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"Defeating the Giants with Evergreen"

My previous article began with a dream that holds great significance for America, and for me, personally. That dream was given by God to my friend, Thomas Hall, back in 2007. Thomas dreamt I was a boxer in a fighting ring, facing five giants, in five rounds. Alternating fists, I knocked out one giant per round with just one blow to each opponent. At the conclusion of the boxing match, I raised my fists and said, "If you are going to take out the giants in this season, you are going to have to wear these two gloves." On one glove was written the word "Everlast;" on the other, "Evergreen."

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The interpretation of that dream unfolded over two seasons of my life – spaced six years apart. The name on the first glove made total sense to me when Thomas shared his dream the morning after receiving it. God had been preparing me...(Read More)