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By Kim Clement:

Prophesied on July 11th, 2015 - From the Den:

For there is a harvest coming like this earth has never seen. There is a harvest coming to the remnant of God like this earth has never seen. There are a people about to arise and they arise from the wombs of women that have painfully sought the Lord in the womb; the womb that has been desecrated by the very legalism.

And God says, "The legislation of that which has said, 'We must destroy the children,' and he tried to destroy the children during the time of Moses but the Savior and the Deliverer arose. He tried to...(more)

By Victoria Boyson:

The Return of the Prodigals and Unprecedented Harvest

In the days ahead of us, we will see a tremendous miracle - the return of the prodigals - on a level so far unimaginable for us. They are even now starting to return. Increasingly, I hear reports of prodigals who have a sudden awareness of the truth of their present condition and return to their Father.

We are entering a time of unprecedented harvest, something foretold since the days of...(more)

Tens of Thousands Protest in Mexico Against Gay Marriage Decision

The marches took place on July 25th in the cities of Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Culiacán, Los Mochis, Aguascalientes, Ciudad Juárez, among others. Guadalajara reunited the most participants. Organizers reported over 80,000 attending.

(Mexico City, Mexico)—Tens of thousands took to the streets of major Mexican cities under the slogan "Mexico is One for the Children," to ask the government to respect state constitutions that define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, after a recent Supreme Court ruling legalized same-sex unions throughout the country...(more)

Iraqi Politician Calls for Peace With Israel: "Muslim World Has Fostered Mentality of Vengeance"

Sunni Muslim Mithal Al-Alusi also blasts Iran and ISIS.

(Iraq)—[] Sunni Muslim Iraqi politician Mithal Al-Alusi, who leads the Ummah Party, told the Kuwaiti daily newspaper Al-Rai that Iraq should make peace with Israel. He also called Iran "insane" and said the Muslim world has created the Islamic State terror group by fostering a "mentality of vengeance and nullification of the other...(more)

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