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By Lana Vawser:

For quite a while now, I have had a strong stirring in my spirit of a fresh new move of the Spirit of God upon those 55 years old and above in this season. As I have carried this word for a few months now, I felt the Lord prompt me to release it now. When the Spirit of God began stirring this message in me for those 55 years old and over, I heard Him whisper to me:

"Many of My children 55 years old and over have felt forgotten. They have felt abandoned. They have felt left to the side – while others have an excitement in their spirits for what is to come and what I am doing, but are awaiting My direction. There have been circumstances, people and the enemy who have spoken words and lies over My precious ones, suggesting their 'best days' are behind them. But I am decreeing the exact OPPOSITE.

Their Best Days are Upon Them

"The best days for these precious ones in Me are upon them. Many of these precious ones are now moving into a season of such great awakening. Awakening to their identity in greater ways, as many have not known their identity deeply. They are awakening to who I am and awakening to their giftings and callings in greater ways.

"Where you have been through intense seasons of fire it is now time for you to move into a season of awakening, impartation and release of My fire through you."

"Many have dreams left behind, dreams left on the wayside and many are carrying regret, but I am decreeing: My beautiful children, you are moving into a season of seeing Me move more powerfully IN and THROUGH YOU than you have ever seen before, and you are going to move into a deeper place of 'DREAMS DO COME TRUE!' There is a great season of REFRESHING upon you that is being released in the WONDER of who I am and the work of My hand... (more)

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By Fiorella Giordano:

Word and Dream Given on March 19, 2018:

These next 7 days are key, as God is establishing a new and fresh grid of "faith and power" that is shaking the powers of darkness and disrupting the works and the frequency of the enemy. There is a divine disruption and interruption upon us, and we are on the threshold of the unseen that is destined to be seen. There is light and power that is being loosed in the atmosphere that will bring forth an activation in gifting, ideas, strategy and DNA levels.

I have seen in a series of dreams that the occult has been working overtime in this hour, but God will not be mocked for it is written, "...and every tongue that rises in judgment against you will be condemned, that is the heritage of the servants of God" (Isa. 54:17).

Watch and see the supernatural Kingdom of Heaven that is on the move. God is amplifying the things He has been whispering, and He is clothing His whispers with a new sound that will take on a new form. He is amplifying the light of His dominion. There has been an attack on Kingdom and power connections and communication lines, which are divine connections that will light the earth.

His Divine Power Surge

After prayer on Monday, I went to rest and went into a dream. The Lord began to speak to me about the three dimensions of Kingdom connection that He is orchestrating and unlocking in this hour. I saw and felt the surge of His divine power that will empower the connections of people, places and moments... (more)

By Katie Barker:

Within the last couple of weeks, the Holy Spirit has brought the word "unveiling" to me many times. The Lord has been showing me we are in a time of unveiling where He is uncovering and revealing many things. Unveiling is defined as "to become revealed as if by removing a veil."

Unveiling of the Hidden Ones

Those who have been hidden in Christ are being raised up and highlighted by the Lord. They are those who are pure in heart and are surrendered to Him. They can walk through trials and difficult seasons and still be at peace as their peace and hope are found in Him. They have great faith and trust in the Lord and their eyes are fixed on Him. They know He is faithful to fulfill the promises He has given... (more)

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