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Daily Word

Anita Alexander:
"Decrease is the Formula for Increase!"

What? Yep, you read that title right: Decrease is the formula for increase. We all want and desire to go to new levels, know the Lord more, experience Him in greater ways, see His power flow in greater measures and see Him use us in greater ways for His glory. We have even heard out of the mouth of prophets in this season that this is the season of increase, glory, souls, signs and wonders etc.

"I feel the Lord is saying that this is the part where you are decreasing in order that He might fulfill that which He has said and bring increase in those areas you have been crying out for! "

But in order to increase, there must be a decrease. That is the way of the Kingdom. We see this principle explained over and over again in Scripture. For example, when the Lord wants us to bear more fruit He prunes us back. There is a cutting away in order to bring forth more (see John 15:1-2)... (Read More)