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By Sandie Freed:

Dear Believer,

I am always amazed at the faithfulness of God, aren't you? It's so easy to love a God like ours; especially when we recall what Jesus did at the Cross. I have noticed that the message of the Cross and the power in the Blood of Jesus are rarely discussed anymore. Yet, Jesus died so that we can become completely free of religious performance.

Performance is a very hard taskmaster. In fact, under performance we can never do enough. For us to believe that God only loves us or approves...(more)

By Victoria Boyson:

A Vision of the Bride

I saw a beautiful scene suddenly open up in my spirit of a peaceful garden filled with rest and serenity. Laying on a bed in the middle of the garden was a captivating, young woman clothed as a bride. Her hair was long and thick in a mass of perfect curls spread around her face and shoulders like a dark amber cloud. Her head was adorned with a simple, white garland of flowers seeming to belong to her like the thick tresses of her hair. She was absolutely the most beautiful bride I have ever seen – she took my breath away.

She lay like a portrait in peaceful tranquility...(more)

By Jeff Jansen:

There is a strong emphasis coming in this season that will quickly become the hallmark theme of all we are to become as Believers. This Kingdom reality will be the cornerstone of truth that will anchor the Church of Jesus Christ to its original mandate, propelling the Church into a re-awakening of sonship marked with powerful displays of the miraculous.

This awakening will bring forth the transformation of churches, cities, regions and whole nations. This awakening is "Christ in us" – the hope...(more)

Deadliest Day on Mt Everest, at Least 12 Killed in Avalanche

Mt EverestUSA TODAY: An avalanche left 12 dead and four missing in the worst-ever recorded disaster on Mount Everest...(more)

Easter Message from Will Graham: Redemption for Pain Endured Beyond the Cross

"Often as we think about the sacrifice of Jesus, we tend to focus on the unbearable physical pain He endured… but consider the emotional pain Christ endured as those who were closest to Him turned their backs." -Will Graham

BGEAOften as we think about the sacrifice of Jesus, we tend to focus on the unbearable physical pain He endured...(more)

James Dobson Wins Temporary Injunction against Abortion-Causing Treatments Part of Health Care Mandate

Meanwhile, the US Supreme Court is considering similar challenges from Hobby Lobby and other employers.

DobsonAccording to a CBN News report, Christian broadcaster James Dobson recently won a temporary injunction against the HHS Mandate regarding providing abortion-causing drugs to employees of his Family Talk radio show...(more)

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