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By Dutch Sheets:

Several weeks ago, upon seeing pictures of an Appeal to Heaven flag being waved over the plains of Nineveh—the location of the first known transforming revival—I was extremely excited. I quickly sent the picture to one of my friends whose immediate response was, "Our prayers have tapped into the root of awakening in the earth." For the past year, connecting my personal testimony with the profound history pertaining to our nation's founding, I have been rallying the Church to make "an Appeal to Heaven."

In the midst of dismal circumstances, countless Believers have responded to this call. Based on what the Holy Spirit spoke to my friend, I believe the appeals to Heaven have been heard and we are now moving into the next phase of this new era—a Third Great Awakening that will impact...(more)

By Cindy McGill:

I Can See Clearly Now, the Rain is Gone

There is a very clear picture emerging. Where things have been cloudy, clarity is coming. The pathways that have been designed for us are going to be very, very clear so that when we align ourselves with our new purpose for this new season, it will be seemingly "RISK FREE". This is the beginning of the "hour of power" and God is opening our eyes to see things that have been hidden from us until now. The wait has been long, but God has been designing things and getting things together so that when we step into them, we are the people we need to be for the job we given are to do.

Culturally Informed – Jesus Understood the Culture of the Day

If we plan to go to a country, we find out...(more)

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This Mom Wouldn't Quit Trying to Find Her Trafficked Daughter; But What She Accomplished Left the Police Amazed

"Had it not been for that mother's involvement, we certainly wouldn't have been aware of [the trafficking ring] as quickly as we were, and may not have been aware of it at all." -Pierce Co. Sherriff

(Washington)—Never underestimate the life-changing power of a mother's bond with her child...(more)

Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch Wouldn't Talk to Reporters, but What This Seattle Player Shares Will Blow You Away

"Our hope isn't in this world, as Believers, it's in the eternity. To be absent of body is to be present with the Lord, so they are dying for something that is real and will last forever." -Russell Okung, Seahawks Left Tackle

(Arizona)—Prior to Sunday's big game, some of the Seattle Seahawks football team members have been granting interviews to the press. (Photo via Breitbart...(more)

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