinos, coffee shops and even right out into the street. People trained in the prophetic ministry will be mobilized and stationed at dream interpretation booths all over the city. We’ll also be hosting a television show on the psychic network so we can give the lost a prophetic encounter right in the midst of the psychic world.

By raising up this radical team of people who want to hear God’s voice and take it into the market, we believe we’ll see the whole city transformed. And then we’re going to have an Open Heaven’s conference - John Paul Jackson, Larry Randolph and myself speaking. Each of the four nights there will be full blown miracle crusades. We’ll spread the word with billboards and TV commercials. Seven days to transform a city! Every time I hear about it I say, “Yes God, this is the gospel! Right in the heart of sin city.”

Yes, God’s children were created for signs and wonders and we are starting to live in the supernatural. Let’s look at Acts 2:17, a very common passage of scripture, but one you’ve probably never seen it like this: “And it shall come to pass in the last days, says the Lord, I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy. Young men shall see visions and old men shall dream dreams.” I believe there is coming a day in the church when all flesh will come into a dimension of not just prophecy - commonplace prophetic words, still small voice and impressions, words of knowledge and exhortation or “thus says the Lord” words, but the dimension of visions and dreams.


There will be a day in the church when all flesh will have visions and dreams. Every believer will be having profound, detailed, accurate words of knowledge in the restaurant. Every believer should be having visions and every Christian should be having dreams. These experiences are available to all of us now. That’s how God speaks. If you’re a friend of God, that’s how God speaks to His friends.

Now look at verse Acts 2:19 - “I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs in the earth beneath: blood and fire and vapour of smoke.” I believe that God is releasing a signs and wonders dimension in the church today to validate the visions and dreams of the prophets. He is bringing authority on the prophetic word in the midst of all the prophetic fluff. God is going to validate the dreams and visions that we have in the church today by confirming them with signs in the heavens above and wonders in the earth beneath. He is going to validate the prophetic word by bringing a sign in the natural that the vision and dream is true.

For example, I was recently in a meeting in Seattle, and I asked a woman to stand up. I said, woman, you’ve got hepatitis C in your body and you’ve got three brothers. As a sign to you the Lord will heal you tonight, I’m going to tell you the name of your husband. The name of your husband is Danny.” She just came undone and the whole crowd screamed. Then I said, “Don’t be impressed with the detail, receive your healing”. Yes, there’s a whole new dimension of healing ministry, in which we not only call out a person’s condition but, as a sign that the Lord is going to heal someone, we may even tell someone the name of his youngest daughter, the middle name of his wife and the number of children in his family.

And the signs and wonders ministry will even go beyond this dimension. For instance, you may hear a word like: “Revival is going to come to your city and as a confirmation a comet will pass over your house on December 14th and I’m going to give you the time.” You may still wonder whether that guy who gave you the prophecy in the parking lot is really from God. Then you’ll go home, look out your window and go “Aaah- there it is!” The signs and wonders are to validate the dreams and visions of those who are hearing God - that is going to start taking place in the church.


A man called William Branham was a forerunner of this type of signs and wonders ministry. In 1946 an angel visited him and ignited what we call “The voice of healing” revival. This revival really took off in the 50s and 60s with Oral Roberts, Jack Coe, A.A. Allen, R.T. Ritchie, Gordon Lindsay and “Voice of Healing” newsletter. Tent meetings of tens of thousands of people filled up all across America. It all started with this poor, uneducated, stuttering man who had an angelic visitation and received a healing anointing. But it wasn’t just a healing anointing - they called William Branham a prophet of notable signs and wonders. He moved in more accurate realms of revelation than almost anybody else that I know of, other than Jesus. Some say his gifting was 100 percent accurate.

When people would come on the platform to receive healing and Branham entered that realm, he would go into visions and tell everyone many details of their life. He did this only as a sign that the Lord would heal them. People would wait in healing lines for hours. They would have to get a card with a number to get into the healing line to even get prayer. He would wait for an angel to come and stand behind him on his left side. He would do nothing until the angel arrived. Then he would yell out “the angel is here!” People would line up according to their number and Branham would begin to go into visions.


To give you an idea of what it commonly looked like at these meetings, here is Branham speaking at a service: “Now you are here and I see you now. People can still hear me. The woman is having a sleepless time. She can’t sleep. Is that right woman? You get very sick. You can hardly eat. You’re getting very sick. You’re afraid its gallstones. “That’s right, that’s right, exactly,” she says. He says you get nauseous feelings. There’s also somebody else that you’re interested in - that’s your husband. Oh, he has a mental illness. And that’s kind of a real mental nervous problem. Oh, and your husband is bothered with some kind of a trouble he’s in. He’s trying to get something, a … oh, a business deal. It’s a pension or something he’s trying to get. That’s right. Your husband’s trying to get a pension and you’ve got this fear that you’ve got gallstones and these are all the symptoms. And your husband’s also got a mental condition. (And then Branham goes on to talk about another woman who has come for healing.) Oh, I also see a little boy and the boy is about 12 years old or he’s something like that. He’s a young fella, and really he’s not your son. He is a son - you’ve raised him and you think that something went wrong with him. He isn’t, he’s just a little boy. He’ll be all right. Sure its O.K. Believe the right thing - everything will be all right. Go on believing that God will heal you.”

Then Branham wouldn’t even pray for these people and they would walk out of the meeting healed of all of their conditions. When he accurately told them the things he saw about their lives that was the “vision and the dream” we’ve been talking about. To validate the vision and the dream, God would bring a sign of healing in their body. This is the supernatural dimension that the Holy Spirit is beginning to release in the church today.



