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The Church @ New Bern

Address: 809 Broad St
City: New Bern
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
Web Site:
Email Address:
Phone Number: 252.349.0899
Hours: 12:00 to 2pm Sundays
Description: No Appointment Needed...Come and be healed Location: Country Biscuit 809 Broad Street New Bern, NC 28560 email: Discover Healing in a humble and comfortable place. The Country Biscuit provides a perfect, non-religious setting. Sit at a real table with a real team of people, who just like you, want to see God heal all your sickness, pain and hurts... You will be greeted by a professional staff in the lobby... Look for the RED and WHITE Church @ New Bern flags in the parking lot... Any waiting will go quickly over a biscuit, some coffee or sweet tea! Your kids can grab a biscuit and drink! We set our trained teams of THREE in an open, yet PRIVATE space for your comfort and confidentiality. Your individualized and private prayer time is kept between 20-30 minutes. After you are healed, you can make yourself at home, hear a word, worship to music or run home and tell everyone how God healed you... FAQ? Q: Do you heal only physical problems? A: NO, God's love and His presence can heal anything Q: Do I have to have the faith to be healed? A: NO Q: Will your team "lay" hands on me to heal? A: The teams are trained to ask for permission first and then only lay hands in appropriate places with your consent and comfort level. Q: Is there a fee or cost? A: NO...we do accept offerings to support this ministry Q: Can I be healed if I'm not a Christian? A: YES The team members of the Church@New Bern Healing Rooms are here to serve the whole community and the whole church. We are ordinary people who have experienced God's extraordinary love and healing firsthand...and we would love to pray for you. If you are sick or physically hurting in any way, we desire so much to see you completely healed. We believe it can and will happen to you! Our team is fully trained and all share the same confidence in the power of God's love. We are open for ministry every Sunday from 12pm to 2pm. You do not need an appointment. And, if you would like to simply come and ask questions first, that's great. We'd love to get to know you. New friends, lasting friends, becoming all we were meant to be--healthy, whole, and complete--that's what it's all about! Please direct questions to email: � or simply come by Sunday!
Submit a Healing Room Search for a Healing Room Healing Room Listing
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