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By Arleen Westerhof:


The Netherlands Prophetic Council consists of church and ministry leaders from across the Netherlands and is a platform where prophets from different denominations and movements are trained, encouraged, and raised up. Their goal is to release the prophetic voice in the Netherlands and in Europe. Several times a year they organize events aimed at seeing the Kingdom of God advanced across Europe.

The season that we are currently in began in 2012. In our Netherlands Prophetic Council word for 2012 the key word was "SHIFT!" The Church had entered a new era of revival and reformation and a new breed of "Priest-King" was raised up by God to...(more)

By Dr. Sandie Freed:

Believer, have you ever felt so down, so depressed and hopeless, that you just wanted to completely quit everything? I certainly have. I've been at that "burn out" place many times, and in this past season, it felt as if the flame to all of my passion was snuffed out! I have now realized that this can be a pattern for me. Keep in mind that I do not believe that it is God's best for me to always come to an end of myself...but, at the same time, in order to advance the Kingdom of God, self does have to end. Let me explain this a little further. Hang in there with me; I believe you will be empowered to shift in a greater way into fulfilling God's plans for your life in 2015.

I believe that 2015 will be a season that will require an atmosphere of great expectation. In fact, we will experience many answered prayers because we have "expected" God to move on our behalf. Actually, He desires to answer our prayers because...(more)

VIDEO: When Animals Act Like Humans...

When Animals Act Like Humans.....(more)

Just as Netanyahu Warned the World; See What Has Just Been Uncovered in Iran by a Spy Satellite...

Iran has made "very rapid progress" in its long-range missile research and development.

Iran has produced a 27 meter-long missile capable of carrying a warhead "far beyond Europe." Israel’s Channel 2 News broadcast satellite images of the missile at a launch site near Tehran (pictured)...(more)

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Did You Miss "What Is God Saying For 2015?" Buy Now On CD, DVD, or MP3
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