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By Julie A. Smith:

(Salem, OR) - This past Tuesday, June 28, felt like a monumental day in Oregon as 4,000 Christians gathered at the Oregon State Capitol to pray together and hear Reverend Franklin Graham speak on the Capitol steps in Salem.

Franklin Graham is heading a campaign called "Decision America Tour 2016" ( and is stopping in 50 states, with Oregon being his 30th stop. The purpose of this 2016 tour is to hold prayer rallies in all 50 states, share the Gospel, and urge Christians to...(more)

By Karen Hardin:

This is a day of restoration. This is a word for all who have been pushed aside and pushed out. It is for those who have been silenced. Who have had the most simple acts of kindness and affirmation withheld by those for whom you have served. You have cried out, "God, how long? Don't You see?"

And the Lord would say to you today, "I see and I will...(more)

By Dr. Sandie Freed:

On Pentecost Sunday this year, I was ministering in our home church, Lifegate Church International, in Hurst, Texas. As most of you who are reading this probably know, Pentecost is a time celebrated by both Jews and Christians. For the sake of this article, I will not go into the historical celebration of Pentecost, but will focus on Pentecost from a...(more)

Why Am I So TIRED?

I have friends who have a ton of energy and can't understand that sometimes, my energy just runs out and there is nothing left to give. They seem to go and go like an energizer bunny while I need to lay down.

[] As I have aged, I have found that I have to "guard" my energy levels. I have to make wise decisions about where to use my energy and if I have a super busy day, I make sure that I rest that night by laying down with my feet up...(more)

Must See: This Family's Stunning Photos of Their Preemie Twins: Their Tiny-ness will Astound You!

"We are going through this with confidence and faith that we will be bringing home two healthy baby boys when it's all said and done!"

(Iowa City) — [LifeSiteNews] Twin babies born one week before abortion may be legally limited are fighting for life inside an Iowa hospital...(more)

How This College Athlete Escaped Human Trafficking, and Now Spreads God's Love

"God is incredible. Before every game, I breathe in His light and His love to calm me down."

(Salem, OR) — [Christian News Northwest] Allie Mendez stared at the ceiling...(more)

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