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Ivan Roman:
A Generation Gets A Name Change and Fights 'From' Their Inheritance

An Angelic Encounter and Decree
On Tuesday morning, July 22, 2014 I was lying on my bed listening to my online Bible school, and praying. In this particular session of the Welton Academy, a guest instructor was teaching a session on being a seer (one who sees in the spirit).

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At the end of the session the instructor asked the students to put their hands over their eyes and then ask God to allow them to see the angels in the room. (I have had very few angelic experiences in my life but the ones I have had were very sovereign.) I've never asked for them; they simply appeared and I honestly didn't expect anything to happen when I prayed this time. I half-heartedly prayed and instantly, my eyes were opened and I saw an angel standing at the foot of my bed...(Read More)