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Katie Barker:
"The Restoration and Rise of Families!"

I heard the Lord say, "I am restoring families and the key role of the family. One of the greatest ploys of the enemy has been the degradation of family, and with this has come a departure from the fullness I intended for My people. With this has come a departure from My ways. Many are walking with deep hurt and mistrust but I am coming to heal wounds and bring restoration."

Rise of Families Who Walk in His Power

The Lord went on to say, "As a sign of all I will do in restoring families, and as a sign of the importance I place on family, I am raising up not just couples who walk in My love and power, but families. These families operate in the power of My Spirit from a foundation of love. These families will be a marker of all I wish to bring forth in these days. They will showcase the generations ministering together in unity and honor. They will showcase the diversity of gifts flowing through vessels surrendered to Me in order to impact My people and give glory to Me.

"I am raising up families who will minister together. These families will be markers of all I will bring forth in My Body, for I desire to see spiritual mothers and fathers equipping and releasing those coming after them into the fullness of the destiny I have for them. I desire to see an honoring of the path pioneered by the previous generation... (Read More)