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By Dr. Theresa Phillips:

Paris Will Dance Again and An Assembly of the Prophets

I waited... to see if I could hear from the Master. The tragedy in Paris. The Middle East crisis. The fears mounting in the America. The world on edge... so I did what I have learned to do... wait.

I saw a picture of the ballet - a dancer en pointe (on toe point) in front of the Eiffel Tower... and I heard Jesus say, "Paris will dance again."

I was thrilled... so I waited some more. Then in a few hours I heard some words that were a booming sound which resonated in my...(more)

By Diane Lake and Barbie Breathitt:

"I will stand my watch... to see what He will say to me..." Habakkuk 2:1

Simply expressed, prophecy can be defined as hearing the voice of God and speaking what He says. This gift is commonly experienced in two ways.

One is audial, meaning the one receiving the message hears words, which they then repeat/release. The other – the seer – is visual, meaning the receiver sees a message through some type of picture, which they then release. Generally, these pictures are either received while awake by means of visions, or while asleep through dreams. Many prophetic people will experience both aspects at various times, but they tend to have one that is more dominant or frequent.

In addition, there are two groups who practice the prophetic or seer anointing. Those in the first group exercise the gift of...(more)

Paraguay's President Standing Strong against Pressure to Legalize Abortion

"Paraguay... has shown a firm position in being in favor of life and family."

(Asuncion, Paraguay)—Paraguay President Horacio Cartes is firmly standing against decriminalization of abortion amid an international campaign to legalize it throughout the country...(more)

North Dakota Appeals to US Supreme Court on Behalf of Tiny Heartbeats

If upheld, it would be the most pro-life bill in the country.

(Bismarck, ND)—North Dakota has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to defend its pro-life heartbeat bill...(more)

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