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Kathi Pelton:
"A 10:10 Moment — Choose Life!"

For the past three years, I have been having the Holy Spirit show me a clock with the numbers "10:10" upon it.
It began one October night in a parking lot as I waited for my husband to grab some items in the grocery store (after a long drive home from an international trip, followed by speaking at a conference).

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I was too exhausted to walk the aisles so I remained in our car. As soon as Jeff stepped out of the car, I was taken by the Spirit into a vision where I was shown a calendar with 10:10 on it and told that it was our 10:10 moment. It was a mysterious vision that only lasted a few minutes but it was as if the numbers 10:10 were branded upon my spirit.
When I came out of this vision...(Read More)