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Daily Word

Joey LeTourneau:
"Align with Hope's Expectation"

"Now hope does not disappoint..." Romans 5:5
Hope may seem like a simple word to us, but we must not allow the familiarity of our definition to rob the eternal potency of God's truth and power when it is applied in its full measure. Right now, I believe we have huge, collective reason to hope like never before. Half measures of hope are gone and our measure is being bound to His again.

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It seems the enemy has been working overtime lately to create fear. You may have seen or felt it too. Social media and mainstream media are brimming with subjects that can cause our perspective to be far too fear focused while it tries to rob our hopeful future. You may even be experiencing a greater amount of anxiety, or areas of setback lately while the enemy's lies seek to add pounds of...(Read More)