Now I’m going to share a recent prophetic encounter with you to further illustrate what God wants to do today. I was recently in Seattle, Washington participating in a ‘Healing Explosion’ conference. During that conference, I had a profound visitation. It was about ten o’clock at night and Bill Johnson, one of the speakers, was speaking. During his message, an angel dropped down in front of me. Nobody else could see the angel, but I could. The angel’s feet were like pillars of fire. As this portal opened up in the spirit realm, my spirit eyes opened and I could see an opening about four foot by four foot which the angel had opened. This rip, like a black hole, opened up in the sky.

A pillar of smoke and a pillar of fire appeared and I could feel this energy in the room. I stuck my hand out and it felt like it was going into an electrical force field. Then I shouted out, “What’s going on!” I started to shake but I didn’t want anyone to notice I’m having a prophetic encounter. I didn’t want to interrupt the sermon. Then I ask the Lord, “What do want to do with this?” He says, ‘Climb in, climb in. Just soak’.”

So that’s what I did. I just lay down at the altar and the Lord took me up into visions. I first went up into a scene from ancient Roman days with these seven huge pillars around me. Then God said, “These are the seven pillars of revelation”. Revelation 10:1 describes the same scene (every prophetic experience is in the bible): “I saw a mighty angel come down from heaven clothed with a cloud. His rainbow was on his head. His face was like the sun. He had feet like pillars of fire.” In verse two, the angel comes down with a little book, which he tells John to eat. He says the book would be sweet to the prophet’s mouth and bitter to his stomach.

The book of Revelation also talks about seven pillars which, the Lord shows me, were the seven spirits which rested on Jesus in Revelation 11:2. Here I am standing in the midst of the seven pillars of Revelation in a prophetic vision wondering what it is and the Lord says, “Proverbs 9:1”. This is what the verse says: “Wisdom has built her house. She has cut out her seven pillars.” I realize these are the seven pillars of wisdom and the Lord tells me “they’re also the seven pillars of Isaiah 11:2.” This passage reads: “The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.” Suddenly I realize that this experience is a sign of a new dimension of revelation God’s about to release in the Church today.

As I come out of this experience and get up off of the carpet, the Lord says, “Get back to your hotel room. I’m going to visit you in power for one hour”. So I grab some guys, one of Randy Clark’s interns and a couple of my team and we rush back to the hotel room. It’s five minutes to eleven when I pull my truck into the parking lot. We run into the hotel room at one minute to eleven. Everybody lays on the carpet at eleven o’clock on the nose. The power of God falls and every single person in the room starts screaming, shaking and vibrating. Everyone goes into visions simultaneously at eleven o’clock - five guys experiencing a simultaneous vision, seeing the same things at the same time. I had a vision of a fire and I started yelling out “My God is a consuming fire! My God is a consuming fire!” As I see the fire come down I scream, “The fire, the fire! Burn up my flesh! I want to feel the fire!”


I’m in this prophetic experience about the fire of God and in the natural realm the whole room fills with smoke and everybody smells it. My dad, who’s been a Christian for a year and a half says, “Todd, I’m in a room in heaven right now and there’s filing cabinets everywhere. The Lord opened a filing cabinet and he brought out a little book.” The moment he spoke that, in my vision, I was already ripping a scroll from a book and eating it. I know this sounds wild and you’re probably thinking ‘come on’!? The next thing I scream out, “I’m in a room full of spices”. I see these little jars of spices - like cinnamon, garlic and oregano. The scene goes on farther than my eyes can see - wall-to-wall spice jars. Then I yell out, “The spices, the fragrant spices, the aromas!” and the whole room fills with the fragrance of the Lord. In that moment, in the natural, everybody smells burning cinnamon.

You May be thinking, "This is Too Much!"

You may be reading this thinking, “This is too much. I’ve heard of guys having visions but everybody being caught up into the same vision Todd?”

I’m just sharing a profound, unusual, prophetic encounter that tells us, “God’s about to visit us in a whole new dimension of revelation and wisdom. He’s releasing Isaiah 11:2.” Do you know what the difference is between the ministry of Jesus, Isaiah 11 and the gifts of the Holy Ghost in 1 Corinthians 9? Jesus didn’t operate in the Gifts of the Spirit. He didn’t operate in the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom or the gifts of healing. No, listen, Jesus operated in the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Knowledge, the ever-flowing, increasing, constant knowledge of being in the mind of God. That’s just where He lived. He lived in 1 Corinthians 2 - the mind of God, the mind of Christ, the deep things of God. First Corinthians 2:10 tells us: “All these things have been revealed to us by His Spirit.”


How would you like the Spirit of the Lord to rest upon your life with constant flowing knowledge instead of just a little word of knowledge? There can be such intimacy and friendship between you and God that His spirit of knowledge of revelation and counsel rests on you. Its not that the church doesn’t have enough power today, the church doesn’t have enough revelation.

"Ok God, What's Going On?"

Now, back in our hotel encounter I’m asking God, “O.K. God, what’s going on? The fire comes down, the whole room is filled with the smell of smoke and now the fragrance comes down.

What does it mean for the church today?”

He directs me to the Song of Solomon 3:6 where the king asks, “Who is this coming out of the wilderness like pillars of smoke?”

That’s what I’m asking: “Who is this in my hotel room like pillars of smoke?”? It continues: “(He’s) perfumed with myrrh and frankincense, with all the merchant’s fragrant powders… He (Solomon the king) made its pillars of silver, its supports of gold, its seat of purple, its interior paved with love by the daughters of Jerusalem. Go forth, O daughters of Zion, and see King Solomon…”

This is a description of the bridegroom king coming to the church in intimacy with all His fragrant aroma. It’s the Lord’s invitation into this whole new dimension of intimacy.

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