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Shawn Bolz
Aug 5, 2002


(Originally posted on June 5, 2002-- But the word was given on June 14, 2001-- the year before)

-- by Shawn Bolz Journey Ministries International Grandview, MO


Note by Steve Shultz: Shawn Bolz accurately prophesied over me (yes he doesn't remember it) five years ago. At that time, another prophet I respect told me that Shawn was one of the most accurate prophets concerning specific dates he had ever known. Just thought you might want to know that. -- Steve Shultz, THE ELIJAH LIST


On June 14th [2001] I was sitting at my computer and an open vision appeared before me. I saw two seismologists tracing fault lines in Spokane Washington, because there had just been a series of Earthquakes there. I knew that in the natural Spokane had not had Earthquakes in a long time, but I then heard an audible voice.

“There is an undercurrent of my power in the Northwest that is about to explode forth in signs and wonders, healings, and power! I am shaking everything that can be shaken in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and up into Canada. There is a release of my power that will come there, then explode forth all over the nation.”




I submitted this word that day to various leaders in the Spokane and Post Falls Idaho area and told them that I believed there would be Earthquakes within a few weeks as a sign of this word, and on June 25th there was a series of large Earthquakes, the biggest one sounding with an explosion which was even noted in the local Spokane newspapers! Just like the explosion of power I saw in my vision it happened in the natural as a sign it was coming. This being only 2 weeks after the word, I knew that God was sending radical alert to the Northwest.

The Lord is about to move in the Northwest in an unprecedented way to wake up his church! God is going to give divine strategies on how to open up the gates of heaven for healings and miracles to come.

On April 27th I was caught up in the Spirit and I heard an Angel cry ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven!’ 3 times and then I saw a rain come down upon the Northwest. It was a rain of power so that his reign could come.

I also saw in the spirit a great bon fire, which was the move of the Spirit and many tents were camped out at the bon fire. The tents were all so close together that their tent pegs were overlapping because each group wanted to be right in front of the fire.

I believe this represents a move of unity and a promise that God is not bringing this to only one ministry or group, but he wants his beloved ministries to carry this fire of his love together.

It is a corporate invitation.

I believe there is a literal explosion of God’s power that will come, and the natural phenomenon has only begun to reflect it as signs in the natural of what is growing in the Spirit.

There is a volcano that is about to explode in the Northwest of God’s power and with it there will be groups all over the Earth that will be affected by it!


Clarification of Prophetic Word for Northwest Shawn Bolz Jun 5, 2002

Update to prophetic word for Northwest:

Hi everyone, there was some confusion about when this word for the Northwest took place since we are coming into June 2002 and the word talked about June. The Lord gave Shawn the open vision and word for the Northwest about the Earthquakes on June 14, 2001.

There was then a series of Earthquakes that were 2.0-4.9 on June 25th of 2001, after not having Earthquakes for 75 years! That was within 2 weeks. Sorry for the confusion with some who thought they were to come this has already happened but is a signpost in the natural of what is still being birthed in the Spirit.




The word was also for the whole Northwest region, not just Spokane. The Lord told Shawn that the explosion of glory would come from the Northwest, not just one city. Washington, Idaho, Oregon, etc. God is doing some amazing things in that geographical region that are in their beginnings or new beginnings.

Also, in November of 2001, Shawn was at a meeting on a Saturday night in the area of the Northwest and he prophesied out of Hebrews 12 about everything that can be shaken. He described the great shaking that would come to the church and to the land. That God is going to be bringing a cleansing to the area and shake off the old so he could bring in the new. The very next day there was a 5.0 Earthquake in Spokane again.

Just wanted to give you a little background and clarification!

Blessings in the name of our great Jesus!


Trips to the Northwest: I (Shawn) have been visiting up there once a month in the region, building and prophesying in the area since last August. We have been very well received by the believers there, and will continue to go up all the way through October once a month. Once every month we do meetings with Grace Training Center of Post Falls Idaho, and we do a Bible Chapel in the Healing Rooms of Spokane hosted by their Bible College on Monday morning. We also speak at local churches in the area. For more information if you want to visit these meetings contact our ministry offices.


Journey Ministries International PMB 180 12905 S. 71 HWY Grandview, MO 64030

(816) 763-3127

For Other Journey Ministry contact info: Journey Ministries Int’l email

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