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Daily Word

Bonnie Jones:
"Let Down Your Ladder"

Recently I heard the Lord say, "Let down your ladder so I may climb up! The hearts of people have been closed for years, but I'm about to open wide the door of salvation unto the nations, and all who have an ear to hear may enter in. There's opportunity for all who desire to know Me to come unto Me this day. The fields are ripe for harvest; let no man walk away from his eternal inheritance. Speak softly, speak firmly, and speak My love and truth. All who have an ear to hear shall be saved."
And He said to them, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear!" Mark 4:9

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It's Time to Sow and Time to Harvest
Clearly, I believe it is harvest time and we are the harvesters. The Body of Christ is the sower of the seeds. In Mark 4, Jesus gives us the parable of the sower that sows the Word. Some seeds fall on deaf ears, and immediately the enemy comes to...(Read More)