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Katie Barker:
"Heavenly Scrolls Are Being Released to Those Who 'Walk With God'"

I have had the same encounter with the Lord three times over the last few months, and I now feel a liberty to release what the Lord has shown me. Each time the Lord has shown me a great heavenly vault. There is an invitation from the Lord to "come up higher" in order to have access to the vault. As I approach the vault, the golden door of the vault opens before me and inside there are many, many scrolls. I know these scrolls contain revelation for the times and seasons of God that are ahead, including God's end-time plans.

The scrolls contain deeper revelation and deeper truths from the Word of God and mysteries of the Kingdom of God. Some scrolls contain revelation for the destiny of nations. Some of these I can see are very old and have been kept for this hour and season. The invitation from the Lord is a corporate one and is being extended to those who "walk with the Lord." I believe as God's end-time plan is accelerating, a company of those who "walk with the Lord" will arise and be given access to increased revelation, which they will release to the Body of Christ on the leading of the Spirit. They will release revelation on the times and seasons of God and the strategy for advancement of the Kingdom as the Lord prepares His Bride for His return.

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