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Ben Peters:
"The Divine Strategy of Preemption"

A Revelatory Nugget
The enemy of our souls is always plotting strategy to take us out and steal, kill and destroy. But our God has superior "intelligence" or spying ability, and He has a wonderful habit of doing a preemptive strike before the enemy can do what he wants to do. It's like our opponent is about to score the winning touchdown, when God makes the big interception and takes the ball the other way. We need to be encouraged that although everything looks as dark as it could possibly be, God has a plan to thwart the destructive plan against His people.

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I believe God is speaking prophetically to His Church, to Israel, America and other nations, which are facing impossible scenarios such as the ISIS crisis, Ebola, moral and financial collapse, and many other attacks of the enemy. He is about to make a preemptive strike to turn His enemy's plans for victory into a stunning defeat. I will be more specific at the end of...(Read More)