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Will This Anti-Aging Phenomenon Make Botox Obsolete?

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Jan 16, 2014

Underground Health Reporter
From the Desk of Danica Collins

"Topical Botox": The New Way to Erase the Look of Wrinkles and Lines from Your Skin—Without Injections!

Dear Elijah List Reader,

If you've ever searched for a product that can make your skin look younger, I'm sure you've come across Botox.

BotoxBotox (Botulinum Toxin) is an anti-wrinkle drug.  It's actually a toxin that's injected into the skin to paralyze muscles.  This makes you lose the ability to frown or make facial expressions, which cause frown lines, laugh lines and other wrinkles.

This injectable drug has become wildly popular ever since it was approved for cosmetic use in 2002.  Countless celebrities—as well as average people—have flocked to cosmetic dermatologists' and aesthetic physicians' offices to get injected.  And they pay $500 to $2,000 for a single visit.

I have to admit that when I turned 50, and I realized that my skin was going downhill fast... I was tempted to get a Botox injection myself—even though I knew it wasn't a healthy thing to do.

I knew it was very expensive, but because the Botox effect lasts 4 months, I figured it's still better than spending $15,000 on a facelift.

Luckily, I decided against Botox.  Last year, I stumbled upon a Beverly Hills company called Rodeo Drive Collection that had just developed something absolutely phenomenal in skin anti-aging.

An Anti-Aging Peptide Nicknamed "Topical Botox"

Rodeo Drive Collection has bottled a powerful peptide that mimics the effect of Botox—but unlike Botox, which paralyzes muscles, this peptide relaxes them.  Extensive clinical studies show that this peptide—nicknamed "Topical Botox"—inhibits the impulses that cause facial muscles to contract or move—such as when forming facial expressions like smiling or frowning

And it's applied topically on the skin—without the use of injectable toxins.

Youthful Skin in the Mirror This peptide has been scientifically proven to be effective against wrinkle development.  It has also been shown to reduce the depth of existing facial wrinkles an average of 27% in just 30 days.

As if that weren't enough, they took that breakthrough peptide—and combined it with 2 other stellar anti-aging ingredients to create the first-of-its-kind skin rejuvenating cream that produced remarkable results in an independent study consisting of women and men of baby-boomer age.

When the company gave me 2 sample jars to try, I was downright amazed that my skin appeared to be aging in reverse!  After I had used it for 6 weeks, I can honestly say...

... I've never used a skincare product that has gotten me as many compliments as this one has!

One day, I went to the Luxe Spa in Bel Air for a facial.  Katya, the aesthetician who gave me my facial, couldn't believe it when I told her I was 56 years old.  She kept saying over and over again, "I am so SHOCKED that you're 56.  Your skin has no wrinkles, and the texture is like porcelain.  I could've sworn you were only 35!"

Katya asked me what skincare I was using, and I told her that I've been using this new product called Transformation Skin Rejuvenating Créme for 2 months.

I went on to tell her about the "Topical Botox" and the 2 other superstar anti-aging ingredients that were in it.  She was so impressed that she immediately told one of the owners of the spa that this is a product they must offer for sale to their spa clients!

That's a true story—and I will never forget it.

The folks at Rodeo Drive Collection are working overtime to fill demand for this breakthrough age-reversing skin care cream, but their stock sells out quickly.  So I recommend ordering three jars, so you can have plenty on hand.  Click here to start transforming your skin now.

Wishing you the best of health,

Danica Collins

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