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Johnny Enlow:
"Houston's Rainbows: God's Miraculous Goodness"

As I write this post the rain is still falling in Houston. What reportedly is the worst rainstorm in US history continues to drench Texas and now Louisiana before it heads north to perhaps flood other states. In a matter of a few days, more than 50 inches of rain have fallen. Surely no city on the earth could take that much water in such a short time without dire consequences.

As of this moment, the low loss of life has to be considered miraculous. Yet, a preliminary estimate has the damages of this disaster exceeding 50 billion dollars with a timetable of years before "normality" will ever come back to Houston, if at all. Even early in this process I believe that the Lord has something to say: Houston will rise again and be famed as a City of Hopeóbut I will get to that in a moment.

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First, I will address some relevant questions being asked:

Was it Judgment from God?

Suddenly prophecies of "judgment" have surfaced everywhere attaching Houston's flooding to...(Read More)