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Conrad Lampan:

Listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you today:

"The time you are entering in is not a time to regret what was not, what was lost, or the dreams you have committed to the shelf."


"If you would just stop spinning round and round in life – that is not the life I gave you. And if you would turn around and look at the One that gave His life so that you may have life in abundance, you will soon realize that all your cares, all the things of earth will begin to grow strangely dim.

"You will also see that all those things that were not, that you thought long gone, the plans that did not materialize, the dreams you cherished, dreams that seemed to vanish like vapor, all of them are still...(more)

Paulette Reed:

Miracle Growth

As I've been in a season of quietness lately, contemplating the past year while also looking for signposts for the coming year, Holy Spirit clearly spoke to my heart and said, "Faith grows by using it, a seed grows by sowing it, and love grows by being it." At the surface of this statement, I realize that most of us already know this. But when we receive an utterance from Heaven, the Lord's Spirit speaking to our spirit, that word becomes ours. It's like a prophetic arrow that hit the bull's-eye, a word for this time and for this season.

The faith that God has been building in you, those seeds you've sown in different arenas of your life, and all the love the Lord has poured in and out of you is about to explode for the purposes of God in this coming year. This year is going to be a year of...(more)

It Took 50 Years, But This Mom and Daughter Finally Found Each Other

"I say absolutely don't give up. There's always something that will link it. It's a lot of work. It took me 50 years." –Betty Morrell

(Spring Hill, FL)—Fifty years after first searching for her birth mother, a woman adopted as a baby finally had success, and she says the hard work is worth it. (Photo via LifeSiteNews...(more)

Tony Dungy Delivers Powerful Faith Message at Super Bowl Breakfast

"If football is your entire life, and you don't have a relationship with the Lord, you're going to be messed up, no matter how your life turns out. Even if you achieve fame and riches, if you forfeit your soul, it won't profit you." –Tony Dungy

(San Francisco, CA)—During his address at the Super Bowl 50 breakfast, 2-time Super Bowl Champion and TV analyst Tony Dungy opened up about how his faith has influenced his impressive career and exhorted his fellow athletes to make their spiritual lives the ultimate priority...(more)

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