Elijah list

Daily Word

By Lana Vawser:
"Standing in His Peace in a New Day of Destiny!"

A Vision of the Giants in the Land
In a vision I saw many of the people of God met with "suddenlies" but these suddenlies were GIANTS. As I looked at these giants I saw the word, "INTIMIDATION" written across their chest. These giants had suddenly risen before many of the people of God and they were bringing intimidation. I knew suddenly that these giants represented circumstances from waiting for the breakthrough, to pressing issues, to unexpected curveballs, to demonic attacks, to accusations, to hopelessness.

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The common denominator of these giants, whether the circumstances before the people of God were hard, discouraging and trying, or the breakthrough has begun and the change seems overwhelming – the purpose of these giants arising was to bring intimidation and to stop the people of...(Read More)