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By Larry Sparks:

My life has been radically marked by what has come out of the nation of Australia. When I first came to the Lord (and I mean REALLY know the Lord) in 1999, I encountered the presence of Holy Spirit while singing songs written by Australians – to be specific, it was the song, "In Your Hands" by Australian songwriter Reuben Morgan.

I didn't know what was happening to me! I didn't even like "praise and worship." I thought it was weird, odd, creepy and flaky. And then, one Saturday night in church, I felt electricity in my hands and a fire in my chest as we sang lyrics declaring the nearness of the Lord. I'd say I was wrecked at that point, but the more appropriate word was "awakened." In that subtle, but very supernatural encounter, I was awakening to the reality that God is not a concept. Jesus is not distant. He is not out there somewhere. He is a real, living Person who actually rends the heavens, comes down, and touches His people with power.

"And out of this place of surrender, yieldedness, intimacy and absolute devotion, He is placing words on the mouths of these Australian prophets that not only announce times and seasons, but transition them."

But it was May 2000 at a church in Fort Lauderdale, FL where I was forever marked, wrecked, blasted – select your choice word to describe a destiny-defining encounter in the presence of the Lord. Worship leader Darlene Zschech was just beginning a tour in the United States at the time (immediately following one of the most trying times of her life, personally). I had become very familiar with her music since my previous encounter with the Lord, and was beyond expectant for this worship gathering. The measure of God's weighty glory that I experienced during that service was the catalyst which launched me into what I am pursuing today... (more)

By Barbie Breathitt:

A Vision Through the Keyhole

In February 2018 (on the Lord's day), I was in the spirit when I saw a vision of a massive, ancient lock suspended in the air before me. The Holy Spirit invited me to enter in through the skeleton key opening on the front of the lock. When I approached the keyhole, it was like a large arched entryway into a castle or fortress. It was plenty big enough for me to walk into it. The giant, arched walkway led into the intricate inner workings of the lock. I then realized that my body and presence were being used as keys to gain entrance into the depths of the giant lock. Once inside, I had to learn how to move in new, varied and different ways in order to advance within the internal gear workings and chambers of the lock.

Sometimes I would prophesy, decree or declare in order to advance through a tumbler in the lock. Other times I had to sing, rejoice, praise or worship, releasing a new and different sound or frequency to open the doors to a new room or passage way. At times I had to be silent, enter into peace and still my spirit until I could rest in God's presence and hear or see what the Father was doing.

When I was given this vision, I was also given clear direction through a word of knowledge, wisdom or counsel on how to advance and which steps to take... (more)

By Anita Alexander:

Today I would love to bring forth a message to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, including those who have eyes to see and may even hold a "prophetic" OR "apostolic" anointing or office and platform.

Oh the responsibility that weighs on the lives to those who "see" – those who have prophetic revelational insight into the ways and purposes of God. Oh the responsibility that weighs on the life that has mandates of reformation and carries insights of the restoration of the forgotten truths to the Body of Christ. Oh the weighty responsibility of the message of God and the secrets of God and most importantly of all, the DELIVERY of that message... (more)

ELIJAHStreams TV Presents:
Dutch Sheets Prophesies Into 2018!

How the Holy Spirit Prepared the Southwest Crew for That Incredible Emergency Landing

"Well, it was the peace that God had given us all. It's a peace that surpasses all understanding. Like Tammie Jo said, we came together beforehand and we all talked about God, and not knowing what was going to happen minutes later, God had already prepared us without us even knowing." -Seanique Mallory, flight attendant

airlift[] Tammie Jo Shults allowed the Holy Spirit to flow through her as she navigated her plane to an emergency landing...(more)

Dr. Corinne: Sweet, Sweet Sleep. How to Achieve It: Part 2

I really love sharing this topic with people as I feel it's a vital aspect of our health and lifestyle that is often forgotten in favor of other elements, so if you've made the decision to tackle it head on by reading this article I assure you, you're already halfway there.

Last week I discussed how we are depriving ourselves of sleep and how it can affect our health. I gave some helpful breathing tips to help ease the mind.  If you would like to read that article as well it can be found here...(more)

CBN: Religious Freedom Ambassador Brownback Believes Pastor Brunson Will Be Released from Turkish Prison

The president called Brunson "a fine gentleman and Christian leader in the United States" who "is being persecuted for no reason."

[CBN News] U.S. Ambassador-at-large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback said he believes the North Carolina pastor, Rev. Andrew Brunson will be released from Turkey...(more)

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