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By Cornelius Quek:

I am very grateful for the Lord's grace in my life to encourage, teach, and impart with regards to God's provision for the Body. So, whenever He speaks to me about His heart to provide for the needs of His people and His Kingdom purposes, my ears are perked up to listen.

Recently, I had an open vision where I saw myself in a track stadium. It was a team sprint race, and I specifically saw the third runner darting toward the last few yards before the fourth and final runner. He stretched out the baton, the last runner grabbed it, and off he bolted toward the finish line. I remember the look vividly on the faces of both runners. Such intensity, passion, and discipline. These guys ran with one purpose - to win the race. They carried with them a winner's champion mentality.

There's Grace for Succession

Right after the open vision, my mind was directed to one of my...(more)

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By Brian Simmons:

I Hear His Whisper..."Do Not Judge My Plans for Your Life"

"I am training you and preparing you for the coming days. Your calling is unique and so your preparation will be unique. Others may walk in crooked ways, but your love for Me will not allow you to wander far from My paths.

"When you see your life as I see your life, you will know that My plans for your life are coming to pass. Nothing can hinder what I am preparing you for. The days of coming glory will not pass you by; you will experience all that I have planned - the fullness of My power is coming to you!

"Soon, very soon, you will be astounded in the changes I have brought in your life. You will move from one place to another, from being in the shadows to living in the brilliance of My glory. You will move from being confused to being comforted and filled with My life.

"Why would you doubt My plans for your life? Have I not called you to a unique and one-of-a-kind lifestyle? Joseph would have never come to the place of ruling and reigning if he lived in doubt, even in...(more)

By Ella Onakoya:

The Lord's desire is for light to overcome darkness. His watchmen are weapons in His hands which He wants to release to penetrate the very core of darkness with Heaven's light. Angelic warriors of light are gathering momentum in the UK, ready and armed to lead the Saints in victorious battle. In many ways, this is a call to individual and corporate prayer and intercession - for the power of unity will break through the darkness.

A Revelation on the Release of Sentinel Angels in the UK

At two separate times, the Lord gave me revelation concerning the UK. I believe both revelations are interlinked with a timely message for the Church of Christ in the UK. In 2014, while leading a prayer meeting, I heard the word SENTINELS in my spirit. The word sentinel means: a soldier whose job it is to guard and keep watch. The Lord told me specifically that He was going to release Sentinel Angels to protect the United Kingdom against...(more)

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"We Will Not Stand Idle as Our Families Are Devastated, Our Communities Hollowed Out and Our Nation's Future is Diminished": President Trump Makes War on Drug Abuse and Trafficking

"We resolve today to bring justice to those who threaten the well-being of our people, while we pledge to offer hope to those who have become addicted." -President Donald Trump

(Washington, DC)—Yesterday was the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking; President Trump released the following statement honoring it: (Photo credit: NBC News/via WTVY...(more)

Evangelist Alveda King: Dr. Clarence V. McKee On the Dangerous "Death Party" Rhetoric of the Left That Will "Likely Get Someone Killed"

"Just as the shooter in Virginia reacted to the spiteful, noxious, and poisonous anti-GOP tirades of the left and many Democratic leaders when he attempted to assassinate Republican Congressmen and Senators, who knows how many anti-Trump/Republican disturbed haters like him are ready to pick up his torch to finish the job, as they feed upon the violence-inspiring speech of recent days..." -Dr. Clarence V. McKee

airliftAt the link below, Dr. McKee is correct in pointing out the chicanery [of the left]...(more)

Cause of The Deadly Grenfell Tower Fire in London Found

"Appliance fires strike without warning. The best defense for consumers is to register new appliances, so they can be notified of any safety recalls or other problems." -Don Huber

(England)—[Consumer Reports] A Hotpoint refrigerator is the suspected cause of what the New York Times is calling Britain's deadliest fire in a century, the Grenfell Tower fire in London, which killed at least 79 people earlier this month...(more)

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