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By Tim Sheets:

The following is a Prophetic Word given by Apostle Tim Sheets at the conference "The Cry" last week with guests Lou Engle, Dutch Sheets, Tim Sheets, Mark Casto, Jimmy Lovejoy, Isaiah Saldivar and James Taylor. This conference brought together the generations and we heard from the Generals and we heard from the Sons.

Prophetic word spoken by Apostle Tim Sheets on Thursday, July 17, 2014:

"A New Movement - A Pure Stream of My Gospel"

"The Spirit of the Lord declares to His Church – Doors to new history are now opening. A new movement will now move forth. A new stream from My Throne is flowing and it will be a pure stream of My Gospel. For the stream of My Gospel has been diverted and dammed up by those who wanted the...(more)

By Kent Simpson:

Did you know the word "heart" is mentioned in the Bible over 800 times? Have you ever stopped to think how this word is used, when it is clearly not referring to the physical heart?

Almost every time "heart" is used, the author is not referring to the muscle that beats in our chest and pumps blood throughout the body. The word is being used as a means of communicating to us something more spiritual than physical.

Even today, thousands of years later, we speak of the heart often, but it's not always in the context of the life-giving organ. For example, before a woman makes her mind up to stand at the altar and say her "I dos," she wants to know what is in the man's heart. She wants to know what is behind his exterior, what his true feelings are...(more)

By Jeff Jansen:

I would like to teach you on secrets of the "ascended life." E.W. Kenyon once said:

"The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus is the proof of satan's defeat, of man's Redemption, and of God's legal right to make the Believer a New Creation...God has lifted the Believer above all rule and authority and power and dominion, not only in this age, but in that which is to come. He put all things in subjection under the Believer's feet. He gave Christ who is the Head of the Body to be Master over all the forces of the universe."

We cannot claim any blessing that is...(more)

VIDEO: Woman Delivered From Ailment That Drove Her to Drugs

Woman Delivered From Ailment That Drove Her to Drugs.....(more)

Small Town Church's Vacation Bible School Wanted to Thank National Guard Troops for Their Service - The Response Will Shock You!

"I can tell you I'm ashamed and embarrassed right now," one Guardsman said. 'This isn't the military I signed up for." –National Guardsman

Soldier and flag(Reprinted with permission from Fox News-"Military bars troops from attending Vacation Bible school honor")

Bible Baptist Church in Carthage, Missouri is a small country church bursting with American pride. Old Glory is posted in the sanctuary. And every morning at summer youth camp, the teenagers pledge allegiance and sing the national anthem. (Photo: A Soldier on flag detail prepares to fold Old Glory-U.S. Army/Sgt...(more)

6-Year-Old with Brain Cancer Asks for "Mail" for His Birthday—See How Much He Actually Gets!

"Danny's loving every moment of this, so thank you."

Danny(Foxborough, MA)—Danny Nickerson turned 6-years-old on Friday, and all week long he’s been receiving his birthday wish of cards and letters (and even packages), sent from all over the world...(more)

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