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Holland Revival Continues

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June 17, 2012

with David Wagner,
Mattheus van der Steen
and TRIN team

On April 20th, 2012, a group of revivalists came together from The Netherlands and America for a Week of Revival Meetings organized by Touch Reach and Impact the Nations (TRIN) in Hardewijk, Holland. These revivalists were Mattheus van der Steen, founder of TRIN, and David Wagner from Pensacola, Florida, USA, who God used mightily the first week of meetings and has come back to Holland 3 times since to minister and release the fire of God at the Holland Revival.

From the very first night, God showed up and exceeded our expectations as He released His power and glory upon the hungry people of Holland. The Lord started to heal people during the revival meetings in the areas of brain, blood, and bones on the first night. Many people have testified that they have been miraculously healed from cancer and other incurable diseases. Others have shared how they were delivered from torment, suicide, and addictions by the power of God. Many have been giving their lives to Jesus Christ and accepting Him as their personal Lord and Savior, and many more have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

It was very clear to us from the beginning that the Holy Spirit was up to something bigger than we could ask, think, or even imagine, so the TRIN team of leaders decided to continue the meetings by the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Lord recently spoke to us and said: "This is going to be a summer of the supernatural as I release a fresh outpouring and reformation in Holland and throughout the continent of Europe. I am getting ready to draw the nations to Me and release My glory upon My people. The dry places in Europe shall live again! Get ready Europe, your time has come. You are about to be a region that is on fire for the Lord! Prepare to receive the Reformers Fire. Holland is about to be a nation filled with signs and wonders that will be exported around the globe!"

We have heard the cry from the Father's Heart and we are choosing to contend for a move of God in our nation and in our generation. We believe that the best is yet to come, and God is about to release the cloud of His glory and the fire of His presence over us the next few weeks. We invite you to join us at the Holland Revival as we continue these special meetings June 20th-30th. Come and experience what the Holy Spirit is doing in Holland and bring the fire of revival back to your church, your village, your city, and your nation!

Mattheus van der Steen is the founder and director of Touch, Reach and Impact the Nations (TRIN). He and his wife, Rebekah, founded TRIN, a multi-faceted ministry which has since grown into a multi-national organization. It not only reaches out across the world to fulfil the Great Commission and see revival and transformation usher in the Kingdom of God, but also reaches out to the poor, hungry, widowed and destitute. Mattheus does outreaches in many countries (85 nations), mainly in India; Pakistan; Indonesia; and Uganda where TRIN has offices, but also in Myanmar; Mozambique; Israel; Korea (both North and South); and throughout America and Europe. These outreaches are normally accompanied by healings, signs and wonders.

Mattheus regularly teaches as covenant partners at Heidi and Rolland Baker's Bible School in Mozambique. Mattheus and Rebekah have God's heart for the poor, widowed, oppressed and homeless, which has led them to start outreaches to these people everywhere TRIN goes. Mattheus is also an ordained minister in the GISI IFGF church, which has its headquarters in Indonesia. Within his own country, the Netherlands, it is Mattheus and Rebekah's heartfelt desire and passion to see transformation and revival. They have been married for 7 years, they live in Harderwijk in the Netherlands and have two sons, Zephaniah and Justice, and a daughter named Destiny. Mattheus is busy right now with mobilizing a huge net for the millions of fish. It is revival time and YOU are part of it!!! Mobilizing 10,000 people worldwide for revival, harvest and transformation.
David Wagner has a passion for reaching the lost, restoring the broken, and healing the hurting through the powerful Word of God and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. David believes the Church is a prophetic voice in the Earth today. He has heard the cry of the Father's heart to raise up spiritual sons and daughters in the Church. He established Father's Heart Ministries in 2001 to help Believers discover their identity in Christ and the destiny and purpose of God for their lives.

Dave has ministered throughout the United States and around the world, equipping Believers by speaking at prophetic conferences, youth and children's crusades, and leadership training meetings. He has ministered in a variety of denominational settings, and has personally been a part of planting churches in the nations. Throughout his ministry, he has seen thousands experience true freedom from bondage and disease, and come to know the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the power and Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Dave currently serves on the leadership team of Jubilee International Ministries in Pensacola, Florida as an elder. Dave also serves on the Board of Directors for Jubilee Christian Academy and other ministry boards around the world. He lives in Pensacola with his wife, Molly. Dave and Molly have five beautiful children: Arah, Benjamin, Caleb, Joshua, and Isaac who love to minister with Daddy whenever possible.
What Others Are Saying
Mattheus van der Steen is a Holy Spirit reformer who is taking Holland by storm. Mat is a miracle worker who moves in healing, signs and wonders. But the most compelling element of this outpouring is the compassion that God has given him for the lost. It is the unique catalyst to this national revival. Let's join the journey.

Kris Vallotton
Bethel Church

Mattheus and Rebekah van der Steen were born in and for revival. A true Revivalist is a martyr. One who lays their life down so that others may know Christ. It is hard work but they have proven themselves many times over. They stand for truth and justice. They are the voice for the one who has none, the widow orphan, and those lost have great champions and that is Trin. Holland has caught this wave of God's Glory, and it's being ushered in by a nation that will be transformed.

Angela Greenig
Founder of Angela Greenig Ministries
June 20-30, 2012

7:30 - 10:30pm nightly
TRIN building
Zuiderzeepad 3
Harderwijk – The Netherlands

Tel: +31341 424 785

Up to date report on the Holland Revival:
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TRIN are covenant partners with Rolland and Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, John and Carol Arnot, Angela Greenig, and Wesley and Stacey Campbell.

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Contact TRIN for More Information:

+31341 424 785



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