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By Bob Hartley:

Every year I looked forward to the revelation that my very dear friend, Bob Jones, would receive annually during this season that he called the Shepherd's Rod. The term "Shepherd's Rod" comes from Ezekiel 20:37 stating, "I will make you pass under the rod, and I will bring you into the bond of the covenant." This Scripture symbolically portrays a shepherd extending his rod as the sheep pass under his staff for evaluation. In this same way we, as the Lord's sheep, pass under His staff during this season as further described in Jeremiah 33:13 and Leviticus 27:32.

On the night of September 24th as I went to sleep, I was unaware that at sundown it was the start of Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the Hebrew...(more)

By Garris Elkins:

As I prayed about the coming of the year 2015, I saw an image of approaching waves. I saw wave after wave approaching our shoreline and crashing upon our nation. While many people are expecting waves of terrorism and disease to arrive, the Lord said:

"I want you to look for the other waves. Look for the waves I am sending. This is where your focus needs to be. The waves I am sending will overcome these lesser waves of fear and death and wash over your nation with the fruit of My presence."

As I heard these words, I knew that long awaited promises were about to be fulfilled.

Many unforeseen things are approaching the nations of the world at this time. Without hope, fear...(more)

By Jennifer Eivaz:

"There It Is Again!"

I had just spotted another praying mantis. It was sitting like a king on top of the door-knob of my front door. I kept noticing these praying mantises here and there. They were usually stationed on my front door as if to make sure they were noticed. This went on for a few years, although I didn't realize its significance until much later.

I also started having dreams. Dreams about... you guessed it... praying mantises! I began dreaming about all sorts of praying mantises. I even dreamt about a huge army of praying mantises marching in ranks on my front porch!

Was this some type of strange obsession? It was starting to feel that way. I couldn't grasp...(more)

Two Dead, Including Gunman; Four Injured in Marysville, Washington School Shooting

"I heard people start screaming… People dropped to the ground." –Jordan Luton

(Marysville, WA)—Friday morning turned very dark for Marysville, Washington residents when a student opened fire in the cafeteria of Marysville-Pilchuck High School...(more)

Find Out Why The ACLU Just Decided (For Now) Not to Pursue Legal Action against Hitching Post Ministers Who Won't Perform Gay Weddings

"If they are operating as a legitimate not-for-profit religious corporation then they are exempt from the ordinance like any other church or religious association." -city attorney Michael Gridley

(Idaho)—The Blaze reported on Friday that the two ministers who own and operate the "Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, who have been caught up in a legal challenge because they refused to perform same-gender marriages, may now be in the clear...(more)

"Here We Stand, Black and White, Ready to Go to Jail!"—Hundreds of Michigan Pastors Unite in Defense of Free Speech and Religious Rights

The job of the Michigan Legislature is to affirm and uphold constitutionally protected freedom for everyone—including business owners—not pass laws that grant special favors, give special status or guarantee special protections for some while coercing and punishing others...(more)

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