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By Dr. Sandie Freed:

Believers, I heard the Lord say: "This is not a season to be passive. This is a season to remain alert, on guard and positioned for battle. For the enemy has been placing a smoke screen before you. To many, the future seems doomed and hopeless. Many in My army are exhausted and fearful. There are multitudes who would rather run from the enemy than take a firm stand and fight!

"But, I say to you that your future involves victory. Your future involves strength. Your future involves power! For you shall go from glory to glory, strength to strength and from faith to faith. A new season is unfolding. The almond tree is budding. There is fresh vision being released to you that will empower you to move forth in the power and strength of a fresh anointing. Look again! The olive tree is blooming; the olives are ripe for harvest. For I will extract a fresh oil from My people and they will flow in the...(more)

By Nathan Shaw:

Strategic connections are game changers. They open doors of opportunity that didn't exist previously. Sometimes it can seem like nothing has happened for years and then suddenly an unexpected connection changes everything. We are about to see a dramatic increase of strategic connections.

Testimony of Connections

Twelve years ago, I received an email from a pastor from Singapore. In the email he introduced himself and inquired about the possibility of ministering in New Zealand. God put New Zealand on this man's heart but he didn't know anyone from New Zealand. At the time, a preacher from South Africa was ministering at his church. He asked the South African preacher if he knew anyone in New Zealand. The South African preacher had recently spoken at my church and gave the Singaporean pastor my contact.

I invited the pastor to New Zealand. We were blessed by his ministry but I didn't expect what happened next. He opened up Asia for me through his many connections. Since then, I have ministered in...(more)

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By Lana Vawser:

Recently the Lord spoke to me that many have had "falsities" falling upon their ears.

Falsities: the fact of being untrue, incorrect.

Synonyms: Untruthfulness, untruth, fallaciousness, falseness, falsehood, fictitiousness, inaccuracy, mendacity, fabrication, dishonest and deceit. (

The enemy is sending these falsities upon many ears right now because we are being invited into a new realm of hearing from God. Fire is falling upon senses of God's people, awakening them to greater ways of hearing Him. He is increasing sensitivity and understanding of how He speaks, and He is increasing revelation of the ways that He speaks.

A Whole New Realm of Hearing and Understanding - No More Falsities!

There is a door that I keep seeing in the spirit that the Lord is leading the Church through. It is taking His people into a whole new realm of hearing and understanding the...(more)

What America Needs Today; More of This: Recovering Grandmother Reacts to Message From Tim Tebow—Priceless!

Terp wrote on Twitter that it was the "biggest smile" his grandmother has had since she had her stroke.

[] Tim Tebow is no stranger at providing strong words of encouragement—some would even argue that he won a BCS National Championship in college football due to his innate ability to uplift people. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ @YungDaniel300/via Faithwire...(more)

Syrians Are Learning to Love Israel through This Amazing Humanitarian Operation

What began as a trickle of Syrian war wounded appealing to their arch-enemy, Israel, for medical help, has now grown into a full-fledged humanitarian aid mission, managed by the IDF, along the Israeli-Syrian border.

airlift(Israel)—[CBN News] It's called Operation Good Neighbor and it's meant to increase aid to Syrian civilians caught in the midst of the civil war. But what might surprise you is who is behind it:  the Israel Defense Forces...(more)

Bible "Balloon Offensive" Floats into North Korea

They need our prayers!

EDITOR'S NOTE: God has given His people such creativity when it comes to sharing the Gospel, especially to closed countries like North Korea. To read more about the Gospel Balloon Launches by Voice of the Martyrs, click here. On their website they say in 2016, the group "launched 40,000 NK New Testament[s], and 5,000 USB drives into North Korea." Wow! God's Word doesn't return void... -Aimee Herd, BCN.

(North Korea)—[(more)

What the 'King of Rock' Wrote about the King of Kings

"Celebrities don't get much bigger than Elvis Presley. He is a prime example of the unparalleled influence of thisBook. His life may have taken a few twists and turns along the way, but it's clear, as evidenced by his own handwritten notes, that the Bible had a profound impact on him." -Steven Bickley, Museum of the Bible vice president of marketing.


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