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Victoria Boyson: Encountering Darkness: "Raise An Army, Prepare the Way, Light the Torch It's Time to Play!"

by Victoria Boyson
Feb 5, 2015

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

You and I normally don't look forward to a great battle nor relish a "civil" war of any king. But when it's time for God Himself to go to war in His Kingdom, this is a fight that God loves... Partially because He knows the outcome before the battle begins.

Here is a quote from this word though Victoria Boyson:

Then the Father asked me, "Are you afraid of war?"

Without waiting for an answer, He continued: "My warriors are not afraid of war, they anticipate it. They understand it is their opportunity to deliver and redeem."

Are you longing for the prodigals... YOUR PRODIGAL, to come home? God is, and a part of the process of these battles is to bring God's Prodigals and your prodigals HOME TO YOU!!

So... Prepare the Way, Light the Torch, "It's Time to PLAY!"

Be encouraged as you read the rest of this word!


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"Raise an army, prepare the way, light the torch – it's time to play!" –God

I saw an army of light and an army of darkness – they gathered to battle for the soul of the world. They were a terrifying sight to see. But it was, after all, a civil war. Indeed, has there ever been such a thing as "civil" war?

Then the Father asked me, "Are you afraid of war?"

Without waiting for an answer, He continued: "My warriors are not afraid of war, they anticipate it. They understand it is their opportunity to deliver and redeem."

The Darkness Unleashes Its Wrath

I saw in the spirit a war for the soul of the world fought by an army of darkness against an army of great light. Facing each other, they spread across the continents, but these armies were unique. They were unarmed and simply assumed the characteristics of either the light or the darkness they served.

At first, it seemed to me the army of light would succumb to the ferocious anger of the soldiers of darkness, but they showed no fear at all. They seemed to anticipate their wrath and were unaffected by their anger. Seeming to be strangely relieved by the attack against them, they smiled with the most effervescent, loving smiles.

The army of darkness seemed fierce and unrelenting as they exacted their long-anticipated vengeance against the "intolerable" light army and spit out every unfathomably, repugnant, malignant curses they could muster. It was simply the most uncivil conduct I'd ever seen, but it was war, after all, and this was their weapon of choice – their words. (Photo via Pixabay)

Like dreadful bombs of dark delusion, I saw a flood of words unleashed out of their mouths, which rained down upon the heads of the army of light until it seemed they would be suffocated. Yet, in just a brief moment, the darkness dissipated as I saw a radiant light beaming through the dark words launched at them, breaking apart the smothering gloom. Repeatedly, the army of light endured the onslaught of curses released from the army of darkness. Each time they endured slander and hatred, they withstood it brilliantly.

Again and again, the army of the dark tried in vain to frighten the army of light, but to no avail. They were simply immovable. The love they possessed for those in the grip of darkness seemed to increase the more threatening they became. As they saw their rage was having little effect, they tried to increase the intensity of their hatred. But to the soldiers of the light who were assured of victory, little else could penetrate their minds.

The Light Responds to the Dark

After it seemed that the darkness had all but exhausted their cruelty, it was time for the light army to take a turn. Their weapon of choice was also their words.

But, oh what words they used!

Choosing their words quite intentionally, these great warriors understood the power of the words they used and the effectiveness they possessed. Starting slowly, they swiftly gained momentum, for they well knew the superior nature of their weapons.

They were possessed by the power of the Father's love, for He had equipped them with immeasurably powerful weapons that would literally change the world. The Father armed His soldiers with a tidal wave of His love – He had drowned them in it. Then He drowned them again, only to repeat it until they were completely enveloped by it. (Photo by Robert Bartow "Harvest" via

As they were infused by His great love, He transformed all the previous efforts by the enemy to destroy their destiny. All the wounds and insecurities were turned into armor to protect them – they were prepared for war!

Truly, their words carried the weight of the Father as if their words originated in Heaven, and were felt immediately by the hearer. The blessings of the Father were suddenly made tangible and had the power to strip the dark of its grip and bring light to even the most wrathful person. These warriors had been prepared by the Father for this day.

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Again and again, the words of the army of light were catapulted over to the enemy's captives held in darkness. Words of light – love, peace, and joy – landed with great brilliance on the heads of those held captive by the darkness, and they had a breathtaking effect on the receiver.

Launching the strength and power of Heaven into the darkness, it seemed to paralyze its targets at first. Then, slowly, it began to melt away the anger they felt, turning it into glorious peace and remorse. Penetrating the darkness, their words expelled the lies of the enemy and healed the wounds entangling them. Truly, darkness did not have a chance against the power of the Light.

As you can imagine, with the light army's superior weaponry increased by the authority of the Father, it would seem this war would more greatly resemble a massacre of the powers of darkness than a true war. Indeed, it was play time to God, and He's been excited to finally share it with His beloved children.

Building an Army

For years, the Father has watched as the weight of doubt has bombarded your faith. He's watched as you've faithfully fought against it, and your endurance through the battle has pleased Him more than words can say.

Truly, He's seen how you've been treated and belittled by those who should know better, but there is a victory in it, you dear one. For, the greatest buildings need a very firm foundation, and the most essential soldiers need intensive training. That is what He's been building in you – His mighty warrior! (Photo via Pixabay)

Yes, spiritual war is play time for God, but first He must raise an army! Yes, an army of light must be washed in His love for the world to see its great light. The Father has been working excitedly in anticipation for the awakening of His beloved.

He will start by awakening His Bride and preparing her for war by bathing her in His love. She will no longer look the same. She will speak with the tongue of His Spirit, and the darkness will indeed shudder.

But, the renewal of His saints will only be the beginning, because when they are prepared He will bring home the prodigals. For, though they've been absent, they've never truly ceased loving Him and He has never stopped loving them. In their darkest moments, in their most abandoned state, they still could not stop loving the Father. Even though they cursed Him, they couldn't help but love Him. Though they tried desperately to run from Him, He never left their side for a moment.

The Father loves His prodigals; they are His secret weapon, and ours as well. Truly powerful, the prodigals know the secrets of His heart and also the secrets of the lost. They are the bridge that will link the two together.

As the prodigals return, they will bring such rejoicing to the Church it will be tempting to think we've won, but the war has not even begun. No, when the prodigals are in place and baptized in love and mercy, you will see the war of words.

Our Father will light the torch of our lives to illuminate the nations. The enemy will come to fight and find himself losing the souls of those he prizes most. Our battle will be quite one-sided, and it will be because we have finally learned how to use our words to create Heaven on Earth!

Baptized in our Father's love, we play!

"Raise an army, prepare the way, light the torch – it's time to play!"

Victoria Boyson
Speaking Life Ministries


Victoria Boyson met Jesus at the age of seven. At thirteen, she started ministering using music as a platform to tell others about Jesus. She and her husband, Steve, ministered as pastors in the mid-west, but in 1999, the Lord told them to move to work for Francis Frangipane, who was extremely influential in their development as Christians and as ministers.

Victoria is a powerful prophetic voice to this generation and co-founder of Speaking Life Ministries. Based out of the Houston, Texas area, she is called to awaken and prepare the Bride of Christ for the end-time harvest and compel His Church to embrace a passionate relationship with their Heavenly Father. She is the author of The Birth of Your Destiny and His Passionate Pursuit and her latest book Awakening: The Deep Sleep.

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April 9-12, 2015
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