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By Kathi Pelton:

I have had a stirring in my spirit the past few months regarding the new season that the Body of Christ has entered. I keep hearing the words: "The old and the new are merging as one." As I was waiting on the Lord the morning of August 17th, I heard Him speak these words:

A Personal Word for God's People

"My people have entered into a time of great purpose and preparation. I am preparing My yielded ones to be a landing strip that receives all that I desire to bring forth in this strategic time in history. I am clearing the debris in order to make room for the things of Heaven to come to Earth. I am clearing both lives and land that were created to be green pastures in the...(more)

By Ben Peters:

Five-Fold Gifting

While ministering in a Ministry Training School in Northwest Washington, I received a strong word for the pastors and leaders as well as the students. The word was to: shore up the weak spots on the team. They should look at their team like a Football coach would. Does he have qualified players at every position? How well do they work together, etc.?

God has empowered five different types of players on our ministry team (Ephesians 4:11). They are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Imagine if an NFL team took...(more)

By Jennifer LeClaire:

I call them "baby dreams" – and these prophetic encounters have been a running theme in my life over the past decade. It seems God has been laboring with me to birth a new thing for nearly that long. Along the way, there was at least one Ishmael, a couple of near-abortions, and plenty of spiritual warfare. But God in His grace somehow worked all things together for good.

There were lessons in this series of prophetic dreams. When I put those principles into practice it caused what looked like a stillbirth to become a healthy baby. I still don't have all the answers, but God has made one thing clear to me: Sometimes a small...(more)

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Muslims Being DRIVEN into the "Arms Of Loving Christians" by the Barbaric Actions of ISIS

"I can say only one word about the difference between Islam and Christianity," said one recent Christian convert. "The difference is between earth and sky and Heaven. We are thinking everyday why we are not behaving like the Christians ...We really saw a real humanity in their life."

Yazitis shelter(Zakho, Iraq)—Northern Iraq is facing a refugee crisis, with an estimated 182,000 Yazidis fleeing to Kurdistan to escape the brutal Islamic State (ISIS) army...(more)

Orthodox and Catholic Christian Leaders to UN "International Community Must Eradicate ISIS"

Joel Osteen Night of Hope"Countries must stop supporting and arming terrorists. Arabs must exert pressure on the financiers of these groups. We must stop extremist organizations and Arab countries must not remain silent against ISIS." -Statement released by leaders at Lebanon meeting with UN officials, Western diplomats

Editor's Note: Even as a second American journalist has reportedly been beheaded by the terror group ISIS, we know that no matter how great the darkness, it cannot extinguish God's light. But we must pray! -Aimee Herd, BCN...(more)

Pray It Works: First Human Trial for Experimental Ebola Vaccine to Start This Week

"There is an urgent need for a protective Ebola vaccine, and it is important to establish that a vaccine is safe and spurs the immune system to react in a way necessary to protect against infection."

Ebola burelAccording to an ABC News report, the first human trial will begin this week, to test a vaccine for the prevention of Ebola—the deadly virus that has reportedly killed some 1,552 people. (Photo via CNN...(more)

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