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Kim Clement Prophetic Alert: A New President Emerging and Visible to the Eye

by Kim Clement
Feb 21, 2014

Prophetic Alert - A New President Emerging and Visible to the Eye


A powerful and amazing thing happened in my Garden during prayer today. I was praying for the future of the USA and Israel when suddenly I was caught up in the spirit and behind me were what seemed like hundreds of thousands of people standing. When I raised my hands to Heaven, they raised their hands. It was a beautiful sight and drew me into a state of ecstatic worship. I then raised my voice and shouted and they followed me with a thunderous shout and an applause like I have never heard. This continued and during this moment I had an ecstatic perception. The message was clear and then I saw a mist come down covering the people, and singled out from those hundreds of thousands of people stood one human being. A president for these United States of America. I asked God to clear the mist and what I heard was not to be uttered until I was in the presence of God's people during high praises. I will utter the utterance of God tomorrow. Be there - that's all I can say.

TOMORROW you cannot miss the DEN broadcast - a PROPHETIC ALERT. Join me in high praises and hear what God has planned for our future.

During the Den broadcast last Saturday, I felt inspired to pray over certain nations, and specifically for those of you who were watching from these nations. One nation that I felt impressed to pray about was Ukraine. Suddenly this week, Ukraine has erupted as scenes of violence and revolution have captured global attention. Disturbing news from North Korea has also come out, but what is the Divine plan for these regions?

On Codebreakers, we will analyze what has been prophesied in advance in order to see light and gain illumination even in the midst of darkness. We will see that a divine dynamic is rising up in spite of the presence of the demonic. The gospel will soon invade Third World nations through the means of a disruptive ludicrous speed technology that was prophesied about in advance on April 20, 2008. A great move of the Spirit is about to cover the earth.

Kim Clement
This Saturday's broadcast (February 22nd) will be LIVE online from 12:00PM PT/3:00PM ET/8:00PM GMT. You can join us at at the scheduled time. We will replay this event immediately following the LIVE broadcast.
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