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Sandie Freed:
Baptize Your Promised Land by Pleading the Blood

Dear Believer,
I am always amazed at the faithfulness of God, aren't you? It's so easy to love a God like ours; especially when we recall what Jesus did at the Cross. I have noticed that the message of the Cross and the power in the Blood of Jesus are rarely discussed anymore. Yet, Jesus died so that we can become completely free of religious performance.

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Performance is a very hard taskmaster. In fact, under performance we can never do enough. For us to believe that God only loves us or approves of us because of what we DO for Him rather than WHOSE we are, is to actually demonstrate that what Christ did on the Cross is of no effect! In other words, we are believing that His death and the shedding of His Blood was not enough to place us in right-standing with God.

Many of you are aware that I am known to be a freedom fighter! It is no accident that I...(Read More)