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By Ella Onakoya:

The Lord's desire is for light to overcome darkness. His watchmen are weapons in His hands which He wants to release to penetrate the very core of darkness with Heaven's light. Angelic warriors of light are gathering momentum in the UK, ready and armed to lead the Saints in victorious battle. In many ways, this is a call to individual and corporate prayer and intercession - for the power of unity will break through the darkness.

A Revelation on the Release of Sentinel Angels in the UK

At two separate times, the Lord gave me revelation concerning the UK. I believe both revelations are interlinked with a timely message for the Church of Christ in the UK. In 2014, while leading a prayer meeting, I heard the word SENTINELS in my spirit. The word sentinel means: a soldier whose job it is to guard and keep watch. The Lord told me specifically that He was going to release Sentinel Angels to protect the United Kingdom against...(more)

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By Hank Kunneman:

Prophetic word by Hank Kunneman on June 4, 2017 (Pentecost Sunday):

"For this day marks a day where you celebrate, across the earth, the outpouring of My Spirit," and God says, "that was not an event that just took place once, but it has been happening since and it is happening and shall happen at a greater degree.

Do Not Think I Will Do Nothing

"I speak now to you and to those who are in fear because of the events of terror that have taken place in the earth. Do not think that I am doing nothing because there seems to be no restraint, or little restraint, upon those who inflict terror. But this is what I would say to you: Remember the days when a nation was afflicted with terror and they were afraid at the place of the Red Sea?"

But God says, "As terror afflicted the hearts of the leader, Moses, and the people of Israel, what did I do to stop, to...(more)

By Randy and Barbara Walter:

In our own journey, we had begun to grit our teeth and anticipate loss because of so many disappointments over the last five years. So when the Lord told us our personal word for 2017 was "Anticipation," we started to overcome the subtle negativity we had fallen into. This was a personal word, but it has a corporate application.

The Lord told us what to anticipate: "How refreshing is it to be reminded of the good things I have in store for you! Consider that if I AM storing good things for you, they are already yours and I AM saving them to present to you for the right time. Now your task is to trust Me to know when that is."

Then He said, "The more people look forward to the good things that are coming, the more they will engage in them. Who would want to be left out?"

"The land, when healthy, does not grudgingly produce fruit; it glories in its fertility. It was made to be productive; and when it is free from curses, it is joyful in its abundance."

What is happening in front of our house reminds us to anticipate the good - our street is being torn up to replace the...(more)

Sweden: Christian School Students Banned from Praying over Meals

Instead of saying a prayer before meals, students now say a rhyme and thank the sun, the rain, or something of their choice before they eat.

(Umea, Sweden)—[Christian Headlines] A Christian preschool in Sweden has been prohibited from saying grace during mealtimes and teaching Bible lessons...(more)

PRAY: Syria's Gov't May be Preparing Another Chemical Attack on Its People; U.S. Gives Stern Warning...

[BBC News] The U.S. says Syria's government appears to be preparing for a chemical weapons attack and has warned that it will "pay a very heavy price" if one takes place... Click here to read...(more)

What Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's Resignation Could Mean for America

If Justice Kennedy retires, President Trump has the opportunity to appoint a justice with more conservative leanings.

[CBN News] Rumors have intensified of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's imminent retirement. But such rumors raise questions as to the implications of the Court's only swing seat being vacated...(more)

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